Thursday, September 20, 2007

So...I've been missing from posting lately.... life has just taken over!!!!

I am seriously flipping out right now!!!!

MY LSAT IS IN ONE WEEK!!!!!! would love to say that is all I have been doing...but of course, with a hubby and three toddlers it is very obvious that is NOT all I have been doing....

Well..I am having a root canal tomorrow! I'm soo excited!!!! *puke*

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Well....this Labor Day Weekend did not turn out as we had planned.

My dad had to be admitted into the hospital on dh had to take me up north to my parents house. Dh left on Friday then it was me, my mom, and the boys. I saw my dad on Friday.... I can say there is hardly anything worse than seeing my dad in the cardiac Icu unit....there is something worse...but I dont want to go there right now. dad didnt have a heart attack...they dont know what happened...but at least they were willing to help him and change his medicine. So, he stayed a few extra days while they took him off of one medicine and onto another. With his condition they cant take a chance with new medication.

I dont know how my mom is keeping it together. I know it has to be slowy killing her. She wants to do everything by herself...I know she gets lonely....I just wish we were closer so that she wouldnt be so lonely...and so maybe she could have some help with the simple stuff. I cooked all the meals this weekend....I could tell that she appreciated it. We even made gumbolts. It is nice to sit and cook with my mom...I didnt want to do it when I was younger....but I have learned from my mistakes.

We did get to go to the craft has really been going downhill...there was hardly nothing there this time. like 30 jewerly people...but hardly nothing else. (no offense to jewerly makers!) We also got to watch the boys play at BK! Nothing but the best!!!!! The boys also got to go to the park....but not in the lake. I couldnt take all 3 in the lake by myself. I could once I got to the sandbar...but it would be the walking out there part. Next year it probably wont be a problem. It's too bad too...the boys LOVE the water....I mean L-O-V-E the water! Once they are older they probably will spend the whole summer in the water. They love it that much!

Well...definatly back to reality yesterday and today!!!! Dh had to wake me up at 8am so that he could go pay a traffic ticket....HELLO!!!!!!!! He got a stupid ticket for turning on a red light where it was posted NOT to! UUGGG!!!!!

Oh...then...we spend the day without water!!!!!! Our ice maker broke in our fridge upstairs.... so I finally got on dh's case to fix it...I mean it's only been a flipping month!!! So...instead of fixing it...he decides to put the one in the basement online...well 8 hours, and gallons of water in the basement he decides he didnt do it right... so...he treats us to Wendy's and then he is off to lowes...E & K and I go to the park.... it would be too much to make them sit through his shopping trip! We had a good time at the park...and we were there for so long E-man even came up to me and asked to go home! He was soo tired! It was great! We came home, changed clothes...and off to bed!!!!!

Oh...and dh just fixed the water!!!!!

I can shower tonight!!! and flush! It doesnt get better than that!!!! at least tonight!!!!