Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So Much Fun!

I tell you what... I cannot believe how much fun my boys can be!

I mean I never really thought that I would have fun as the mom of three toddler boys but they are a laugh a minute!

E-man has developed the art of scarcasm (thanks to me!) and he can now make fun of me! K-man just laughs along...although I have seen him take some physical actions to get us to laugh. He will act like he wants to fall down or he will twirl around and point at ya. K-man is becoming more comforable also as he has begun to laugh more at his brothers and at us. He is the least ticklish of the boys...but hopfully that will come around!

Sometimes I look around at other parents and they look miserable. I'm sure I have had my days (who hasnt) but then again, I usually love being around the boys...especially in public! Long lines are more fun! Sitting and waiting is more fun! I have someone to talk to when I am grocery shopping now!!! I just get a kick out of them! I am so lucky and blessed!

It hit the fan...

Man oh man....when it does rain...it POURS!

It's been a week....I lost an entire week!

Tuesday (last Tuesday) I went to my LSAT class... kinda felt like blah...but I chalked it upto taking a nap and then getting woke up...had a Jimmy John's sub and soda for dinner... and then had to sit down and take a logical reasoning test.... about 10 min into the test I realized that my head was completely cloudy and that I am now freezing. Uhhhh...I know it is like 100 degrees in the room...I wasnt cold 5 min ago...or was I??? I finished my exam and then just stood up and rocked in place. I know I looked like some wierdo or something...but something was horribly wrong. It was my very BEST logical reasoning section I have ever done!!!!

I got in the car...told my hubby that I was sick and that I was going home and going to bed.
I did help him put the kids to bed...I spent 5 min looking at the tv and then went out.

Woke up freezing my butt off at 3am...couldnt swollow...throat was so swollen....head hurt like hell, both my ears were killing me, sinuses were completely blocked. It was horrible. I had to puposley swollow and it was sooo painful. I was sweating horribly...I stunk... I decided to take a shower. Probably not the best ideal I have ever had...but once I got control of my shivering it was better. I cannot believe how sick I was. 103 fever for 3 days. Hubby got me into the dr. I walked in and people started to move away from me. The people who I usualy talk to there took one look at me and felt bad. Saw my nurse friend and she couldnt believe how bad I looked. Took all my vitals then told me to lay down. Fell completely asleep on the little bed when my dr. walked in. She took one look at me and told me I must feel like hell.... thanks....
Well after 2 throat cultures...no strep. Took blood to test for mono...otherwise it is probably viral. Go home and sleep. Gee....I hadnt thought about that. Although it was kinda wierd that she kept apologizing to me. Went home, fell into bed...didnt wake up for another 6 hours.

Thursday I had to watch my two boys and the grandkids while hubby took K-man to his 2 year checkup. What a horrible 3 hours! OH my! All I want to do is to crawl back into bed....and I'm getting sassed by a damm 8 year old! Not my finest few hours. Hubby and K finally got home...and off to bed I went for the rest of the night. I left the house on Friday night....we took all the kids to McD's. I was soo beat after just a few minutes...but I hung in there and the kids had a good time. I did not sleep well that night at all.

On Saturday, my parents were here because they had their 50th class reunion! Congrats mom and dad!!!! We went to breakfast at Denny's (E's choice) and then had to go to the store for dipers and such. I was so out of it. It was really terrible how out of it I was. I slept the rest of the day. Then got up, had dinner, got in an argument with hubby, went back to bed. Felt almost fine on Sunday...at least I could swollow...THAT is a huge improvement!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Logic Games

I spent 3 1/2 hours tonight doing Logic Games. I am not a happy person tonight!

I really want to be a lawyer....I really want to go to law school (ok...I want to be a lawyer without going to law school!) but.... I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE LSAT!!!!

I have been taking the LSAT Extreme classes.... 3 times a week for 15 weeks. 3 1/2 hours at a time. I just dont think I am getting it. I want to. I want to think that I am improving...but my scores dont reflect that. I know this isnt a test that people get 100% on...but damm...would I love to get close to that!!!!!

I have two schools that I am going to apply to....but not sure if I should even bother with the one. If my practice scores dont go up sometime soon, I'm gonna keep my $80 for the application fee and buy me a couple cases of beer instead of filling out the application.

Oh..yea...and I need to get going on my personal statements!!! Y-U-C-K!!!!!!

I would rather have an interview...but they apparently dont do those anymore...now you have to write what you think they want to hear about you. I have no ideal what I am going to write about. I mean... I think I am pretty interesting...but come on! I'm not sure these people are going to enjoy the same story... Then....what really do I talk about??? My theory on life? My kids? The time I spend on the computer???
I'm stumped.
I have read a few books on how to write these things...they include samples that are sooo above me it is unreal. Like a 20 year old that finished their masters degree while serving in the peace corps in middle Africa. How they speak 14 languages and hope to learn 10 more, how much community service they do, blah, blah, blah.

Hi there... I'm a 30 year old woman with 3 toddlers who has a bad back who thinks she can do some good as a Civil Rights lawyer.

It doesnt quite fit for a whole page!

Knowing me, my paper will be too political or something and the person reading will be a high strung conservative. My completely left leaning views might be enough to ensure I dont get into ANY law school in the state!

Oh well.... it is something that I am just gonna have to suck up and do!

Maybe in my free time!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday K-man!!

Happy 2nd Birthday K-man!!!!
Today was K-man's 2nd birthday...but it was the first birthday that we got to spend with him!
We had such a wonderful day and I hope it was as wonderful for him as it was for us!!!
Dh and I were up until 2am putting together his brand new train table and his train set!
We wanted everything to be ready for when he woke up!
So, at 8:30 when the boys got up and came downstairs, they could hardly contain themselves as they came downstairs to see the new toys!!!!
We also had a couple of packs of trains, cars, and a Diego doll for K to open...but it was difficult to tear him away from the train table to open anything else!
He also got the required clothes...but he was happy with those too! He got some new jammies with Thomas and Cars, an outfit to have his pictures taken in, and a new "birthday boy" shirt! He also got an entire pack of Thomas "big boy underware"!!!
We had breakfast at Denny's (boy's choice!) and then it was off to the mall to build a bear with their Aunt P and little D!
Build A Bear was crazy!
Maybe because it was raining all day long...but it was packed in the mall...and packed in bab!
The boys took their time picking out their animals...but soon they had them picked out and we were on our way to get them stuffed!
We also picked out a bear to take to Lady L!
Lady L got a pink bear (what else?) that has magnents in it's hand and mouth that makes it look like the bear is blowing kisses. It's a really cute bear!
We also bought two voice boxes to record on and bought the bear a pink outfit complete with pink satin panties. (the panties for the bear cost me more than my own do!)
E-man picked out Shrek with his voice, K-man picked out the green dino that roars and says "I Love You", I picked out a floppy, soft, puppy for F-man, and little D picked out a black bear!
We all needed to sit down after that expierence, so we went to the food court to have lunch and open a gift.
Auntie P and little D got K-man a little train set that folds up and goes with. There are no parts to lose and of course the boys took to fighting over it immediatly!
We then headed home...and all three boys proceeded to c-r-a-s-h in the car!
Everyone woke up late from naps...so we had a late dinner.
We went to a local Mexican restaurant that we really enjoy.
The boys love taco's and beans, and chips & salsa! So, of course they were thrilled with our choice for dinner!!!!
The owner even brought them suckers after dinner and brought Kinney a HUGE hot, fudge sundae while they sang to him!
Days like today are hard to get through without a lot of emotion.
Not only are my kids growing up...but I also think about the other people in our lives.
C, K's foster mom called us today to wish him a Happy Birthday! I am so happy that she did! I know that she misses him alot! She raised him for 14 months and she loves him like a son! It was so nice to hear from her!
I also spent a part of the day thinking about K's first mom.
This has to be a horrible anniversary for her. While I adore my boys....I still realize that I cannot replace their first families. I cannot make up for the losses that they have already had in their young lives. I cannot make up for a woman not being able to raise her own child.
I would like soo much to be able to have contact with her....just to maybe take the doubt of how he is doing away....to show her that he is happy and healthy and very loved.
I like to think that she misses him and that she thinks about him but at the same time I would rather her not be in pain. I hope she is at peace with her decision.
We also got a phone call from our friends in Mexico today!
They said they will be heading up to see us in Oct!!!
So, we need to check with our priest and see if F-man can be baptiszed while they are here since they (along with his foster mom) are going to be his God Parents!
I cant wait to see them!!!
This will also be their first time meeting the boys!!!
I'm sure the boys are gonna be spoiled while they are here!
I have got to get working harder on my Spanish!!!!!
I am going to be the only translator between dh and our friends!
I'm sooo thankful though that they are coming after the LSAT!!!!!!
I would NOT be able to handle it if they came before!
Although....they may be here when I get my score.... That, in itself could be scarey!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Here is K-man and E-man on Daddy's Harley! They already have good taste!!!!

This has been a very busy but fun week!

Had LSAT class on Monday! Yea for Logic Reasoning!!!!!!

Tuesday I had a emg! Yea for back pain!

Wednesday..... Wednesday we attempted to go to the local county fair.

There were the 5 of us, Auntie Kate, and our friends Auntie P and Little D.

They wanted to charge each of us $12 to enter the fair....to see cows!!!!!!!

Ooooh that did NOT go over well with us!!!!!

Why should it cost that much you ask??? Well admission gets you unlimited rides for the day!!!

That is GREAT!!!!! I'm soo happy that you have lots of rides for the UNDER 2 Group!!!!

Are you Kidding me???? I can see if you want to ride...then buy a wrist band! That simple! But to charge everyone, to the youngest baby to the eldest elder...$12... no matter if you want to ride a ride or not....that is crazy and o so-not worth it!

Dh complained...as did I, but to 2 seperate people.... the wonderful and nice woman that I talked to told us if we only wanted to see the animals that we could go around the gate and just go in to do that....so that is what we did!

After getting in for free, I still felt robbed. There were hardly no animals there at all.... sure there were quite a few bunnies and chickens...but only about 8 cows, a few sheep, some llamas, and that was that. There were some horses there...but they were clear across the fair, and it was raining...oh and I am scared to death of horses so, I was not interested in getting soaked to see them. There were hardly any vendors...so thank goodness I didnt get a booth there...though I had thought about it!

So...we may go to the state fair....gotta work on the dh a little.... I think it would be fun...if anything it gets us out of the house for a while and gets the kids out. They do love their animals! Especially cows! They even moo at them! it's sooo cute!

Well...after the bust of a fair, we decided to do something more fun for the kids...so off to the Golden Arches we went! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would eat more big macs as a mom than I did as a college student! Although... I will say that the McD high of playing in the play area and getting orange drink, a cheeseburger, apples, and a toy does last for a couple of days!!! Maybe that would be a good option for investment!

We didnt have enough at McD's...or maybe we stayed there too long...but we also went for ice cream! Oh how I looove Ice Cream!!!! We had a good time there too as E-man had his spongebob popsicle and Little D had spiderman. The boys then spent a good hour or so running around in the yard and trying to climb the trees. They are sure going to have fun in the next few years all playing together! It is a LOT of fun to watch them all!!!! I'm so blessed to have three wonderful sons (and one soon to be daughter)!

Well...I need to find a Thomas the Train cake and such for K-man's 2nd Birthday!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

GAFE 07!

Well we have returned from Parsipanny NJ!

We spent the weekend there for GAFE (Guatemalan Adoptive Family Event)!

We had a fabulous time!

We left out of here on Thursday morning...aka 5am! Took the Ohio turnpike to PA, PA turnpike to NJ, and to our hotel! It was actually a very relaxed trip. Dh was very pleasent on this trip, even stopped to look at a Harley dealer in PA, we stopped for a nice lunch at Perkins at bfe PA, and was very nice about letting me find things to listen to rather than kill me by making me listen to rush and hanity and assorted loonies.

The Sharaton hotel we stayed at was beautiful although a bit odd looking. I saw photos online and laughed that they would not build a hotel to look like that...but they did... It is built to look like a castle. It looks extremely strange but it is very nice inside. It had many meeting rooms, a huge gathering area (with free wireless for those people who's mother board did not go out on them) 2 swimming pools (one inside, one outside), a nice bar, a restaurant (little too expensive for us though) and our room was great!

We took little F with us as it is too soon to leave him....and the GP's spoiled E-man and K-man for the weekend... I'm fairly convinced that little F had a great time! He introduced himself to two older boys by pushing them in the stomach and from then on they were insepretable. They really took great care of him and all three seemed to have a great time. Dh seemed to have a great time also! He really can be a sociable person when he wants to be...and in settings like this, he usually wants to be! I had a great time also...but it was not all play! I was actually there to work and that is what I did for most the night Friday and all day Sat. I had a great time though connecting with people I have met before and I met soo many new friends while I was there!

We are planning already on going to the next one! Next time though we will take all the kids. I think it is a great expierence for them. Not only to see kids like them...but to feel some connection to a far away place.... they had so many activities for the kids and it was all focused around Guatemala and Guatemalan traditions... they made kites, they sang songs, made music, had Spanish lessons... etc. The older kids had talking groups and things like that. It seemed like everyone had a wonderful time...and I'm positive that our boys will totally be in their element when they go with us to the next event. I cannot believe how all three of our boys are soo socialble! I'm soo happy!!! I know how hard it is to be more of an introvert and wishing I could do things like this.... I'm glad to think they might not know that pain. I'm thrilled that they are friendly and open enough that they will have many friends and not feel the lonliness that I have felt over the years. It's great!

I cant wait till next year!

When it Rains....

Well....I have been noticeably absent from the online community for the past two weeks... It has majorly sucked!!!!!!!!!!

First.... my desktop was acting up. Running slow.....online connection slow..... not able to successfully save things..... then...... THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!

Ok.....so....WHAT NOW????? I didnt panic too bad...just turned the computer off and turned it back on..... whew.... it started up! Well....maybe it did..... uh....is it starting up???????

So...1800-Im freaking out please fix my dell!!!!!!

We try this....and that....and this....and that....and talk....and complain....and sit in silence....and try something new...and I'm gettin put on hold.....and nope, that didnt work.... and then.... while I see my favorite color on the screen.... I hear silence.... yep.... the phone got disconnected....
So....I sat there dumbfounded.... I have been on the phone with this guy for almost 3 hours.... and now he is gone.... Well...he took my phone number...he is gonna just have to call me back!
Right!!!! So...after waiting for a half-hour it is now 1am....I need to sleep!!!! I call them back.... of course I get a different guy..... he is a complete jerk.
Talks to me for 5 min...criticizies the things I did.... then tells me that everything is probably gone from my hard-drive and I will have to restart everything....tells me it will take about 3 hours.

What???? 5 min and this is your diagnosis???? Me no think so!

So...I very impolitely told him NO Way! and I hung up on him.

I was so devestated.... I had not religiously backed up my pics.... did I lose them all??? did I really lose the pics of my boys???? Did I really lose all of my emails??? How would I get in touch with everyone???

Next morning....we were off to the repair place.... *sniff sniff*

While THIS was going on.... while we were away for the weekend.... my laptop's mother board decides to go out..... so...... soon as we took the desktop in I was back on the phone to get my laptop fixed.....

Friday both my computers are back in business!!!!!
The laptop works great...but I still cant get online with the desktop.... call my isp....its not them.... then the guy tells me that they probably messed it up while repairing it! What???? Are you kidding me????

So...I ran out and bought a new modem...and TA-DA!!!!!


Although it has made me open my eyes about backing up....I gotta do it this week....seriously.