Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st day of Vacay!

I’m just NOT a huge fan.
I like being outside…I like enjoying summer…but I really wish it were like 65 out. NOT 80ish!

We had a super-duper long day yesterday!
We boarded a plane for Ft. Lauderdale at 9ish…. After getting to the airport early so that we could get all of us through security. Lucky for us, security wasn’t too bad and we had 3 hours to kill at the airport. Took a few long walks and it was finally time to board.

The boys just didn’t want to sit. I don’t blame them…but all the other times on the plane they have slept. Not this time! Ernie went to the potty at least 20 times in 3 hours. Kinney also went at least 10 times. They ate 3 boxes of Cracker Jacks, ate chips and Cheetos, and drank 2 cups of orange juice, 2 bottles of water, and most of my Pepsi. All of the eating and drinking took place between bathroom trips of course!!!

I really wanted them to sleep…and they finally did… 20 min before we landed.
Getting off of the plane we had 3 pissed off toddlers!!!!
Got our luggage, caught a cab, and headed to our hotel.

Our cab driver had on a French-Speaking channel… wow… my French is sooo bad. I really wanted to talk to him…but everything I “thought” about saying, I thought in Spanish… or a weird mix of Spanch…. That’s right… Spanch… that is MY new language!!!!! When I’m in Guatemala and need to come up with a word, I come up with the French word…. Here I have the first chance in years to speak French…and I can only come up with Spanish…. Go figure!!!!!

Had a fitfull night…. Too warm…too tired…. Woke up to have breakfast in the hotel…then caught a cab to Miami.
The whole 5 minutes I saw of Miami really makes me want to visit here! Wow! Looked like such a vibrant downtown!!!
The boat dock was soo cool!!!! There were 4 ships docked here…and we found ours right away.
Check in was so smooth. Less than an hour total. Got on the boat and ran for the food!!!!! The ship we are on is exactly the same layout as the previous 2 we have been on….so we know our way around quite well! Seems like they also have the same damm food though. Don’t get me wrong… I really like the selection and the opportunity to try new food. I love the food in the formal dining room…but the buffets sometimes leave something to be desired. The food was so unappetizing to me that I actually had a cheeseburger. And some Ice Cream. A lot of ice cream.

The boys did well during the fire drill…but they got kinda freaked out when the boat actually started moving. Once they realized it wasn’t so bad, they were ok. They did fabulous during our dinner tonight! The food was great! We then went to the Camp Carnival registration. Signed the boys up for CC and then we went to the kids dance.
E is a little dancing machine!!!! F and K had fun too….but E sure got the comments.
We then went upstairs to check out Camp Carnival and it was quite obvious that the boys loved it! Toys, toys, and more toys!!! What toddler wouldn’t like that????
They got to play for a while….and then they had their showers and they crashed in bed.

Tomorrow is a day at sea!
Camp Carnival for the boys…. Open day to do not much of anything for the parents….
Sounds like a plan to me!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fav Foto Friday!!! 3-28

Today's FFF is: Eyes!!!

Eyes are the window to the soul!!!

Here are my guys with their big, brown eyes!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!!!!!

E's 1st Picture!

E's 1st Birthday!

E's 2nd Birthday!

E's 3rd Birthday!!!

3 years ago today a little baby boy was born in Guatemala City.

His mom gave birth to him and then signed papers to relinquish him.

A few days later, we would get his pictures in our email and he would be forever etched in our hearts.

We met him when he was 3 months old. Not even 6 lbs yet...but he could hold his head up, he could hold his bottle, and he was starting to eat baby food. He had the cutest little hicuupy cry. He peed on me every damm time I changed his diaper...even when I "covered" him up. He fell asleep on my chest while I walked him around. In those 7 days I went from a plain ole woman to a mother.

Leaving him with his foster mom was the most hurtful and frightening thing I have ever had to do. The 3 1/2 months that it took to finish our adoption would be pure torture for me. But, once I held him again, it didnt matter. All that mattered was that E was my son.... and I was completely smitten with him.

He came home very much a baby. He cruised the furniture, he ate baby mush food, he took 10 bottles a day, he gaga, gogoed.

Today... he runs, he jumps, he somersaults. He has an astounding vocabulary that grows by the minute. He eats everything that he can get his hands on. Food item or not. He loves his Cookie Monster and Diego. He dances to the Backyardigans. He has the funniest cheesy grin. All the girls swoon over his looks.

I am still absolutely smitten with him.

I love every single minute of being his mother.

I thank God everyday for allowing me the privilege of watching this amazing little boy grow into a man.

I cry for the loss that he has had.... and for the loss he has yet to realize.

I cry for his mother... she gave him life... and then she left.

I hope that she will see him again very soon.

To see her amazing little boy who has brought so much joy, happiness, and love to our lives.

Happy Birthday 3rd Birthday E!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well.... after a relaxing yet productive Easter weekend, I took the day to partake in some retail therapy.

Started off at a 2nd hand clothing store for kids. Had to buy some summer clothes for the boys...specially since we will need them on our cruise!
Oh my... I got sooo many cute clothes and such a cheap price!!! My boys are going to be the best dressed on that boat!!!! I am just so lucky that my guys look stunning in any color!

From there, it was off to Toys R Us to buy some bday gifts for E!
Found what I wanted!!!! and a few things I didnt know I wanted!!!!
Overall though... I'm pretty confident that E is gonna love his things!

Needed a new pair of shoes for me to go with the new dress I bought last week!!!!
Found my new shoes in less than 10 min!!! It was fab! I HATE shopping as it is.... it is even better when I find what I need in a timely manner! My new shoes are awesome!!! (If I do say so myself!!) and they seem pretty comfortable...which is a double bonus!

Rounded out the day by buying some random (yet needed) things!
Tomorrow, I'm all set to start packing!!!!
I'm excited...yet... I hate packing... I hate the nervousness.... I hate the last minute scrounging around for crap that you really dont need anyways but refuse to leave the house without....

I so need to head to the library before Sat!!!! Oh me and my i-pod and some books are going to have some good ole bonding time!!!!!!!!!
Oh...dont worry.... my puter will be there too...but hopefully I'm too busy to really deal with it... although while waiting on other things to happen in life....I may need to check in on the real world at least once a day.

Which brings me to my depressing update....
No news on Mixco bc.....
No new pics or updates on our little lady.....

Tomorrow is another day however.... and hoping I dont have a depressing update tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well... today is Easter Sunday!!!!
Got to dress the boys up in their new suits!!!!!!! Just LOVE the little suits in them!!!

We are spending the night up north and then heading home in the morning.

Dh met all of us up here for mass this morning... went to mass... then out for breakfast!

Got soo much of my sewing done!!!!!

Both of the blankets are cut and ready to be pinned together to have the binding put on them... I am sooo loving how E's blanket is turning out!!!!!

I will be sure to post pics here when I am is probably the last big sewing project that I will be undertaking till after LS... (Law School)

It is so helpful to have my mom help me with all the cutting and pinning. It is so difficult to accurately measure out these blankets and such without someone holding the end still.... is a motivating factor! Especially since I have been soo without sleep! UUUGGGG! Just hoping the boys sleep tonight!!!! I just need like one day of nothing but sleep... not sickness sleep... had enough of that with the strep throat...but just sleep. One day... one day.

Well...speaking of sleep!

Ate way too much turkey and fixing today!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fav Foto Friday 3-21

I just HAVE to show off my Birthday boys this week!!!!!

We just had their birthday pictures done and got them back right before we headed north to my parents house!


Here is E's 3rd Birthday Pics!!!
Here are F's 2nd Birthday Pics!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Try this!

Came across this on a forum.

Monday, March 17, 2008

No Green Beer Today

Title should say it all.
No green beer for me today.
No green pizza, no corned beef and cabbage, no singing Danny Boy or other limericks...
On the other hand... no hangover for me tomorrow, no leftovers of corned beef and cabbage, and my ears are not ringing.

Such is the life of a mom.

E had his 3 year check up at the dr's today!!!!!!
He is healthy and doing very well! He is actually in the 50% for weight!!!! He started out below 1% (at 6 months) so YEA!!!!!!!! He is however, 2 lbs lighter than his little bro, K!
He really likes his Dr. (as do we!) and he even listened to her heart today! She also filled out his paperwork so he can go to school!!!! I think I know where E and K are going to go...just gotta get them in. Never really gave it much thought of having to try to get kids into preschool....much less public preschool.... so... it will be new territory for me. Of course...when it comes to kids... what isnt new territory??? Well...cept for diapers.... I'm all set there!

I guess E hasnt learned his lesson from having stitches.... today...while they were supposed to be napping, He decided to climb his dresser.... his brothers decided to grab his feet.... yep... hit his head again!!!
This time, no blood...but he had HUGE goose egg on his forehead.... I know it hurt this time too as he was screaming! Went and got him, tucked his two bro's back in their beds, and I laid down with E in my bed.... thought I would just be there till he fell asleep... yea... that worked well!
My mom and dad showed up expecting dinner...and E and I were still sound asleep!
Oh yea! My mom and dad are back from Florida!!!! Sooo happy!!!!! We are going to their house for Easter!!! I'm hoping to get E and K's blankets done!!!!!!!!!

Well... we have some major shopping to do tomorrow!!!!! Need some dress shoes to match the cutest little suits in the world!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Phew.... Home......

What a busy weekend!
Spent the weekend at our local South Eastern Michigan Bowhunters SCI fundraising weekend.
Very few times in my life do I ever seem like I am talked out.... after a weekend like this... I am totally talked out.

Friday night was the outfitter meet and greet. Had pizza, salad, some pasta, and some awesome sugar cookies.
It could be better though... see the outfitters are supposed to be able to get up and talk about the hunts they have up for auction on Sat night... well no one would shut the *&%$ up! Even when I got up to do my speel... the a$$wipes at my table wouldnt even shut their traps! UUUGGGG... just stop talking for like 10 min!!!!! I cant believe (well yea I can...but I dont want to) that a room full of adults cannot shut their mouths long enough to hear 10 people talk at a microphone. The Friday night dinner is quickly becoming a complete waste of time. Most arent there to talk to the outfitters anyways... nor obvisouly are they there to listen to them.
We did get to go to the hotel and get in the hot tub though... for 10 min... till they kicked us out for it being 11pm. *scream*
Yea... two adults, not making noise or causing trouble...cant stay in the water past 11pm... but damm...the 10 min was good! Went up stairs to our room, showered the chorline off, and fell asleep. WIth the patio door open!!!! Yes... spring may be here!!!!!!

Had to start setting up at 8 am on Sat... got a whole extra hour since the past 3 years we have had to be there at 7am!
It took us 10 min to set up...and an hour to bs about it. Gosh...just like at work.
Dh did manage to take us though to a mom2mom sale afterwards!!!!!!!!
Scored some cute clothes for our little lady and 2 pairs of shoes! The boys got a guitar.
I really needed to find some shorts and dress shirts for the boys...but most of the clothes there were girls clothes... so , I'm off to Once Upon a Child this week to find some clothes for the boys.

Had a great rib lunch on Sat!!!! then got back to the hotel in time for a nap...then had to head to the show at 3:30.
We were steadily busy until 1/2 through the auction...then no one else came after that till the end of the auction when the guys who bought our hunt came over to talk to us. I'm so glad I took my crochet stuff.... I hate sitting there doing nothing... so it was nice to get some of that done while I was bored. It may have looked funny...but oh well... I'm a women of very diverse intrests!!!! I enjoy shooting sports, hunting, fishing, sewing, crocheting, and scrapbooking.... hmmmm..... yep.... very diverse!
It was a long night on Sat night though.... didnt get out of there till past midnight... got a small tub of hagen-dazz... watched the shield...and tried to sleep.... tried being the optimum word. The bed at the hotel was just tooo darn soft. Couldnt get comforable. Tonight though... my own bed. Nothing like one's own bed!

The boys stayed with their sister for the weekend.... they tell me they had fun.
They all met us at church and the boys went willingly to day care.
Got home, the boys went to bed, and I went to our Union meeting.

2 1/2 hours later I finally got home to unwind a little.
Now... I'm off to unwind a lot!

My mom and dad are coming here from their Florida trip tomorrow.... E has his 3 year check up tomorrow morning bright and early! Cant belive my baby is gonna be 3!!!!!!!!!

Our little lady is 8 months old tomorrow. Praying for some updated pics.... and a NEW BC!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!

Here is my first ever, Favorite Foto Friday!!!!!

This weeks theme is spring time...and it couldnt have been better timing!!!!

Here are some pics of my boys having fun in the muddy yard yesterday afternoon!

Hmmm... I wonder now if our weather will finally break.... dh thinks we will get another winter storm... I'm not sure...our weather has been so wierd this winter!

E having fun in the puddle!

F having his puddle time!

Our future Futbol Player!!!!

A meeting of the minds!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh what fun!

It's the middle of March.... the snow is melting away.... the sun was out... the puddles were gathered in the yard...

The perfect afternoon to play in the MUD!!!!!!

It was sooo nice when the boys got up this morning...I just had to let them out to play! So... on went the snow boots, the sweatshirts, and off we went!
Went on a couple of wagon rides... then we kicked the soccer ball around a little, played a little football, hid the bouncy ball down the flag pole pipe (making mental note to tell DH bout that!), and then found the puddles and the mud!

They actually played well in the front yard today. I hope they will be able to play out there this summer. Last year, they would NOT stay on the grass...and they would go their separate ways and then run into the street. We live in a subdivision...but still, cars come whipping down the street and I know they are not looking for little kids in the road. Today though, they did just fine... even when baby K made a run for it, I told him to come back and he did. So... I'm happy for that.

I can sure tell that they boys are itching to get outside!!! I'm glad! It's so much nicer to let them run around outside than to have them couped up in the house. We have a very nice swing set and quite a bit of toys outside...just gotta get the sandbox filled up and such! Then, we are gonna get the pool open! Yea... ok...blowup pool...but we can get all of the kids in one of them!!!

This weekend is going to prove to be busy... SCI show all weekend. However, we get a beautiful hotel room and the hotel has a swimming pool and a hot-tub... cant wait!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Brave Little Guy

Well here are the pics of my little, big, man's stitches!!!!

It seemed as he didnt miss a beat...but it must have hit him after he went to sleep.
He woke up kinda crying and a little disturbed...but he slept with me, and seemed fine after that.

We took the band-aids off this morning and I got my first look at all 10 of his stitches!!!
He keeps playing with them...and then telling us it hurts... hmmm...hopefully he will get the correlation pretty soon. It probably didnt help that one of his brothers headbutted him and opened him up just a touch.

I'm sure he will heal just fine.... we will start some mederma soon as he heals up a little better... dont want to ruin his beautiful face!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Stiches!

I dont have pics yet... but I sure will in the morning!

But... my oldest son got his first stitches today!
He isnt even 3 yet!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! This is the 3rd time he has been taken to the er for fallin on his head! Cept this time, he laid his left eyebrow w-i-d-e open.

I dont know what happened.... they were "taking a nap". I heard them playing for a while, heard E fuss a little, then I heard quiet. I fell asleep for bout and hour and a half, and I heard K crying "momma, MOMMA" so, I ran upstairs to see what was going on. Soon as I opened the door, K screams at me "BLOOD, BLOOD Momma". Yes...there IS blood all over the room... He tends to get nosebleeds but he isnt bloody, then I see E. He has blood all over his face and chest. I tell everyone to go downstairs and I will clean him up. I get a warm washcloth and start wiping and realize that his eyebrow is wide open still. It wasnt gushing or anything...but you could tell it was a wide split... plus a lot of swelling.
I know the face bleeds a the blood itself didnt freak me out... so I waited till dh came home....showed him...and we both agreed that he probably needed stitches. So... off to the ER went E and his daddy!

Dh said he did really good.... hardly fussed at all... and even when I talked to him on the phone he kept telling me he was ok and he was hungry. He even got a Popsicle!!! and of course.... since it was so traumatizing for everyone, we treated everyone to McD's afterward for dinner. Now THAT was traumatizing to ME!!!! So, I'm about to sooth myself with some Chocolate Ice Cream!

I am so hoping to get some sleep tonight!
Wasnt able to accomplish more than 2 hours of sleep last night due to my throat...but I'm hoping for at least 4 hours tonight! I sure need it!

Holding out Happy Mixco BC thoughts for this week!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I ate today!
It took half a bottle of Motrin and perfect timing....but damm it, I was hungry!
I had some chicken soup for breakfast, refried beans with cheese and sour cream for lunch, and some Chinese food for dinner! Dh even bought be some chocolate ice cream! It's empty next to the computer now! My stomach is upset at me.... but hey... I ate! still hurts.... but at least I'm hurting on a full stomach!

I didnt sleep at all last night.... dont know why.... my throat was bothering me but something else was also. I talked to one of my college buddies last night online. I haven't talked to her in a while basically cuz I have been depressed lately and I tend to just stay within myself during those times. Anyways.... it got me thinking bout all the friendships I have gained and lost over the past 10 years. Some I miss like crazy.... some, I was crazy to even be in them to begin with.... but overall, I do miss some of my college friends.
There were a few I was very close with.... although now that my life doesnt revolve around liquids, I wonder if there is still hope? I mean that set of my friends dont even know I have flippin kids! Uh....geez.... guess THAT would cut down on my partying a tad! Yea... I can see it now... getting invited out... having to explain I have to find a sitter... Oh you have a kid? No, I have 4 kids!
And yea.... the weird thing is... I kept my kids from them on purpose. I also kept my marriage from a couple of them....but I finally bit the bullet and let them in on it. But the kids... i dont know. Dont ask why...but I'm weirded out by some of them knowing I have kids. Like I haven't grown up yet or something.... or maybe I'm afraid of the judgement. I am the only one who has kids...... Maybe I know what they think a "mom" is... and I dont want that label? I dont know... it is weird though. Shit...what would I do if I saw someone out and about with my clan o' toddlers??? Uh... oops! Yea...guess it would be forgivable to not mention one....but to not mention 4???? Then again.... maybe no one would care. Maybe they would just look at it as something "I" would do and brush it off as that.
I do know that I will have to keep college stories away from my kids. I dont want to give them any ideals on how to spend one's first 3 years away from home! Not my kids!!!! *cough*

Since I didnt sleep last night, I crashed this afternoon when the boys took a nap. Had my weird house dream again.
I, along with the boys, are living with my parents... up north... in a 3 story house that has a few businesses in it also. It's so weird. Like my bedroom is in the offices.... the boys live in the "living" part with my parents.... I have to pass this doll shop to get to my room.... and one of the dolls is possessed.... there is also a real estate office, a hair dresser, and a vacant office. Oh...and of course, my bedroom. Today's dream, I was driving around town with my dad and a guy we both worked with.... on our way to a bar, in one of my dad's old vans, while I chatted away to a bunch of bikers on the cb. Yes... that's right.... bikers in the middle of March with snow.... and on the cb. I was even using my "old" handle....
I have now had this dream many times..... it is just so weird. I dont get it....I know this may sound strange....but I have the same dream over and over (not this dream though) when I have migraines.... dont know if it is the migraine medicine or the migraine itself.... with this house dream.... I cant find a connection.
I had a friend who could interpret dreams.... many of mine go to the dark side.... bet he'd have a field day with this new one though!
Hopefully I have some non-memorable sleep tonight!
That's a 10-4 from Auggie Doggie and Auggie Doggie Jr!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Still Here...

I didnt fall off the face of the earth. I'm still here. I'm still in my cocoon ( bedroom)

I officially was diagnosed with Strep throat yesterday.
Funny...but the diagnosis didnt make me feel any better.

Now I am on huge horse pills.... that I can barely swallow anyways.... a regular cycle of motrin... and I have been able to eat a little bit. I'm so glad I've been able to eat...cuz damm... I've been so hungry. However, I still have no energy to do anything.... I spend a lot of time sleeping an hour here, an hour there....I dont dare go near the kids....I sure dont want them to get this.

Combined with my sickness is my sickness of waiting for L's bc.
I really thought we were due this week.... it was our 30th official business day.... well pooh on that....
Next week... we will be waiting for our bc longer than we were in pgn. Who would have ever though I could say that??? Seriously???
Maybe it is a combo of me not feeling good with the never ending wait....but damm... it just has been wearing thin on me.
Hopefully I will be able to leave the house this weekend. We so need to go shopping and such...and I know that dh needs a break from the kids....I just need a boost of energy.
Hmmmmm... Red Bull gives you wings!!!!!!
Yea.... that's what the world needs.... me, sick with strep, pissed over waiting on a bc, with Way too much caffeine in my system! Oh yea.... that's not asking for something bad to happen!
2 words come to mind: Verbal Diarrhea.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have been sick as a flipping dog.

My throat hurts so bad....every time I have to swallow, I sit there, think about it, try to put it off, then end up doing it.... I shake violently and silently scream when I have to swallow. My neck is swollen, my ears hurt, and my throat is miserable. I have no voice, no energy, and can barely get my pills down (Thank God for Advil!!!) I have been absolutely miserable since Sunday night. Thankfully, no one else is sick... and I am trying my level headed best to make sure it stays that way. The kids sure dont need this.
Dh is supposed to call the doctor for me in the morning.... we will see if I can get in... I think I either have strep or tonsillitis... yes... me... I am an adult with my tonsils... what a great choice that was!!!! Actually, minus my acl in my right knee... I'm not missing anything yet. Well...adnoids....but...uh... I dont even know where those for me, they dont count. Sure wish I didnt have my tonsils though.... that is why I have such horrible sore throats...problem is,I am petrified to have them taken out now. I have only heard horror stories about adults having them out.... heck... I've heard horror stories of kids having them out...not to mention the random adult that bleeds to death at home.... The only way I would let them do it is if they gave me some really good pain meds...cuz I wouldnt put myself through my past 3 days on purpose! When I cry cuz I dont want to swallow....uh... problem.

My sickness has consumed my life....but I did find out that Bret is retiring. *cries*
Barak only won one state *cries*
and we STILL dont have a birth certificate for our little Lady *cries* that should be enough negativity to go around for a day or so.
Cant wait to see the doctor!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Shopping

Well... we now have another car seat!!!!
Brand new!

We also have a new purple dress with a little white sweater!
Brand new also!

What are we missing???
Someone to put IN these two things!!!!!
Ok...well I guess the boys could go in them...but they would probably tear the dress up to bits and pieces. That would make me cry...cuz even for a dress... it is absolutly beautiful!

Praying to hear some news from Mixco this week.....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's March

Whew... can NOT believe it is March 1st already!
Time sure flies when you barely have time to even pee by yourself!

I wonder what March is going to be like???
I know we have Easter to contend with in the middle of the month... I know that I am going to have a childless weekend doing an SCI show!!!! *dances* E will be the b-i-g 3 at the end of the month!!!!
Will we have spring early??? Will we have more snow??? Will we finally get our damm bc???
Things are so up in the dh and I have decided to plan a small cruise get-away before our little Lady comes home. I've been scouring the internet looking for the perfect itenerary and ship and I belive I have found it... I just need to call tomorrow and make sure they have the cabins available that we want. Yes...I said cabins... 2 adults and 3 toddlers does NOT equal one cabin the size of my closet! I can hardly even stand just dh and I in a yea.... ajoining rooms are a MUST and we are actually going for a room with a window!!!! OOOHHHHH!!! A window!!!! Fancy!!!! Yes... we have been cheap on our previous cruises...but who the heck needs a window... we never spent any time in the cabin unless we were sleeping so.... a window wouldnt have helped us know it was nighttime... staying in the bar till 3am told us it was time to sleep!
Of course we are going on a boat that has activities for the young ones....dh and I are just debating on whether or not to make this a diving trip. Every ounce of my being wants to dive every single day of this cruise... but the responsible adult in this situation tells me that we are already going to be travelling with 3 toddlers and THEIR gear... adding two more suitcases of dive gear to that...uh.... just how many hands and such do I have??? Also... what will we do with the dive gear in the cabin??? I know that dh would FLIP out if the kids got to playing with our dive computers and such (ok...I probalby would too) so...why have things that are so off limits to them. Plus... I think it would be fun to just take them to the beaches and hang out and play. Dh and I can take our snokling stuff and one of us can do that while the other is with the boys... I mean in the carribean, many things are at resonable depths any I know we could see fish and such.... Yea.. I know... it is sooo NOT diving...but, it just takes a lot of planning and such to dive on a cruise like this...and I'm not sure I want to deal with it.... I want to relax... (as much as I can on a ship with my three toddlers!!!)
So...we will see...but my vote is to not do it! I think we can have a fun and relaxing time though... cuz I know when the baby comes home, things are gonna be different... its been a while since we have had a non-walker in the house.... although...I guess it is possible that she could come home already walking.... Another difficult point may be if she is not eating food yet... like people food...not baby food. That is one part I dont miss at all... what a pita dealing with baby food. I was so happy that even at 6 months old, E knew how to chew...and he didnt want baby food much past 9 months old. Not only is that stuff just gross.... it is just so inconvient. I love being able to put food in front of the munchkins and let them have at it! I sure dont like having to spoon feed with the threat of getting it back in the face! It's also expensive... I did try to make some of my own...but it seemed to be even more disgusting that what I bought in the store! I didnt want E to think all of my cooking was like I just didnt do it after that.
Well.... I promised myself to do at least an hour of scrapbooking tonight... I have began to get away from it again! Just when I was doing sooo well! rotten would it be to contract my scrapbooking out??? *evil grin*