Saturday, March 8, 2008


I ate today!
It took half a bottle of Motrin and perfect timing....but damm it, I was hungry!
I had some chicken soup for breakfast, refried beans with cheese and sour cream for lunch, and some Chinese food for dinner! Dh even bought be some chocolate ice cream! It's empty next to the computer now! My stomach is upset at me.... but hey... I ate! still hurts.... but at least I'm hurting on a full stomach!

I didnt sleep at all last night.... dont know why.... my throat was bothering me but something else was also. I talked to one of my college buddies last night online. I haven't talked to her in a while basically cuz I have been depressed lately and I tend to just stay within myself during those times. Anyways.... it got me thinking bout all the friendships I have gained and lost over the past 10 years. Some I miss like crazy.... some, I was crazy to even be in them to begin with.... but overall, I do miss some of my college friends.
There were a few I was very close with.... although now that my life doesnt revolve around liquids, I wonder if there is still hope? I mean that set of my friends dont even know I have flippin kids! Uh....geez.... guess THAT would cut down on my partying a tad! Yea... I can see it now... getting invited out... having to explain I have to find a sitter... Oh you have a kid? No, I have 4 kids!
And yea.... the weird thing is... I kept my kids from them on purpose. I also kept my marriage from a couple of them....but I finally bit the bullet and let them in on it. But the kids... i dont know. Dont ask why...but I'm weirded out by some of them knowing I have kids. Like I haven't grown up yet or something.... or maybe I'm afraid of the judgement. I am the only one who has kids...... Maybe I know what they think a "mom" is... and I dont want that label? I dont know... it is weird though. Shit...what would I do if I saw someone out and about with my clan o' toddlers??? Uh... oops! Yea...guess it would be forgivable to not mention one....but to not mention 4???? Then again.... maybe no one would care. Maybe they would just look at it as something "I" would do and brush it off as that.
I do know that I will have to keep college stories away from my kids. I dont want to give them any ideals on how to spend one's first 3 years away from home! Not my kids!!!! *cough*

Since I didnt sleep last night, I crashed this afternoon when the boys took a nap. Had my weird house dream again.
I, along with the boys, are living with my parents... up north... in a 3 story house that has a few businesses in it also. It's so weird. Like my bedroom is in the offices.... the boys live in the "living" part with my parents.... I have to pass this doll shop to get to my room.... and one of the dolls is possessed.... there is also a real estate office, a hair dresser, and a vacant office. Oh...and of course, my bedroom. Today's dream, I was driving around town with my dad and a guy we both worked with.... on our way to a bar, in one of my dad's old vans, while I chatted away to a bunch of bikers on the cb. Yes... that's right.... bikers in the middle of March with snow.... and on the cb. I was even using my "old" handle....
I have now had this dream many times..... it is just so weird. I dont get it....I know this may sound strange....but I have the same dream over and over (not this dream though) when I have migraines.... dont know if it is the migraine medicine or the migraine itself.... with this house dream.... I cant find a connection.
I had a friend who could interpret dreams.... many of mine go to the dark side.... bet he'd have a field day with this new one though!
Hopefully I have some non-memorable sleep tonight!
That's a 10-4 from Auggie Doggie and Auggie Doggie Jr!

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Donna said...

Hey, so glad you are feeling better. Thank goodness for your husband during your sick time, can you imagine being sick alone! Love to read your posts and can hardly wait for the good news about your little lady!!!! I am so jealous!