Friday, November 28, 2008

Fav Foto Friday Holiday Edition (11.28)

It is the Friday after Thanksgiving!!!!!!

My mom, E, K, and I were all up at 4am this morning to head out to the stores!!!!
Ok...well.... it was just supposed to be my mom and I...but... E and K were up and would NOT go back to sleep... so they got to go also!
They were great!!!! (amazing what they will do for a bag of cookies!) and... I got some great deals!
But... here are some pics of our Thanksgiving Day!
7 things that I am most thankful for....
Here are my kiddo's enjoying playing in the snow at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!!

Little Lady laughing in her first BIG snow!

F debating on joining in on the fun!
K with his super huge snowball!

E making a snow angel!
Grandma with the posing E
My DH and my Dad bonding on the motorcycle!
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stair Racing!!!

Yep. I just KNEW that my kids were gonna be jocks!!!!!

Today, they proved just how talented they are!!!!

See, Dh and I were sittin on the couch finishing up our lunch and E and K began to race down the stairs. They had snuck into their bedrooms, taken the pillowcases off of their pillow's and were putting themselves into the pillowcases and using them to slide down the flipping stairs!!!! instead of yelling at them... I had to grab the nearest camera!!!!

Tooo funny!!!! There really is NEVER a dull moment around here!!!

What will they do next???????? Cant wait!!!!!

...and K wins!!!!
Just havin fun!
The Official StairRacing Timekeeper!
The Little Lady enjoying her taco!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fav Foto Friday (11.21)

Today is Friday!!!!!

Time once again for....

Favorite Foto Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today's Theme is Crying!

Yes... although I'd like to think of them as happy all the time...

my little ones do cry every now and then!
(although I dont take pics of it very often!)

E in 06

E in 08

Here is where K starts....

Here is where he is going....

F, our littlest Drama King!

Apparently Lady L didnt like her hair do.
Do NOT take cake away from our Little Lady!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fav Foto Friday!!! (11.14)

Today is Friday...
Time for Favorite Foto Friday!!!!
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Today, I went thorough and picked a couple of my favorites from the late summer!

Here they are!!!!

Frankie at the Park!
Hmm...taking his diaper off through his pants during church....
Think he is really to be potty trained???

Luisa untying her shoes!

Luisa looking dapper at the park!
Double Trouble in a shopping cart!
When you get this look....better find out what he has done!

When I say cheeze.... he gives me cheeze!!!!

Dressing up in Daddy's socks!
The BEST smile!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fav Foto Friday (11-7)

Today's Favorite Foto Friday's theme is Family Pics!!!!

I'm so excited that on Monday we are taking our Christmas pictures!!!!!

Here are some of my favorite family pics!

I have so many because we have had soo many memorable moments as a family...
I couldnt pick just one!

Where it all began!
Our Wedding Day!
(June 04)
Meeting E and becoming a family of 3!
(June 05)

E's first Christmas!
(Dec. 05)
Now, a family of 4!
(just visiting though...)
(Dec. 05)

4 of us for Christmas!
(Dec. 06)
1st pic of us as a family of 5!
(June 06)
Christmas 07!!!
Now... a family of 6!!!
Oct 08!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!!!!!!!!!!

I am sitting here crying......

President Barack Obama!!!!!!!!

I voted for him!!!!!

Last election.... I voted against Bush.... Kerry.... eh.... better than Bush...but not my ideal candidate...

This year... Obama WAS my ideal candidate!!!!!!!!!!!

I truly hope we can make a change for the better now!!!!
Let's get OUT of Iraq and end the occupation!
Let's get people back to work!
Let's get a health care program for the people that live in the richest nation in the world!
Let's ENFORCE the 14th amendment!!!! Equal protection under the law should mean EQUAL PROTECTION for EVERYONE!!!!

I am absolutely amazing and honored that I am seeing this!!!!!
It is SUCH a wonderful evening!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait to hear Obama's speech!!!!!!!
Cant believe I have to sleep tonight!!!! How???? Oh man... such a late night...such an early morning...but all for a great experience!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow at 7am... the polls will open!

I am super excited!!!!!!

Wont get too political....but not matter what party you may be... get out and VOTE!

It is your Duty as an American!!!!

Also... dont forget to finish all of your ballot and do the propositions and non-partisan ballot!!!!!