Friday, February 29, 2008

A very fun Leap Day!!!!

F sitting on a Zebra at our playdate!

K had a ladybug painted on his face at the outdoor show!

E begged for a frog to be painted on his face!

We had a very exciting, fun, and busy day today!
Woke up this morning to a ton of snow... and it was snowing really hard.
Had breakfast...and dh still decided to go ahead and go to our play date!
We met some friends off of! I have been talking with some of these ladies for almost 3 years now and it is so nice to finally put a face to a name! We met at a play area around 45 min from our house. There is a play area like this much closer so we new we would have a great time. The boys just love going to these inside gyms! They just have the best time! Today was no exception! The boys were more than happy to play...and I (and dh) were more than happy to meet new people and to talk. It is nice to talk to different people even though I may know their stories from's just so much better to be able to have a conversation face to face. I really hope that as the boys get older, they will appreciate these play dates even more. Hopefully if they are having a problem they will talk to us...but I understand that sometimes parents arent always the best ones to talk hopefully they will have people around them to talk to...especially if it is adoption related...I hope they will feel comfortable talking to their peers. After all...who knows better what they are going through...than someone also going through it.
Dh and I hadnt had enough even after spending a good deal of time at the play we decided to go to the annual Outdoor show.
It has sadly gone way down hill.
In years past, the entire show would be all hunting and fishing outfitters. Then it became, hunting, fishing, and boating. Then...hunting, fishing, boating, cars.... Now... it is like a flipping flea market with outfitters thrown in for fun.
Michigan is one of the largest states for hunting...yet one of our biggest and best (their words not mine) hunting shows is a few outfitters, a ton of jerkey and meat people, a ton of tee-shirt vendors, and now, a lake front living and cottage show. *puke*
Those things all have their own place...If I'm going to a hunting show... I want to see hunting outfitters. We only knew ONE flipping outfitter...and they didnt think they would do this show next year.... It just happened to be the one who has my dream hunt.
I have wanted to go on this hunt for 6 years now!!!!!!!!!!
Spring Brown Bear perferably! OH......seriously.... THIS is what my dreams are made of!
Maybe some day! *sigh*

Oh how I dont look forward to weekends anymore!!!!
No news from the great "I just cant answer email" attorney.
I'm just seriously disappointed in our communication.... I dont think it is too much to ask that once a week, I email you, and you simply answer me.
Just get us our bc, passport, orange, and pink slip....then we will be all done! Heck...we dont even need ya at our visa appointment! We have done two of them without help anyways... we know very well what we are doing!
Just gonna spend the weekend hoping, praying, and praying and hoping some more!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No new info

UUUGGGGG!!!! 1 out of 2 emails answered.... no new information though!!!!!!!!

USCIS office got back to me.

Short version: It was mailed... it is no longer our problem.

Long version: Too many uses of bad words not acceptable for this blog.

Actually...I did find out long before my email that the Detroit office did send our papers to the National Visa Center...but they sent them through official mail... it takes longer than the pony express used to. 6 weeks or so to go to the east coast.... hmmm... even *I* could walk there faster than that!!!!!!!

No answer from our attorney though. Really starting to get a tad upset. I know he has other cases. I'm not oblivious to this. However, How difficult is to to send a short email saying... No, No bc...stop bugging me and I'll tell you when I have the damm thing. I mean, I could send that through a text in less than 1 min.... how difficult on the computer??? Took me all of 3 secs to write...but then again...I'm super woman on the keyboard... Thanks to all the BBS'ing I did in college!!!!!!! *nostalgic grin*

I am really hoping to get some sleep tonight. I mean, real, by myself, sleep. I got completely freaked out this morning when my alarm went off...and E told me "Shut the phone off Momma!!" Uh.... hi there... exactly when did you get in here.... yea...again... had no flipping idea.... these kids really need to stop sneaking in here like that!!!!! is my laugh for the day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bad Phone Day

Today seemed to be a bad phone day for me.

I was woke up at 7ish this morning due to our house phone ringing. Uh... seriously????
No...I didnt answer it... but I did find out that Ernie was sleeping with me. Dh said I was awake when he put him in bed.... but uh...yea... must have missed that part!

I then spent a lot of time calling the National Visa Center to find out if they had our I-171h.
5 tries before lunch...kept getting hung up on. As if listening to a computerized answering system wasnt annoying, instead of keeping you on hold, you get hung up on by a computer!
I did get to practice my Spanish though...since they give long announcements in Spanish as well as English as even though I picked English... I think next time I'll try Spanish just to see how well I comprehended everything!
Went grocery shopping... came home, made the boys lunch...
Called 3 more times while I was making my lunch. Got hung up on 3 more times.
Had to send some emails and such (ie surf the forums and such) and tried calling a few more times.
I finally got through at around 4:30. Got a completely clueless operator...had to be transfered to her supervisor. I bet he regretted her getting him on the phone!
First he told me that it was MY responsibility to make sure the Detroit office forwarded the paperwork to them. Uh....WTF???? Oh...ok... I cannot call or go to this office in person... I can only email or snail mail... it took this office 5 months to issue the darn piece of paper... how the heck do I make sure they forward it on to someone else???????
I tell the guy this... he tells me, of course you can call them... but he wasnt able to give me the phone number. Of course you can make an appointment in person... but he wasnt able to give me an appointment. I then told him that my congressmen's office and both of my senator's offices were unable to get anything the heck does it get left up to little ole me?? Meaningless exchanges of more words...and I decide I have heard enough... I then give him a good ole lesson on the damm Patriot Act...and this is why I cant get anything done!!!! I think I got through to him too!!! Cuz he promptly hung up on me. *snicker* I'm good and worked up... I emailed the Detroit office.... and I was not all that polite. At least they cant hang up on me! It's not like they can really slow things down for me anymore either.... ya know... they arent exactly the speediest around.
Oh..and just so I know it is not me.... there are a couple of others in similar situations...and no one is able to help them either..... just plain SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh...the good ole days.... days like today were a great excuse to split a case of beer with someone and shoot some pool... but, now I'm a mom.... and being a mom I cant do those things without advanced planning.... so... to drown my sorrows, I had a shamrock shake from McD's.
We took our boys there and met their sister and their nephew and niece and our friends. We had a good time... we were there till we much have been having a good time...but things have changed!

Still keeping a positive vibe for a Mixco bc!!!!!!
I emailed our attorney today...didnt hear anything.
Hopefully he was too busy picking up our bc and getting our passport done and just didnt have time to get back with me.
At least I can still dream!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nothing Creative

Well I have been having some complaints about not enough pics on this blog.

See my camera has been rip for about a month or so.... dh finally let me buy a new one! So... I now have a NEW camera! So, it's the same camera I had before...but a new one... reason is that we bought a package deal the last we have the underwater case, extra batteries, and things like that. I like the camera and such, so no big deal. Plus, I found a heck of a deal on ebay!

Other than that...uh...nothing much going on... just depressed and about to cry and then pull my hair out. You would think that after waiting 14 months and then 17 months for our sons that waiting almost 2 months for a birth certificate wouldnt bother me much. But, it does. It bothers me cuz we are out of pgn.... it bothers me cuz it would have been nice to have her home as young as possible... it bothers me cuz it is just complete bs as to why we dont have the bc yet. We are also in the posistion where folks out after us are getting ready to travel.... blech.... another respect, we are still fighting with uscis to get our approval to the nvc and then to I guess in that respect, it would be nice to have that taken care of first...

Filled out my financial aid finally....gosh....that was stupid.... why cant they just take my taxes and do it??? Why re-invent the damm wheel??? Oh yea... and they expect me to pay $$$$$ myself!!! Uh....hmmmm... dh is on a fixed income... I am on a fixed income... 4 kids under 3. Yep...I should have to pay out the wazoo! Well I will know in a few days how much I am expected to pay vs what I may be able to get.... may be doing an appeal and such to lessen my load. I'm more than willing to pay loans back and such....just need to have a job in which to do so!

I also picked out my school...just waiting for our check on Friday to send in my deposit!!!! I'm pretty comfortable with my decision...and I think it will be a good fit for me!

I am petrified though.... uggg... I think about not having any free time for the next year and I want to vomit! I know it will be different....but in a way, I like having SOME time... I know I may have an hour here and there...but it really feels like the end of an era or something! This coming from someone who used to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 6 months at a time! Stupid I know....but I've just really been getting worked up about the studying and the time committments that are going to be expected of me. I read too many books!!!

Well... need to work on some scrapbooking! Getting there... getting there slowly...but making progress!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Peanut!!!

Happy Birthday to Our little Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!

We didnt get to spend your 1st birthday with you...but you have now been with us for the past 8 months and you have brought so much joy and happiness to our family!

Yes... our Youngest son is now 2!!!!!

We got to have breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa at Denny's!!!
They are on their way to Florida for a while...and it was so nice of them to stop by and spend the day with us!!!!

We then got to go sale shopping at K-mart! Yea for the end of season sales!!!

It is so difficult to find clothes for the little man. He needs like a 18 month shirt...but bought him 18 month pants and uh..they fall right off!
I did buy him bigger shirts so he could grow into them...but unfortunatly he needs 9 month pants in the waist...but 18 month pants in the legs. Even the darn adjustable waist pants I bought him wouldnt quite adjust in enough. I would love if he could put some weight on...but he eats like a little bird!!! He loves french fries....but he may eat a whole order one day...and only one fry the next day. This kid has even refused Ice-Cream!!!! Today he ate 2 hotdogs at lunch... then he barely even ate his birthday cake!

We did have a fabulous dinner!!! We at at El Comal in Mexicantown! It is owned by Guatemalans and naturally they have Guatemalan food as well as other favorites from Central and South America. My dad had a Mexican Platter, my mom had a Guatemalan platter, and I had pupusas from El Salvador. Everything was sooo Yummy! If we lived any closer.... I would be a regular there. Sooo good.

I also made a cake! Our little guy just L-O-V-E-S cookie montster! I just happen to have several cake pans of sesame street he got a cookie monster cake!!! It turned out very well! Nothing better than a super moist devil food cake! (if I do say so myself)

Peanut only opened two gifts at the restaurant. By the time we got to was getting late.... none of our boys had naps...and they wanted to get down and run! We were so happy that some of our friends could join us for dinner..but we had 8 little kids that were dying to run amuck in the restaurant! Unfortunatly we did have to cut things short! We had been there for well over 3 hours anyways... so its not as if the kids didnt have their fill of sitting!

The best revelation of the day had to be the dawning moment when dh said to me:
"Do you realize that we now have 3, two year olds????"
Uh....yep! I realize it all the time!!!!!!
We truly have a blessed life!!!!!
Momma B... I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that your boys are absolutly loved and they are thriving.
Two years ago you held a brand new infant in your arms and faced the heart breaking decision of relinquishment. I hope that soon you can hold your two year old in your arms and feel some comfort with your decision. My words cannot properly express what I feel towards you. Thanks doesnt seem right for you having to lose a son so that we could gain one. The boys also lost their families in this... while we gained ours. I am truly humbled by having the opportunity to parent these wonderful boys.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We were so lucky tonight that we have hardly had any cloud cover tonight and we have been able to see every little movement of the Lunar Eclipse!!!!
Sooo awesome to see it!!! Not only a beautiful event...but very humbling...and a tad wierd!
Cool though!

We also spent the evening at CesarLand! Again! We had fun tonight though. It was less crowded than the last time we were there...but plenty of kids for a Wednesday night. It is a nice time to spend a few hours though...and hey...who doesnt like pizza for Dinner!
The boys, of course, played and played. It's so funny cuz I know they eat while we are there...but soon as we get in the car they always ask what we have to eat at home. Gonna have to save some pizza for the ride home from now on...that way they arent so hungry when they get home! They must wear it all off playing! have just a tad of that energy!

Today brought about 2 milestones for E!!! He sang the entire Alphabet song to his Grandpa on the phone today!!!!!! It was great!!!! He even knows the ending!
Also... he went in to the bathroom today...did his business... cleaned himself up (by himself!!) and THEN flushed it down!!! Wow!!!!!!
One down..... two more to go!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs*
I just cant believe how big my guys are getting! They are just talking...and playing...and interacting! It's so fun to watch them! I cant believe that some people dont like toddlers... I am absolutly loving being the mom to 3 toddlers! Yea...sometimes.... they can get to ya.... but most of the time...they are absolut joys!

All of our boys have new haircuts!!!!
Gotta get some pics! They are soooo ridiculously cute!!!!

Please Keep thinking Happy Mixco BC thoughts!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shoppin day

Whew.... I am tired. Not tired cuz of the kids today...but tired from the shopping spree I went on today.
We have a special event in our family this week. One that requires the buying of toys and such. Well... one of my least favorite things is shopping....and one of dh's least favorite things is shopping. So...guess who had to go??? Cuz if it were up to dh, well.... there would be no purchasing. On said day he would probably just treat the family to McDonalds or something. If he felt like going out that night.
Anyways... hit the stores hard this afternoon. It truly shows! I'm sure it will be worth it...but kinda shell schocked for a minute.

I would also like to brag a tad... I finally got the irs to accept our taxes!!!
Yes... taxes were done well over a week ago! They were denied FOUR times!!!!! Took a trip to Social Security and well over an hour on help... but darn it! I finally got the darn thing figured out!

Well... I have some wrapping to do!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lady L is 7 months old!

Cant believe our little girl is already 7 months old!

It has been three months since we have seen her. I'm so happy that we did get new pics of her...but saddended also. I continue to hope and pray that we get our Mixco bc soon! I just keep seeing July looming in the distance....and remembering how with our younger two sons we kept saying there was NO WAY we were going to have to miss their birthday's.... and we did.

I know... we are out of pgn.... but appointments are already into March... Everything shuts down for Holy Week (also in March).... so that month is gone.... by May... if we are still waiting... I will be a complete basket case.... I know what the wait does to someone... been there... done that... have the stretched tee-shirts to prove it!!!!!!

Seriously... Mixco just needs to release these darn BC's!!!!!!!!

I have heard through the rumor mill that the embassy is supposed to be meeting with Mixco this week. If it is true...I hope they can do some good. I dont always agree with pushing one soverign nation against another...but in this case... what is done is done. Our adoptions have been approved...just file the form and amend the bc. That is all anyone is asking them to do.

Well this was supposed to be about our little lady.... I'm wondering if she is crawling, sitting, standing, or eating yet???????? So many unknowns.... what IS known that this little girl is absolutly loved by many people!

Romancing Marriage 2

Dh (still working on the darling part) and I went out on Saturday night. Without the kids...didnt eat fast food either! We went to a dance at our church called: "Romancing Marriage 2".

We went last year also...guess we had a good time, cuz we went this year too.
It was a nice night. Got all dressed up... even put on makeup...and has been a LONG time since I had paint on my face.
We had a really nice family style dinner... beer, wine, and soda... and a HUGE dessert bar. Yes...we are Catholic. Thanks for noticing!
After dinner we watched an episode of Home Improvement. Apparently, HI was a good show to emulate how a family should work. I agree that compared to most shows today, it actually has some morals and such. I always watched HI...yet I didnt realize at the time how family oriented it was.
After the video, we had music and dancing. Last year there was at least 12 Anne Murry songs... I think this year they cut it down to at least 9. It is beginning to become an improvement. I suppose it is difficult to pick music that everyone likes... since just at our table we have been married 4 years, another couple married 5 years, and a third couple that have been married 55 years! Yes... 55 years... married to each other!!!!! Bravo to them! Now...they were upset there were so many "loud" songs... they were NOT talking about the AM I would guess that they were talking about Celine Dion (gosh...never thought someone would think she was too modern). There was also risque talk that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's song "Let's make love" was tooo raunchy.Dh would not dance with I really didnt care what they were playing.... but thinking maybe next year it may be time for a pod cast! *evil grin*
Now... if I had to make a list of songs I would best describ to help "Romance Marriage"... these would probably make the list:
1. Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi
2. Novemeber Rain - GnR
3. Slow Hand - Conway Twitty
4. Damm, wish I was your lover - (dont know who sings it)
5. F*^% you like an animal - Nine Inch Nails
6. In another's Eyes - Garth and Trish
7. Shameless - Garth
8. It's only Make Believe - Conway Twitty
9. The Rose - Conway Twitty ( Yes... this IS my fav singer!!!)
10. Waltz Across Texas - Ernest Tubb
11. Suspisous Minds - Elvis (long Hawaii version... yes... obsessed fan here)
12. The Chair - George Strait
13. Statue of a Fool - Jack Greene
14. True Love - Conway & Loretta
15. Only One Love - Ronnie Milsap

Now...that is a short list... and many of these songs arent *so* bad... maybe I'd even consider taking off Nine Inch Nails... since we are in a church and all... *blush* but's ok if you are married!!!!!!!!

Everyone also receieved a list of suggestions to stay happlily married... Here are a few of the tidbits of advice:
Marry someone that you enjoy listening and talking to.
Remember that the best gift that you can give your children is to love their mother/father.
Fight Naked!
Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?
Remember that "love is like childhood. You need to learn to share."
Marriage is not 50/50, it's two people giving 100/100 all of the time.
The secret to a happy marriage is two TV's!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahhh... R-E-L-I-E-F

How Do I Spell Relief????

We are so relieved!!!!
Our file date was September 16th! Our issue date was February 12th!!!
Geez.... glad we filed so early!!!! *sarcasm*
I cannot belive it took so damm long for a single piece of paper. Of course, I had to be fingerprinted twice...cuz once just isnt enough.
Although it is now in our hands.... it is NOT in the hands of the Guatemalan Government! *screams*
The NVC (National Visa Center) said that it can take the Detroit office 2-4 weeks to send the hard copy to the nvc from the Detroit office...and then THEY forward it on to Guatemala. Uh... well... now I have to wait another month????
Called some "help" and they are trying to have Detroit send out the paper asap!
Sure hope they will do it!!!! Although I will NOT hold my breath! Too much expierence with this office! *puke*
Now... Bring on that Mixco Birth Certificate!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm ready to go get our Little Lady!!!!!!!!
OH....and... Our taxes are DONE!!!!!!
It has been a truly productive week! Let's hope the weekend holds out for us!


Ok... My page has gone through some changes!
I will be tweaking this in the next few days...but is there anything that is TOTALLY annoying???
Is anything too busy, too difficult to read, looks just plain dumb?

Let me know please!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dh (d does NOT stand for darling these days...) and I went to a law school open house tonight.
I'm just not sure.
Now... I really want to go to the other school and see how I feel about that one.
When I was looking for an undergrad school...I fell hook, line, and sinker for the " You are sooo perfect for THIS school", "You will just LOVE this school", "The best choose this school". On and on. I loved the fact that they called me to see how I was... that I was given a private audition and my trip was paid for... that they sent me personal letters just to say hi.... that a student called me to answer my questions and such...
That school was such a horrible fit for me! Looking back... how the heck could I have bought into that???
Well.... got that feeling tonight...again...
The staff just loves the students...the students just love the staff... everyone is just one big, happy, successful family. *puke*
It's not that I dont belive them.... maybe I do...maybe that is why I feel so uncomfortable.
They currently have 720 students.... their prof to student ratio is only like 1:12...which is really, super low for a law school. Their largest class is only 60 people.
Do I want to be in that situation again??? Do I want everyone to know every part of my business??? That happened to me before... my "perfect, small school" turned out to be the clique from hell.... if I said something rude to x person...y person and r person wanted to know why. If someone saw me do something...everyone knew... now it just wasnt me... but sometimes it sure felt that way. Is that how I want to spend my law school career? Will it be like that again???
Talking to some of the students was painful. It was like talking to a 12 year old. These are LAW students!!!! Shouldnt they have better sense than not to say " They dont speak American?"
I also kept asking about time...and how shocking the classes were... etc... no one gave me a frank answer... instead, catering to the MUCH younger people in the group...they told me how they can go out drinking a few nights a week. Uh... nope...not even close to my question. "How many people actually commute?" Answer- "Many people come from all over the country. I dont know exactly how many commute." Uhhh.... thanks. We did have a free dinner... and there are some things that I felt positive about.
Guess I just really feel gunshy right now. I feel so pressed for time. I just really wish that someone could magically make this decision for me! I need to fill out my financial aid out tomorrow... I just do NOT know...
I am also going to see if we can go to the other school I am considering... I sure hope I dont get a bad feeling There too! Then I will really be messed up!
Wish this school just came with a no-clique guarentee! Please...tell me at least 10 very liberal, wierdo's attend this school! I will sooo be there then! Please, be rude to me just for fun! I just want one person to tell me how back something sucks! Something has to be not perfect! That is what I want to see!!!!! I'm NOT looking for perfection.... I'm looking for a happy reality.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Petition for Michigan and Florida Dems!

I was just directed to the following site:

It is a petition that will be going to Howard Dean, president of the Democratic National Committee, to allow that the reps from Florida and Michigan be allowed to vote at the Convention in August.

Michigan and Florida have lost their representation due to the fact that these two states moved their primaries up, against the wishes of the DNC. To "punish" these states for doing so, they decided that our votes wouldnt count at the convention.

In Michigan, Clinton was the only viable name on the ballot... I as many others, was forced to vote uncommitted since the candidate that I wanted to vote for was not on the ballot, nor did the candidates even come to Michigan since the vote wasnt going to count. Every vote SHOULD count!

Please...sign this petition and allow the voters of Michigan and Florida to be heard!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm looking for a paper....

I'm sure I have been certified completely nuts.
Ok...not a good enough description....
I'm pretty sure my mailman thinks I'm nuts. I run (or slide) out to the mailbox everyday waiting for our elusive I-171h. It is NEVER there! I get all kinds of other things... stupid bills, checks, stuff I ordered... but no official government documents! UUUGGGGGG... so... made another round of phone calls today. Yes... it now is at the 2month mark from MY 2nd fingerprinting. Pretty soon we will have to update our paperwork again *smack*.
I'm also torn... I mean I really, really, really want us to get our bc issued! But... it's really NOT going to help at this point! But, I still want it, and I want it NOW! We are also almost to the 1 month post pgn mark.... and while I am absolutly, head-over-heels thrilled to be out of pgn... I'm also saddened that we are once again caught up in a mess in a civil registry. We waited 3 months for E's bc back in 05. He was out of pgn at 3 months old... back then it was maybe a week or so to pickup... instead he was almost 7 months old. Now... granted... he was still very much a baby...but that doesnt mean it didnt make me sad. Same situation here... honestly, I would be THRILLED just to be able to spend Lady L's 1st birthday with her....but it doesnt change the fact that I am sad now that the bc is taking a while. Trust me... I know better than to think things will work out perfectly and in the time I want them....doesnt diminish my dissappointment though.
I'm also having a difficult time figuring out this law school stuff. School A or School B???? State school or private school??? Expensive school, cheap school, or doesnt matter??? UUUGGGG... too much having to go through my tired brain these days!!!!
I did get my 50% off Turbo TAx in the mail today!!!!!
I get to do our taxes!!!!!!!!!!!
*doing the tax dance*
I actually LIKE doing our taxes! Might have something to do with our adoption credits...but... I actually dont mind doing them. Not to mention dh used to Make us go to an unmentioned tax place that way overcharges and has people in their employment that know less about taxes than me! (hint... the initials H & R... shhhhhhh) Seriously.... the woman doing our taxes was amanent there was NO adoption tax credit... then... there was one but, we didnt qualify... then there was one but our planets were not correctly alligned... then, we couldnt claim E... cuz he came home in Oct... but as long as we had given birth before midnight Jan 1 it would have counted... *scream*
so...yea... that will NOT happen again! Not to mention it is such a ripoff!!! Maybe not for dh as he doenst quite have the paticence nor the computer skills to follow a tax program...but damm... uh... read the paper, type in the numbers. hhmmmm.. yea... I should definatly pay someone else to do that for me!
Sooo... I'm off to do my taxes!!!!!!
Please send B-I-G refund thoughts our way!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Update on Lady L

We got Pictures on Friday!!!!!

I cannot believe how big she is!!!!

We have not seen her since our visit in Novemeber...and she has been growing!

She is now 15.5 lbs! She is the age right now that E was when he came home...she is way ahead of him on her size!

We also noticed that she got her ears piereced!!!!! We left earrings with the foster mom and asked if she would have them done...and I'm sooo happy to see those little gold balls in her ears!

Cannot wait for her to join our family!

Day of Scrap

I went to my first offical Day of Scrap today!!!! 12 hours of nothing but scrapbooking! oh...and a little bit of gossiping! It was interesting...but I had a good time... and I would definatly do it again! It started at 9am this morning...and ended at 9pm this evening. I did NOT get done all that I thought I would...but I still got a lot done! I guess I never realized just how long it takes to get all the pages together. Now, I have a pretty good idea and next time I will know what to take and what not to take with me! It was pretty cool since breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks were all included! So, I didnt have to cook today nor clean up after anyone but myself! Only downfall... those lunch tables were NOT meant for an adult to sit at for 12 hours! *grin* I have one hurting back right now...and two tired eyes from the floresent lighting... but I also have a renewed sense of just how much work I have left to do to catch up!

Just to brag a tad...

I got accepted into my GOAL Law School!!!!!! *dances*
Now...I have to decide really on where to go! I did NOT think I would submit 3 applications and get 3 acceptances! It is going to be a difficult decision...and I do NOT have much time in which to decide...but... I'm just thrilled to see the acceptance letters!!!!

Going to have to spend some good reading time trying to find out the info I need to make a good decision! Problem is, it might cut into my online forum time.... cant be having that!!!! Especially while we are waiting for a birth certificate! Oh well... guess life is full of sacrifices sometimes!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've thought it too...

Some who read this may be involved with Guatemalan adoptions... others may not... regardless, things are happening in Guatemala in regards to overhauling their adoption system. Many (around 3000-5000) adoptions are in limbo right now and so far, no one knows for sure what will happen to the future orphans in Guatemala nor what will happen to those who are currently orphaned and not assigned to an adoptive family.
I have hugely mixed feelings on everything that has been going on...
First off, I do believe there is corruption in adoption. Here, there, and everywhere. I do believe that things should be set up in a way to minimize the corruption as I do not believe that it can be completely eliminated throughout the system.
I believe that corruption in the Guatemalan system is just really an extention of the corruption that exists throughout their government and society. Now... not that I dont believe the US government is NOT corrupt... cuz...uh... I know better... however, it seems to be more "in the open" and acceptable elsewhere.
Anyways... what the new law has done is to take it out of the hands of the corrupt attorneys and put it in the hands of the corrupt government. This has been a concern for a while. Now it is a reality.

I also believe that adoptions happen in Guatemala due to a variety of reasons, with the least of them being pre-adoptive parents (pap's).
Guatemala is a racist, classist, and corrupt society. Education is only stressed and accesable by the weathly and the light skinned. Jobs are offered based on skin color....housing too... Not to mention it has only been 12 years since the Guatemalan government stopped their US government sponsored genocide of indiginous Mayans. I have heard that things have improved since then... but they were in the confines of civil war for 30 years... I'm not sure that 12 years post war is all that indicitive of the changes to come. Guatemala has a new President as of last month...and I truly hope that he will make some permanant changes for the better for his country.

Now... I know Guatemalan adoption has been in the news lately... AC360... Dateline... our local news... but it has been very controversial...very... risque, huge attention grabbing headlines: "To Catch a Baby Broker". I believe there is some truth to these stories. No doubt there. However, I do not belive it is a true picture of everything going on. I know that the mundane, smooth, processes do not make for good television. I know that happy families do not make for good tv as well as scammed families do. However, my boys are sure to stumble upon these stories one day or, someone is bound to tell them about what they saw on tv before... I have the answers for them, but I'm just not sure that my answers are going to be good enough for their questions.
Now... I usually cannot stand this reporter from 20/20...but... I got this link off of Guatadopt this morning....though it was worth posting here for those that dont read there.
Now... I do NOT agree with everything said below... but I agree with some of the thought behind it.
Happy reading!

USA Makes Adoption HarderBy John StosselWednesday, February 6, 2008
Do you want to rescue an abandoned child and give him a loving home?
Don't even try, says the U.S. State Department.
That's not exactly what the bureaucrats said, but it's close. The State Department says the Guatemalan adoption system "unduly enriches" so-called baby brokers and that "
Guatemala has not established the required central authority to oversee intercountry adoption."
"Central authority"? This from our government? They sound like Soviet apparatchiks.
Last December, the U.S. consul even butted his way into the Guatemalan Congress to make sure a sweeping new adoption law was up to American standards. The law is designed to put those profit-making brokers out of business by making adoption a government monopoly. But to thousands of kids awaiting adoption, a government monopoly could be a death sentence.
Yes, there have been horror stories about adoption fraud. Some children were stolen from families. This is horrible, but far from the norm. Out of more than 100 cases of alleged "baby stealing," only five were confirmed as true, says Guatemalan journalist Marta Yolanda Diaz-Duran. That's five crimes versus about 4,000 legal adoptions from Guatemala in 2006 alone. Guatemala has been the second leading source of adopted children coming to America -- after China and ahead of Russia. The adoption-broker system -- which relied on entrepreneurs providing a service for a fee -- worked well enough that Guatemala was an adoption success story.
American adoption agencies (charging a fee) worked with Guatemalan adoption brokers (also charging a fee) to match willing couples with the right children. There was a near-perfect safeguard against baby stealing: two rounds of DNA tests to prove the biological mother gave consent.
The process wasn't cheap -- parents paid $25,000 or more, and brokers who spent months or years jumping though the bureaucratic hoops -- made, horrors, profit! Hence our State Department's outrage about adoptions that "unduly enrich." The sentiment was captured perfectly by a UNICEF representative who huffed to The New York Times that adoption "has become a business instead of a social service."
Oh, yes, everyone loves "social service." But when adoption was a government-run social service in Guatemala, the results were disastrous.
I happened to be in Guatemala City last month visiting the Americas' most free-market university,
Universidad Francisco Marroquin. UFM's president took me to visit Ines Ayau, a nun who runs an orphanage that was formerly in the hands of the government. The children are well cared for now, but before her church took over, Ayau said, the government staff had forced some children into prostitution. The orphanage itself was rat-infested and without electricity, and the government used the facility to funnel money to cronies. "Thirty-six persons were working, (but) 105 were on the payroll,"
Yet U.S. officials want adoption back in the hands of government?!
There's little reason to expect the current government to do much better. Guatemala is one of the more corrupt nations in the world,
111th out of 179 countries, says Transparency International.
Even if the new bureaucracy isn't corrupt, there's little chance it will process adoptions as quickly as the brokers did because without profit, it has no incentive to move the kids through the cumbersome adoption process. When other countries have put adoption in government hands, adoptions slowed or stopped. Paraguay went from sending more than 400 kids to the U.S. in 1996 to sending zero in 2006.
That's a tragedy.
It may make some people uncomfortable that a middleman charges $5,000 to arrange an adoption, but profit isn't evil.
Someone has to be compensated for arranging the DNA tests and leading hopeful parents past the government's obstacles.
The orphanages need funds. If some Americans are willing to pay even $50,000 to adopt, that's not a bad thing. NGOs, politicians and bureaucrats may call it disgusting "human trafficking," but I call it finding love for children who desperately need it.
Guatemala has followed America's lead, and now thousands of abandoned Guatemalan kids face spending their childhood in orphanages. Many could have found a home in the U.S. if only government -- American and Guatemalan -- had stayed out of the way.
John Stossel is an award-winning news correspondent and author of
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel--Why Everything You Know is Wrong.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! There...I said it... Tuesday is F-A-T!
It is also Super Tuesday!!!! Tomorrow is Wonderful Wednesday! uh...ok...maybe not!

I had a lovely time today lying in an mri machine for an hour. What did people do for fun before??? I hope this one shows the doctor what is wrong.... my back pain has been going on for way to long. I need to have this settled once and for all.

I also did something new... I had two of my color ink cartriges refilled. Uh...wont do that again! I am so disappointed in the quality of the colors. It is Horrible. There is NO WAY they can tell me their ink is comparable... it is like night and day.... litteraly.... one looks nice and sharp...and one is dull and really blue... They will be getting their overpriced, wrongly colored ink back tomorrow morning.... no way am I paying that much $$$ for ink I cannot use. Not when I print pics for scrapbooking and such. I would NOT put those horrible looking pics anywhere...least of all in my kid's scrapbooks. I heard really good things about the ink from the place I had it done... I'm disappointed as I have my regular pics printed there and have been very happy with them... maybe they should use some of THAT ink!!! Then my pics would look good too...then again...maybe it would drive the store out of business! That's it.... print at home...look crappy... print at store, look great! Hmmm...I figured it out!!!! Wonder if they will pay me hush money now??? *grin*

Well it is 10:30 and I'm watching the primary results come in.... Uh...Huckabee?? Why??? I mean McCain in NOT the perfect canidate for the gop by any means...but Huckabee? I hope that it really wakes some people up that he carried the evangelical states. HELLO!!!!!!! Is that WHO you want running this country???? I dont want ANYONE who carries the evangelical vote to run anything!!!! Talk about civil liberties at risk.... thought the unPatriot Act was bad *puke* wait till you see Hucky's Act of Morality. *puke*
Well... Obama is still my choice! He even has North Dakota wrapped up... wow... *scarcasm*

I am just really amazed at how this presidential race is panning out. Never did I think the dem ticket was going to be between an African-American Male and a Caucasian Female. Who would have thought it??? Seriously!!!!! I guess that should really make a statement on how fed up people are with the way things are going. This couldnt have happend at any other time. 4 years ago, 12 years ago... (of course it wouldnt have happend during MR. Clintons time) I'm just thrilled to look and see some diversity! Not that I have anything against Caucasian males...but gee... lets get real. It's time to shake it up a bit!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Blahs

I have a bad case of the Monday Blahs. I really shouldnt... I had a pretty good weekend. However, I had a bad and restless night of sleep last night.... woke up late this morning...and was late to the dentist this morning to get my crown on. Yes...I was crowned this morning! I am the Queen! *grin*

Had BIG News on Saturday...

I got accepted into LAW SCHOOL!!! it is my 2nd acceptance....but the 1st one was from a "sure thing" kind of school. (not that there is anything wrong with that)
This one was from a really GOOD school!!!!!!!!! I am still waiting for one more letter (or I guess no letter also tells me something) but.... I will NOT be dissappointed if I end up at THIS school!!!
I was actually thinking of sending in my deposit to the previous school.... since I didnt think that I would get into either of my two "dream" schools. So glad I didnt send the check!!!!
Now though, I need to get my taxes done! I need to file for financial aid and hope that I can get some $$$$ from the school via scholarships!!!

Now.... we need to get our little lady home! Like Yesterday!!!! I cannot be transistioning a child and trying to make it through my first year!!!! Ok...I will...but I dont want to HAVE to!!!!
Emailed our attorney this I'm hoping to hear from him tomorrow. Just gotta keep hoping and praying!!!!

I also did some heavy scrapbooking retail therapy tonight! I am ok'd for a 12 hour (yes... 12 whole hours) scrap on Saturday!!!!! I cant wait! I have been running my printer dry over the weekend trying to have enough pics to get at least my three boys' books caught up to Christmas 07! Geez... I havnt even STARTED Little attitudes book! He has been home since JUNE! It took us 17 months in process with him...but it was too painful to start his book till he was home... so it sat...and has continued to sit... hopefully after Saturday... it will sit full!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually wouldnt mind using the summer to do their lifebooks....and begin to read my law text books.... scary.... 4 toddlers in the house and getting ready for law school.... it's official.... I've lost my mind!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy February!

Where has the year gone?? Already into the 2nd month of 2008! Time sure flies when you are tooo busy to keep tract of days! oh yea...and when you are having fun!

We have once again added to our household.... not permanantly....but at least for the next couple of months..... Our friend Neil (from South Africa) comes to the US to market for a couple of months in the beginning of the year.... and he has stayed with us the past couple of years. Our friend Paul is also here...but he will be headed back in the next week or so since he has been here for a month already. It is always nice to catch up though...and hopefully one of these days we can head back to their place. Of course, the kids need to be a tad the plane trip is better and so that they actulally grasp what they are seeing.... for now, they will have so suffice to see animals in the zoo... but hopefully soon they will be able to see the animals in their natural habitat. I just dread the flight...20 some hours... especially with my back...that just spells disaster. However, once we get there and get out of the city, it is all back road, and no road driving...and that also spells disaster... so....gonna have to work on my back (as if I havnt anyways!)

One thing that I'm very aware of is that I'm blessed that I have been able to travel and that I enjoy to do so. If money were not an option, I doubt that I would spend much time at home! There are soo many places to see and expierence! I hope our kids like to travel as much as we do! I would love to show them the world! I dont know where our next journey will take us... but I hope it is some place different. I would love to go to South America...but cant decide on just ONE place!!!! I also have soo much to see and do in Africa... beginning with the pyriameds in the north to the wine region of Cape Town all the way in the south. I would like to see the Great Wall and where my dad was stationed in Japan. I cant wait to reach Alaska and my dream is to see polar bear! Of course, what kind of diver would I be without wanting to see the Great Barrier Reef... but I have also heard great things about diving the Maldives, Thailand, and many other places. I know that we need to make family vacays to Guatemala...but we cant forget about our Compadres in Mexcio! Ahhh....the dreams I have.... I need to win the lottery!!!! Although, if ya think about it... what better way to learn than to travel. You learn all of your subjects without even trying. You can learn history, math (with the money), science (with the weather and wildlife), music, reading, and languages....

I'm sure there is also many other things to learn by travelling...including patience! I will once again expierence this as we have decided to take our boys with us to Guatemala when we are able to reunite with our little Lady. If you happen to see people run off the plane screaming... that will be our plane! 2 adults, 3 toddler boys, and a little lady!