Thursday, February 28, 2008

No new info

UUUGGGGG!!!! 1 out of 2 emails answered.... no new information though!!!!!!!!

USCIS office got back to me.

Short version: It was mailed... it is no longer our problem.

Long version: Too many uses of bad words not acceptable for this blog.

Actually...I did find out long before my email that the Detroit office did send our papers to the National Visa Center...but they sent them through official mail... it takes longer than the pony express used to. 6 weeks or so to go to the east coast.... hmmm... even *I* could walk there faster than that!!!!!!!

No answer from our attorney though. Really starting to get a tad upset. I know he has other cases. I'm not oblivious to this. However, How difficult is to to send a short email saying... No, No bc...stop bugging me and I'll tell you when I have the damm thing. I mean, I could send that through a text in less than 1 min.... how difficult on the computer??? Took me all of 3 secs to write...but then again...I'm super woman on the keyboard... Thanks to all the BBS'ing I did in college!!!!!!! *nostalgic grin*

I am really hoping to get some sleep tonight. I mean, real, by myself, sleep. I got completely freaked out this morning when my alarm went off...and E told me "Shut the phone off Momma!!" Uh.... hi there... exactly when did you get in here.... yea...again... had no flipping idea.... these kids really need to stop sneaking in here like that!!!!! is my laugh for the day!

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Kerri said...

Ugh, ugh, ugh! Hope you get some good news soon.
Kerri and Ruby