Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We were so lucky tonight that we have hardly had any cloud cover tonight and we have been able to see every little movement of the Lunar Eclipse!!!!
Sooo awesome to see it!!! Not only a beautiful event...but very humbling...and a tad wierd!
Cool though!

We also spent the evening at CesarLand! Again! We had fun tonight though. It was less crowded than the last time we were there...but plenty of kids for a Wednesday night. It is a nice time to spend a few hours though...and hey...who doesnt like pizza for Dinner!
The boys, of course, played and played. It's so funny cuz I know they eat while we are there...but soon as we get in the car they always ask what we have to eat at home. Gonna have to save some pizza for the ride home from now on...that way they arent so hungry when they get home! They must wear it all off playing! have just a tad of that energy!

Today brought about 2 milestones for E!!! He sang the entire Alphabet song to his Grandpa on the phone today!!!!!! It was great!!!! He even knows the ending!
Also... he went in to the bathroom today...did his business... cleaned himself up (by himself!!) and THEN flushed it down!!! Wow!!!!!!
One down..... two more to go!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs*
I just cant believe how big my guys are getting! They are just talking...and playing...and interacting! It's so fun to watch them! I cant believe that some people dont like toddlers... I am absolutly loving being the mom to 3 toddlers! Yea...sometimes.... they can get to ya.... but most of the time...they are absolut joys!

All of our boys have new haircuts!!!!
Gotta get some pics! They are soooo ridiculously cute!!!!

Please Keep thinking Happy Mixco BC thoughts!!!!!

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Donna said...

Love to read your posts, while the boys are napping!!! When is your little girls birthday? I could not tell from your ticker thing.