Friday, May 29, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (5.29.07)

Today is Friday and it it time for Favorite Foto Friday!!!!

Today's theme is memories!

I know in our house, a lot of memories are made around the dinner table!

One of our favorite meals is Spaghetti!

Due to tomato sauce, we have a special "kids only" dress code on Spaghetti nights which makes it extra fun!

Here are the kiddo's enjoying their meals!

F with his smile and sauce face!

K showing off his muscles!

E showing off his noodle!

Proof that the Little Lady enjoys her Spaghetti!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been a long day....

Our day began at 4:30 this morning with a screaming little guy who did NOT want to wake up...and who did NOT want to take his ankle bracelets off his foot. We managed to get him in some clean pj's though and into the car without waking anyone else up!

We got to the surgery clinic, got checked in, and he was taken back into a little prep room... He was nervous at first...but was soon warming up to the nurses. She had SpongeBob stickers... so automatically, she was a friend! :)

I'm so glad I called the anesthesiologist last week! She actually met us in the room about 5 mins after arriving... they had brought over a special Dr. for us that would make sure that K was ok. (K has had two surgeries with us... hitting, kicking, biting, ripping out iv's, and screaming is usually how he wakes up) this time though, the Dr. told us that he would come out calmly and that we would be able to immediately be with him. Little K then got a nice little dose of Versed! Versed is a beautiful thing! The doctor came in, the nurses came in, and off he went.

It was about 45 mins and the Dr. came out to tell us that the surgery went well and that we could see K in about 45 more mins..... true to his word, we were called into recovery about 45 mins later.
I have NEVER been in such a NICE recovery room!!!! We had our own nurse...K was calm... he had cried a little...but nothing like I expected. Anyways... our nurse was great! We also had very individual attention from the surgeon and the anesthesiologist! Both doctors came back and checked on us 3 times! I really have never heard of that happening. It really was a fabulous experience.
As for K... he woke up gently (like I was told he would)... the minute he fussed, the nurse was right there with some pain meds... shortly after the pain meds, K drank TWO glasses of water, a glass of apple juice, AND a popsicle! He also got to watch a SpongeBob movie while in recovery! Because he was doing so well, they allowed us to bring him home a little early.

He slept in the car the entire way home.....and didnt sleep again till bout 3pm... he has been on the go all day! I have had to fight him to keep him in bed... at one time this evening I had half of our rescue hero's in my bed! Right now, I'm trying to convince him to sleep.... I had to beg and bribe him to take a nap... it's crazy! Never did I expect him to be doing this well... he has been drinking everything we have been giving him.... he has eaten cottage cheese, ramen noodles, some gummy bears, and a popsicle!
I remember having my tonsils out last summer.... it took me a week to work up to baby food... and I was in bed completely knocked out and in miserable pain for 2 weeks!!!! Kids are truly amazing!

So... all is all... I'm thrilled we had his surgery at the clinic as opposed to the big hospital... and I'm sooo happy and grateful to the Anesthesiologist for helping him remain calm...and to the Surgeon for taking his nasty tonsils out. I'm sure he is gonna feel sooo much better from here on out!

Thanks so much for the positive thoughts and prayers! They are greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's gonna hurt!

Well... we made it home from our up-north excursion.... see if you live in MI like I do, Up-North IS actually a destination...not just a direction! *laughs*

Began my classes tonight also... they both seem to be challenging but should be a lot of good discussion.

If you are of the praying type... or just the encouraging type, would you please keep my son K in your thoughts tomorrow morning???
He is having his tonsils out.
He is also my son who is challenged with attachment issues...and I am worried about both the results of his surgery and what is going to happen to him emotionally. We are prepared for me to be with him when we wakes up (if the anesthesiologist goes along with the already decided plan) and my mom is with us to make up for my absence if K needs to be litteraly attached to me all day long.... but Thursday I have a very early appointment at the spine clinic... and I have class Thursday night... I'm worried about having to bring him to both.... but.... hopefully I'm preparing for the worst... and things will be better than I expect them.
Since I just had my own tonsils out last summer... I still remember the pain and agony... I've been told it should be easier for him.... and I'm holding out hope that it is a lot easier for him.
We are fully stocked with popsicles, kool-aid, apple juice, and if needed, dad or grandma can make a quick trip to McD's for a shake... since that is what I lived off of for a week!
I will try to update on here.... I know his Madrina is worried about him so I will be calling her....but I definatly can update on facebook.....
Otherwise.... just another day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Hugely Busy Weekend!

Decided with all the healing and such that needed to be done that we could all use a change of scenery, so we headed north to my parents house!

We had a great time (on our way home tomorrow) and we managed to stay busy all but a couple hours actually. It's amazing how busy we are....but, guess it is better then allowing people to get bored and to just lie around.... *sarcasm*

Here are just some of the activities we did in our 5 days up here...

Went to the park, did some garage sale shopping, took my dad to his Dr.'s appointment (NO CANCER!!!!!!!), watched "Horton hears a who" and Desperaux (kids didnt like either! 2 less movies to buy!!!!), went fishing twice, got haircuts, got the oil changed in the van, played in the yard, went to get ice cream, went driving to see the deer (saw one in 2 days...but did see some turkeys...), and went grocery shopping twice. Oh...yea... we even played at McD's one day! Whew... I'm worn out just remembering it all.....

The boys have been begging to go fishing for months now.... we went twice.... they are kinda disappointed with it... after all, they thought that all you had to do was to throw the line in and the fish would come in with it.... they didnt realize you could go fishing and NOT get any fish! Our first trip out we caught 4 bullheads... they liked to see the fish getting reeled in...but wouldnt touch it...and they said it was stinky.... we went back out tonight...but alas... we didnt even get a nibble... the boys were mad... yelling at the lake and such...

We will try again near our house.... I began to fish at their age... guess ya get used to the boredom that comes along sometimes!

I didnt take many pics this weekend... I was toddler wrangling too much to really use the camera! But, here are some pics from our busy weekend!

F enjoying the park!

K, who begged me to also take his pic!

Three boys just sitting on a swing....

"Uh... Mom! The Fish arent biting!!!!!"

"I'm not holding the pole if there isnt a fish on it!"

"We waited an hour for THIS????"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Update

Well... As I type I am in our large blue van with the kids and my parents headed north to their house for a little bit of a vacay!
F had a minor surgery on Monday morning... He did super great and it hasn't slowed him down a bit. When he woke up in recovery, all the other kids were very unhappy... Our little guy was watchin Dora, asking for popsicles, and wanting to go home. It was amazing! Once home, he didn't slow down either... I'm glad he isn't in a lot of pain! We go back to the doc in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is healing up well.
As for E and his busted up mouth, he has had a rougher go of it. He has had a difficult time eating... And hasn't shown much interest in drinking. I'm so glad that grandma is here to coax him to drink...cuz he doesn't want to do it for me. He is healing up though and he is beginning to eat more and more... So I'm sure in the next few days things will be better for him.
Well... Hopefully the weather holds out for us this weekend... The boys have been begging us to take them fishing... I havnt been for a while and I am looking forward to it.
I also hope to have some pictures.... This weekend my quest is to work on their digital lifebooks... I am just glad to not have homework! Next week... Not the same story as I begin school on tuesday.... And baby K has his. Tonsils out on Wednesday... But, foer this weekend... Gonna try to relax and have fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another one down....

So, I see E running away from the bench.... I looked away... Then looked back over... Saw E take two steps and B-A-M! E ran full speed into a steel dome climber with his face. I saw his head bounce back, he took one step back and the flood of blood began along with the screaming.
My friend had just gotten done telling me how much she like this playground... It was fenced... The play equipment was age appropriate... So she didn't worry much bout the kids getting hurt. OOPS!
Of course.... NOT in any way P's fault! Just kinda ironic and funny in a way.
So.... I scooped E up and had to haul him back to dh (who was at P's house replacing a garbage disposal) so that we could head to the ER.
Went to a hospital I'd never been to before. It was very nice and the people there were very kind to us and E. They took us right away of course.
All of his teeth were miraculously intact... But he had to have quite a few stitches on both his bottom lip (in two places) and in his top lip (only one place). Got x-rays... And no broken nose... So that was great news.
In and out in about 2 1/2 hours.
After K got the sink together and we had dinner... It was 1 am by the time we got home. E slept very fitfully and miserably.
Got up this morning and we all headed out to get something to eat and get his antibiotic. E wouldn't drink nor eat... Wanted nothing to do with the store.
Got home, he was burning up. Tried all day to get his fever down, but it just keeps crawling up... So... We are currently back in the ER. E is burning up...he's lethargic... And probably dehydrated. I'm also worried bout him getting infected.
It's not been a good couple of days.
Tomorrow... We have more fun on our plate as F is having a minor procedure done in the morning. In the same hospital that I am sitting in actually. So... I will have two in stitches tomorrow... And not from my jokes or antics.
Bring on the weekend!!!! Maybe raising the kids in a bubble doesn't sound like such a bad idea now....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (5-15-09)

Today is FRIDAY!!!!
My Finals have been over for a few days now!!!!!
So, here is my LONG overdue version of my Favorite Foto Friday!

K with his super smile having fun on the swing!

F sitting still on our bench!

E pickin dandelions for his favorite waitress!

The Little Lady hanging out... looking cute!

The Three Boys, dressed for church on Mother's Day...
Wish they didnt look so thrilled!

The Little Lady dressed for Mother's Day... also looking so thrilled to be dolled up...

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