Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday at CeC!

Friday was E's birthday!
He is now our big 4 year old!!!!!
Of course... it wouldnt be a birthday unless we went to Chuck E Cheese!
Or...as I lovingly call it... "Rat in a Hat" ;)

This is only the 2nd time that E would allow himself to be near ChuckECheese!
Just a month or so ago, he would hide under the table and cry...
Now... he was following him around!

Blowing out the candles on his cake!!!!!

E dove right into his cake and frosting!

Yes... now that he is 4... he must Pose to have a pic taken!

The little Lady sure loves her cake!!!!

Little Lady looking cute on the couch!

The Little Lady before she was covered in Frosting!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the cute outfit!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (3.27.09)

Today is a very special Friday!!!!!

Today is E's 4th Birthday!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Day of Preschool!!!

Today was E's first Day of Preschool!!!!!!

We went to visit last week and E and K had a great time!
Unfortunately, they only had one spot open, so E began today and hopefully K can begin in a month or so!!!!

E's brothers and sister went to the sitters while we dropped him off at school!

He walked right in and began an art project of painting a bunny rabbit!!!

His teacher said he did great...and when I asked him how he liked it he said he had a great time!

He did miss his brother... they are tight...but I'm sure K will be joining him very soon!

Sooooo proud of my little big guy!!!!!!!

Sporting his new backpack!!!!!!

All ready to go!!!!

Day one and we already have 2 art projects at home!!!!!
Great Job E!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (3.20.09)

Today is Friday!!!!!

Time for Favorite Foto Friday!!!!!

Since we just had their pictures done... thought I would show off one of our birthday boys!

F's birthday was at the end of February and he just turned 3!!!!
(all of our boys are three...for another week)

F did GREAT at his photo shoot...and I think we got some cute pics without tears!

So glad picture taking is gettin a touch easier!

Now.... if everything was getting easier.... they dont call them the terrible three's for nothing! ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy Days....

This is my spring break.
Yea.... break... what break?????
We have been sooo flipping busy the past 5 days my head is spinning... seriously....
Saturday... kids bday party... 17 kids... 15 of those toddlers.....
Sunday.... recover... and we began to start cleaning the house for company
Sunday night bout 8pm... get a call that my parents are in town!!! But, a day early!
Go out to ice cream with them... get home bout 10 with 4 very cranky, ice cream covered, toddlers....
Monday.... I really dont remember what we did Monday morning... but I do know that the boys would NOT nap... and they had to get haircuts at 5pm....
Everyone did ok with their haircuts cept for K. K has the largest hissy fit of his life when he gets his hair cut... it took both my mom and I to hold him down... he is one powerfull little guy... he is all muscle... if ANYONE has any tips on how to make haircuts bareable for him... I would be sooo happy to hear them.... cuz it is HORRIBLE when he has his hair cut....
Then.... we had a fab dinner at Golden Coral! Yes... I love that restaurant! Soooo good!!!!
Tuesday... up early to go get birthday pics! E and F's birthdays are a month apart...so we had their party together (see sat events...) and their pics at the same time... They did wonderful!!!
First time I wasnt embarrased by their actions at the photo place!
They actually posed themselves, smiled themselves, and told the lady to hurry up and take the pics so they could go play! ;) It was wayyy too funny!
They went to the play area with Grandma and Grandpa while I stayed behind to pay the bill and pic out the pics I wanted.... then off to a very yummy Mexican lunch.... then off to Once Upon A Child... a resale shop for Easter outfits for the boys... I found all 3 of them outfits!!!!! 2 still had tags on them!!!!! One was $56... paid $5.... the other $49... paid $6. Oh yea!!!! Plus got them shoes to go with... so... 3 boy Easter outfits... One lifejacket for the little lady... 3 pairs of shoes.... 4 shirts and one outfit for the little lady = less than $50!!!!!!! LOVE Bargin shopping!!!!!!!! Gotta go there and get the boys their summer clothes.... cuz last years clothes are NOT gonna fit....
Today... up early... I went to the dr... kids stayed with Grandma while daddy and Grandpa went off to a retiree lunch... we went to lunch at White Castle!!! Which was very good! (I only get to eat there with my mom.... since dh cant stand it.... but me and the kids.... we can eat some WC!!!)

Add in MAJOR Housecleaning... and there you have my Spring Break!
Busier than when I am in School.....

Our company arrives tomorrow.... we have seriously cleaned this house... I hope they enjoy our efforts.... Our house is usually acceptable...but...well... not good enough for dh... so now it is super-duper clean.... (till the kids wake up in the morning of course!)

Well.. we kept the camera handy these past few days...

E is NOT happy that I am once again taking hair cut pics....

K in time-out at the play area... not an unusual site....

E Standing tall showing off for Grandma.

What big brother does... as does little brother!

The Little Lady going for a stroll with Grandpa!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fav Foto Friday! (3.13.09)

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!

Today's Fav Foto's are

Then and Now
For more favorite pictures click here!
E the week he came home! (10.05)

E last week striking a pose. (3.09)

E & K having a brotherly moment (12.05)

E and K having a brotherly moment (3.09)

K on his pickup trip in 10.06

K still smiling... 3.09

F at GAFE (Guatemalan Adoptive Family Event) a couple months after he joined us. (8.07)

F at a Bday party! (1.09)

The Little Lady at Chuck E Cheese in Guatemala City (5.08)

The Little Lady at Chuck E Cheese near home (2.09)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spaghetti Day

I do enough laundry as it is.

Really... we do about 2 loads a day it seems....

So... there are special occasions when measures must be taken to avoid adding to my laundry pile!

So... How do you know when we are eating Spaghetti at our house?????

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (3.6.09)

Today is Friday!

Time for Favorite Foto Friday!!!!!!

We recently had a birthday round here!!!!

F turned 3!!!!!!!
(yes... we now have 3, 3 year old boys)

We all went to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday!
Our friends P (L's Madrina) and D (kids BFF) and S (L's Padrino) joined us as
did EC (kid's sister), JC (bil), and C and A (their nephew and niece).

We all had a great time... the kids playing and the adults conversing...or at least trying to converse.

Here are some pics from the Happy Day!!!!!!

Happy Birthday F!!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!!
Momma and Daddy sure love their little peanut!!!!

F blowing out the candles!!!!

Showing off one of his gifts!!!!

The Birthday Boy!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Still here....

February ended up being a much busier month than I had anticipated....
Add in a 6 day migraine... one birthday boy, another birthday party, and an all day scrap... oh ... and law school stuff.... the month just completely got away from me.

There are a lot of things I would love to write about.... with the news about the Samoan adoption scandal...to some challanges that have faced our family.... I just dont know where to begin....

I do know that once I get this darn appellate brief in...and get 3 job applications in... I may have some more free time.... I will say that it is absolutly frighting that I am applying to work this summer.... I have NEVER worked in an office.... scary stuff.... I've never really had to have a resume even.... oh well.... I better get used to it......

So.... that is my March intro.
Hopefully I will be able to put up some pics and properly celebrate last month's birthday boy.