Monday, March 9, 2009

Spaghetti Day

I do enough laundry as it is.

Really... we do about 2 loads a day it seems....

So... there are special occasions when measures must be taken to avoid adding to my laundry pile!

So... How do you know when we are eating Spaghetti at our house?????


Leslie said...

Great idea...i wish i could do this BUT i dont want to make the teens sick! lol



Terri said...

This is too cute! Our daycare used to strip the little ones down to their diapers for messy food - it was great. Now if they would do it on pasta day at our grade school, lol.
Princesa Flora 11.3.05

Terri said...

I hear ya on the laundry thing, I trya nd keep my kiddo's half naked until we are ready to head out some where!!

Leslie's comment...too funny!

Kerri said...

Hehehe! That's what we do in our house too.

Valerie said...

I'll have to try that later this week when we have spaghetti! It won't be to hard, Logan is always running around with half his clothes off anyways.

Gail said...

You are one smart Momma!! I often undress Johanna to eat too.