Friday, October 30, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (10.30.09)

Today is Favorite Foto Friday!!!!!!
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Last weekend we dressed up the kids and took them to Boo at the Zoo!!!!
We had beautiful weather and the kids got to see most of the animals at the zoo and they were able to get candy at 25 different stations throughout the zoo!

We also rode the train and the carousel!

Couldnt have asked for better weather and the kids certainly had a great time!

Buzz Lightyear climbing the gate while Mr. Incredible looks on!

Woody hanging out waiting for the train!

Mr. Incredible flying through the zoo!

Woody, Mr. Incredible and Grandma enjoying the train!

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Incredible, and Minnie Mouse sitting for a pic!

All 4 looking at the camera!!!!!
Helped that they all got a piece of candy!!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (10.23.09)

Today's Favorite Foto Friday's theme is "Adventure"!
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Our adventure was our trip to the "Pumpkin Factory"!

We went there to have each of the kids pick out a pumpkin...
They looked at pumpkins for about 5 mins and then headed off to the large playground and to look at the farm animals...that is where they spent most of their time!

K carrying his HUGE pumpkin!!!!
This boy has got some strength!!!

E trying to pick up his choice of pumpkin!!!

"Can I get a little HELP here?????"

Climbing on the steel caterpillar!!!

Wont be long Little Lady.... wont be long....

F wants to captain his own boat!

E got up on the caterpillar...then quickly wanted down... NOW!

K is always happy when he is climbing!

4 Toddlers v. One Pumpkin Patch!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (10-16-09)

Happy Friday!!!!!

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Last Sunday we went to our BFF's house for the day.

We had a great time...
The kids got to play...
The adults got to talk...

All of my boys learned how to pedal last Sunday!!!!
We have a bike and a tricycle here for them...but they are unable (or un-willing) to pedal them at home... but voila... we get to P's house... and off they go on D's bike and his trike!

A budding artist???

Climbing on the Deck Rails!

Cleaning up with the pool scoop!

F racing a truck down the ramp!

K racing down the ramp!

E riding a Bike for 1st time!!!!!!!!!!

F pedaling a trike for the 1st time!!!!

K riding a bike for the 1st time!

The Little Lady having fun on the ramp!

D & E rocking along....

E tickling the ivories!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

E's 4th Family Day!!!!

Happy 4th Family Day E!!!!!

4 years ago at this time we were getting ready to land at our hometown airport with our new son E!!!
I was scared... happy, excited, but scared! E is my first child... and he was only 6 months old. I had no idea how to take care of a baby! Yes, we had spent some time with him when he was 3 months old... it was about a week and in a hotel... Dh was there to help me... and all we had to do was concentrate on him... going home... I knew we would have other things to do... How do you take care of a baby and still get things done??? I would soon find out!
E made the transition pretty well... the first night in the hotel was rough... and the first couple of days he was kinda sad...but after that, he seemed to be ok... even when we got home, he seemed fine... he just seemed in awe of everything that was new. Of course... he had to get to know us...and we had to get to know him... He slept the entire night his first night... I didnt... I just couldnt believe my SON was sleeping in my room!!!!! We woke up to a smiling baby boy the next morning....and just had to get him out and about to show him off! A few days after he arrived home, he even got to attend his shower! It was great to show him off to some of my friends and some friends of my parents and he was happy all day long!
E was by himself for an entire year before K came home... he would go back to Guatemala 4 times in that year... and all 4 times he stayed with his foster family... even two weeks ago he stayed with them... we are so blessed that he had an awesome foster family and that we have constant contact with them!
We were blessed to have E join us at such a young age! We got to spend his first Christmas with him... got to see his first tooth come in... see him walk for the first time... celebrate his first birthday... so many actual "firsts". It really made me aware of what we were missing out with our other two boys who came home at 14 and 18 months old...
E has always been outgoing and friendly... he is soo loving with his dad and I... and he is very protective of his younger siblings.... We have been through 2 sets of stitches and a set of staples... he seems fearless at times... he loves to climb... he loves to try new things.... there isnt much he is afraid of....
This past year he began pre-school! Two days ago he actually wrote his name on the driveway!!!! I am such a proud momma!!! My little guy is growing up and I'm loving every moment of it! I cant believe how blessed we have been with our kids... just to watch them grow from tiny babies into these actual little people... it's an awesome experience!
Well... I dug out some pics! I had a difficult time choosing pics... have soooo many of him as a baby... *laughs* I must have never put the darn camera down!
We just absolutely adore you E!!!!!!! The past 4 years have been wonderful! We love you!

E with W (foster mom/ Godmother)

E watching his First MNF Packers game!!!!!
(in Guatemala!!!)

E's first night in our home!!!!

E's First Christmas!!!

E's First Birthday Pic!

Baptism Day!!!

E's 18 month pics!
(this is one of my fav cheesy pics!!!!)

E's 2nd Christmas !

E's 3rd Birthday!

Enjoying the snow!!!!

4th of July 2007!

Christmas 07!

Picture of E and "his" pretty girl!!!

4 year pics!!!

Loving the water this summer!!!!
He can now swim underwater also!
Hamming it up in Guatemala!

Enjoying his pudding before the Packers game on Monday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Night Football

Well... I was excited about tonight being the Packers Game... Yes... I'm a displaced CheeseHead...and we dont get to see many Packers games round here.

But... as of now...they have lost... the offense couldnt protect their QB... and that "other" QB... well enough bitterness bout all that.... I'm not one to jump on and off bandwagons... I've been a PackerBacker since I can remember... so probably since the early 80's... which is saying a lot... especially since the entire decade of the 80's they were one of the worst teams in the league...

We had a big milestone today!!! E is now writing his name!!!! He can also spell his first and last names!!!! Yea E!!!!! I'm sooo proud of him!!!!! K is very close to being able to write his name also!!!!!

Here are my four showing off the new outfits that Grandma and Grandpa bought them!!!!

Three brothers just having a good time!!!!

The Little Lady and myself in our finest Green and Gold!
(really need to find my cheese... that totally makes the outfit!)
We were practicing Touchdowns!!!!

Little Lady just being cute!

Eating some pudding while watching the pre-game!
I cant wait to take these guys to Lambeau!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not always a celebration....

Yesterday was K's 3rd family day....
It was difficult to go through all those photo's and such and pick some out to put on here....
K and us have been having a difficult time lately... although it has been 3 years since he joined us... he still has some difficulties.... minus the past 2 weeks... he had been sleeping with me since December.... I dont mind co-sleeping.... but his is co-sleeping out of desperation....

I remember the first time dh and I saw what we were in for.... June of 06.... we had taken E down to see K and to "officially" meet F... I didnt even spend 5 mins with E and F in 7 days... K was stuck to my hip... he didnt want me...but out of desperation I was all he had... if anyone else so much as looked at him he wasnt able to control himself... he would cry and scream for hours on end... i had to hold his hand while I was in the shower... He wouldtn sleep in bed with me...but he wouldnt sleep in the crib either.... he would take little cat naps in the sling or in the stroller... but when I needed to crash and sleep... no way... I was beaten physically and emotionally... dh and I didnt know what to do.... we knew about attachment problems... we knew about difficulties with seperation...yet when it is in your face... it is completely different... we knew he was gonna be our son... we were down there fighting for him at that time... we knew he was gonna be in our family... but the unknown was scary... what we were going through was scary....
When his foster mom came to get him (a day late I might add) I just could not handle it... I broke down and cried for hours.... was it me? was it dh? was it K? wow... how were we gonna do this???

We left... and right then we made the decision to not visit again.... it was our 4th visit with him... in the beginning of Aug we found out we were out of pgn... I was happy! I was Thrilled! I was scared! What was it gonna be like for him??? I knew he loved his foster mom... I knew he loved everyone in her family.... I knew he had to have bad memories of us.... was this right what we were doing??? really? was it right to tear him away from somewhere he was happy??? to put him through the emotional roller coaster we were about to put him through???

We did finally get our appointment for our embassy interview.. and we headed to the Grand Tikal..... a couple hours after we arrived, K and his foster mom came... he saw us and immediatly ran away... C went and got him and brought him to us....pointed at us and said "mom and dad"... that's when the screaming began.... we went up to our room... C holding him and him screaming all the took her over an hour to calm him... yet if we looked at him, he started up again... I took care of some paperwork and such with the paper runner while C tried to calm him....I couldnt think about paperwork... I just wanted K to stop hurting.... all too soon...C had to leave... we asked her to stay...but we knew she couldnt as she takes care of her grandkids... they would expect her to be home when they arrived home from school... the wails that were coming out of our room when C left were surreal... I have never...and I hope to never again hear that kind of pain...
F came to visit us.... he would stay with us for 2 days... Dh got to spend some good time with him... I tried my best to do everything I could for K... I was kicked, hit, screamed at, spit at, bit, etc... He didnt want me to hold him...but he didnt want me to put him down... he didnt want to sleep with me....but he wouldnt sleep in the crib... he didnt want to eat...but he screamed when he didnt have food in front of him.... I tried so hard to keep myself calm... I didnt want to get upset...but yet... I did get upset... not mad...but it hurt me to see his little guy hurting... I still didnt know if we were doing the right thing... I knew though that C couldnt take care of him... and he was our son.... we loved him... we just didnt want him to hurt so bad....
I knew he would have a difficult transistion.... I thought I was prepared...but really... I only felt like a failure.... only on the last day in Guatemala did K even show any sign of calmness...and it was only in the stroller.... I prayed that he would be calm on the airplane...
He had a huge adversion to men... and he still does when he is feeling down... every man that even looked at him freaked him out... there are a lot of men at the airport... so of course he screamed the entire time at the airport... once he was in his carseat though he slept through the entire flight... I cried my eyes out....
We arrived in Atlanta... the moment we stepped off the plane, the screaming began again... immigration went very quickly and we were soon going through security again... of course there are male security guards... and K was having a complete meltdown... I swear... I wanted to kill all the people who kept asking me: "What's wrong with him?" not that they cared... they were just flippin nosy... I even had another mother in the hotel tell her husband she was so thankful HER son wasnt like ours... cuz ours had a serious problem... uggggggg....
Anyways... we did make it through security... and dh and I attempted to eat... we managed to eat a little and make our way to our gate... flight delayed... seriously???
K is still freaking out.... he doesnt want to be in the stroller... he keeps trying to get away from us...yet he wont allow me to let him down.... I was just trying to hang in there... dh was trying to keep calm...and here we are sitting for 3 more hours for our flight.... thankfully... the moment we were on the flight, K fell asleep.... it would be the last time he slept for more than an hour straight for the next 6 months...
We arrived home around 4am... dh and I were beyond exhausted... I tried to get K into bed... he wanted to play... we played and I finally convinced him to get in my bed... till the lights went out...
We would be deep in the trenches for around 6 months.... things gradually began to get better... things are a lot better today.... but we all have our battle scars.... K is again having problems... I have been unsuccessful in helping him... so, we are seeking outside treatment....

I'm sharing this and putting this out there for a couple of reasons...I believe in being truthful...and no...not every "homecoming" goes well.... also... it still hurts... I still have guilt.... I have guilt cuz I cant give him what he needs right now... we have come soo far.... and I know others have it a lot worse than we do...

I love him though... all my kids are special to me in their own special ways... for me though... he is especially special to me for all he and I have been through.... we continue to go through these difficult times together.... I'm glad he is our son. I'm proud of him. I also adore him. I'd do anything just to see that smile of his....

Hopefully one day he will read this... and know that he has always been loved... I know C loves him... she calls on holidays and on his birthday... she sends us letters and cards... and when we go to Guatemala she is sooo thrilled to see him.... I'm sorry he had to leave her... I'm sorry that he had to leave his mom... we dont know her situation.... but really... he started out life in an unfair position.... like all of our kids.... it just seems to affect him in a more outwardly manner...

So.... that's our family day story of how K came into our family....
Every day is better than the last.... and our love for K and our other kids continues to get stronger every day.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

K's 3rd Family Day!!!!!

Today was a very special day....

3 years ago today, a scared, 14 month old little boy arrived in the United States with his new parents... 3 years later he is a happy, smart, and active 4 year old pre-schooler!!!

Last Thursday at pre-school, the boys decided they wanted to share their special days with their classmates... They took in red, white, and blue cupcakes, wore their Guatemalan soccer jerseys, they teachers talked about Guatemala and what Citizenship means, and they were each special helpers in their classrooms!

Today, we just let K choose where he wanted to eat for dinner...and of course what he wanted to eat... other than that it was a very low-key day.

But... here are some pics to take us down memory lane....

Our First meeting!!!!
Oct 05
December 05

June 06

Finally a smile!
Pick-up Trip
Oct 06
Sleeping on the plane!
First night in his new home!

Dressed up for Grandma G's bday...
(GO MSU!!!!!!!)
Christmas 06

2nd Birthday!

Christmas 07!

Cruising 08

3 years old!

Christmas 08!

4 years old!

The Little Collage K's teachers made us!

K in class celebrating his Citizenship Day!