Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ronald McDonald!

Every Wednesday night, we go to our local McDonalds because they have $1.50 Happy Meals!
With 4 kids that love to eat and play there... it helps us that we can keep it affordable.

Yesterday though... not only did we get cheap Happy Meals...but...

We Met Ronald McDonald!!!!!!

Ronald came into the playplace and put on a 30 min magic show!

The kids really enjoyed it!
It was corny...but it was for the kids, not for me.
The kids were hugely excited because they are always asking where Ronald is...

It takes Ronald McDonald to keep toddlers attention for 30 mins!

Only 2 of the kiddo's would pose with Ronald....
But, I'm happy they did!!!


Vanessa said...

I haven't seen Ronald Mc Donald in YEARS!! Talk about a blast from the past!!

Gardenia said...

lucky you that Ronald came to your town. we have not seen him in our town yet. can't say my daughter would want to pose with Ronald either -- so you did pretty well in getting two out of four to pose with him. the kiddos (group photo) look mezmerized by him.

Leslie said...

omg that would be great to pay only $1.50 for a happy meal...i wish my town had it!!!!!

love the pics!