Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a Weekend!

So, there is this SpongeBob episode where he sings this song... "It's the best day Ever!!!!!"
If you are a SB fan... I'm sure you have seen it.... I'm sitting right now in the lobby of the Grand Tikal Futura in Guatemala City....and I cannot for the life of me kick that song out of my head....

Of course I have had some great memories in Guatemala... after all... I became a mom here 4 times!!!! But now... it's somehow different.... Of course I've always enjoyed my time here... we have traveled all over... we have sampled regional cuisine (including sidewalk food!)... we have spent time with foster families and friends.... but this time.... I (well ok... E) was invited as family... to a celebration.... We are down here because his Godmother (foster mom)'s daughter made her First Communion on Saturday.

We arrived here around noon on Friday... E's Godfather was kind enough to pick us up at the airport and bring us to the Grand Tikal....He stayed for a few minutes and chatted.... then E and I hit Pollo Campero for some lunch!
Went to our room for what I thought was going to be a nap.... turned into a trip to the pool! Yes...we had fun in the pool...but then I really needed a nap.... E watched a movie...and I took a snooze.... E's Godmother and her daughter came over for a few minutes....but she had to work... so after a quick visit, they left.... E and I headed out for a snack...and then I treated him to the movies... We saw Fuerza G (G-Force)! E would end up sleeping through the last 30 mins or so...but he was a trooper and did walk back to the room under his own power...cuz there is NO WAY I could have carried him!

I was awoke by the sound of "Monsters Inc", lights blaring in the room, and the sound of cheetos being munched on....I forgot that E was a morning person... me... not so much... also forgot he is now old enough to get up and do stuff himself... so... he helped himself to MY computer... then to MY cheetos... to MY Pepsi... and cuz he didnt want to watch the movie in the dark...proceeded to turn on almost all of the was 5:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I convinced him to watch and munch in the dark....and I got another hour of sleep... we then headed down to breakfast (oh how I have missed this breakfast buffet!), then up to the room to get into our "fancy" clothes....and then we were greeted by W & A to go to the church. They go to a very nice church... Kinda modern in build...but old-fashion Catholic Pews! It was a very nice service.... awesome that I knew a couple of the songs they sang.... and even better that since it was Catholic...I could easily follow along! After the service, pictures were taken inside...and then everyone moved outside to take larger group pics... I'm soo happy that E was invited to be in many of the pics...and honored that I was invited to be in a couple family pics also!
We then went to W's house.... we ended up going out to get pizza and some Chinese food and had a meal with everyone... I think there were almost 30 people.... It was quite busy for a while... then everyone left! E and I stayed to talk (and play) and then we came back to the hotel... once again.... I bribed E with a movie to take a nap! *laughs* We then went out to a very nice dinner at La Estancia! It is across the street from the GT.... it's a steak-house...and they have some good food! We split a large steak and some shrimp, baked potato, cream and cheese spinach, and garlic bread! It was nice to just take a walk outside.... I would like to describe the smells, the sounds, the views....but unless you have been here... it just wouldnt do it justice.... it was a beautiful clear night...and on the overpass bridge you could see for miles.... just a great site.... headed back to the room... E watched yet another movie and we then went to sleep...
Yes... bright and early he was up again!!!!!!
I really thought keeping him up till after 10 would curb his early rising...but... it didnt... this time I woke up to crying and sunlight.... Not real crying....but he tried to get the movie to play in my computer and ended up shutting it down.... then he couldnt get it back again... (note to self... keep computer OUT of his reach!!!!) I had two more hour till we needed to be up... he was happy with a juice and a movie... so... *laughs* yep... two more hours of sleep for me!
As I'm typing this.. I'm realizing this trip sounds more like a movie-nap time..... it may be misleading! *laughs*
We had a GREAT breakfast this morning... two words... Handmade Pupusa's..... ahhhh..... yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!
We then went with W&A and W's mom to the Central Market.... F (W's mom) knows quite a few ladies who have booths it was a pleasant shopping experience! Only had to spend about 30 mins in the tourist area... the rest of the time was in the lower levels... gosh I wish we had food markets like this.... oh my..... I could really go crazy.... I mean having sooo much fresh food every single day.... how can you go wrong????? All the fruits.... All the spices..... the meats.... fresh, fresh, fresh... not a single piece of saran wrap in site!!!!!! No bar codes... no name brands... just the aroma's of thousands of different smells combining into one fabulous walk....
Dropped off mom...then came back to the hotel for a swim.... this time W took a nap... and I took the kids to the pool.... they stayed in for bout an hour and a half and had a great time!
Upon returning to the room... I discovered that E's Godfather's wife had been trying to get ahold of me...and was on her way to see us with her boys.... excited but rushed all at the same time! They showed up bout 10 mins later.... got a little rowdy in the lobby so we went to Planeta Maya to play some games....That really broke the ice with E and the guys... I then treated all the kids to a "helicopter" ride in the mall....and then all too soon everyone had to leave... so.... here I am... by myself for the first time since Jan 07.... not that I was keeping count or anything.... *laughs*

I have a lot more to write bout this weekend.... but.... this is long enough....and I have some deeper stuff I really want to put out there.... thought I would keep this light and happy most of this weekend really has been a celebration.

Happy to be "driving" a cab at Planeta Maya!

Looking quite handsome for church!

Posing in front of the Flag!

E and A!

E sporting a Hannah Montana Wig!
Great blackmail photo for mom!!!!

Showing some attitude at the Central Market!

Hanging out and pimpin in the car!

Enjoying some time at Pollo Campero!

These 4 are T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!!


mom2joelito said...

Looks like it was a great weekend! Can't wait to hear more!

Gardenia said...

Oh, I wish I were there in Guatemala. miss that country and its beautiful people so much. how wonderful you and E were able to make the trip for that special celebration. looking to hear more about it.

Kerri said...

What fun! Just a wee bit (okay - a lot) jealous over here.

Leslie said...

WHAT you are in Guate??? why didnt you tell me? im jealous!!!!! Well i guess im going to florida your allowed!

kids look cute as always!

Rhonda said...

OMGOSH, I am soooo jealous..... what an amazing time. I sooo want to go back to Guatemala for our 8th trip and hubby not buying into it quite yet!!! I so miss all the smells, the people and the fresh fruit markets! I am so glad that you are having so much fun. Can't wait to hear more.
Hugs, Rhonda

Sue said...

Ahhhh...I miss Guatemala so much and this post just made me miss it that much more! Sounds like you had an amazing trip! - SueJ

Lund7 said...

Wow! What an amazing trip you were able to take. How many from your family went to Guatemala?

I know what you mean about the wonderful breakfasts at Grand Tikal...we had many meals there on our 5 trips to Guat!

Look forward to hearing more about your trip!