Friday, September 4, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (9.4.09)

Happy September!!!!

Today's FFF theme is friends!
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It's great to meet celebrity friends!
It's nice to have friend to ride around with!!!!
Friends are fun to swim with!
It's nice to have friends to dry off with too!

We love to share meals with friends!

Friends are GREAT!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!!!!!
Buy Union and Buy American!


Becca said...

Beautiful children!

Peace and Hugs,

Gardenia said...

happy kiddos. thanks for sharing. Have a safe weekend.

Tracy said...

Great pictures. Good to have friends isnt it.

Leslie said...
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Melinda said...

I agree...friends are great...and a gift! Looks like your family's been blessed!


Hannah said...

Love that last cool!

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful post. LOVED all the pictures.Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Debbie said...

Beautiful kids!! My girls would love to meet SpongeBob!!


Kerri said...

Yay for cute kids with great friends!

Gardenia said...

Hi. I've awarded you a blog award becuase you are "kreativ" and inspiring. stop on by.