Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (9.11.09)

This week I am changing things up and doing my FFF on a Saturday!

I had all intentions on posting yesterday....had my pics edited and ready to go....and then life intervened...

So, here are some of my fav fotos of the week!

Our 5 Baby Bunnies!
They are growing bigger by the day!
They LOVE to eat carrots, lettuce, and celery!

We went to the Zoo last Saturday!
It was a perfect summer day... in Sept though...but we had a lot of fun!

K brushing a goat

D and the Little Lady brushing a goat

E the bee hanging out in the hive!

K the spider climbing his web!

All of my cutie-bees in the hive....even if they are not too thrilled bout it....

Ending a great day with HUGE suckers!!!!!

Last weekend, we also celebrated Labor Day by marching in the Labor Day Parade!

A and I behind our banner!

The 4 kiddos waiting for the parade to begin!


Gardenia said...

love the photos. your kiddles had fun at the zoo!

Pam Thomas said...

I bet the kids really enjoy the rabbits.

mom2joelito said...

What cute bunnies!

mom2joelito said...

What cute bunnies!

Rhonda said...

Those are soooo much fun. Love those pictures, especially the one in the hive!

KiT said...

Those are sure some cute busy little bees! No wonder you are a busy momma!

Kerri said...

Great pics!!! Hope life didn't intervene in too bad of a way on Friday!