Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Well... the turkey coma has come and gone!

Not only did I cook everything but the turkey yesterday... I also did some studying, watched the Packers win, and even got a little bit of a nap!!!!!

Today, my mom and I were off to get them a new tv for my dad's room.... it was crazy!
Arrived at 4am...for a 5am opening... of course we could go in and get in line... but then.... with only a few tv's to spare...some bi&%t decided to cut in our line!!!!!!! I pointed it out to her.... then got made fun of by her skanky girls...they had to be about 10-11... yea... mom.... great example to show your daughters.... People were beginning to get angry cuz she cut... so she grabbed the tv slip out of the managers hand and then ran off like a coward.... True meaning of the "season" right???
Other than that and all the people grabbing stuff to sell online... I did well and only spend $40.
and.. My mom was 3rd from the end of the line for the tv's!!! So... she got what she wanted and I got some stuff for the kids!!!!
Went out to breakfast... and then I was able to take a little nap!
Even managed to squeak out a 2nd nap when the kids went down!!!
I now have all my reading done for the semester... outlining begins tomorrow....then I have about 9 days till finals begin....

Well... my card reader isnt working.... and I dont have the transfer cord for my camera.... so... no photo's for me today..... :(

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Special Thanks to Kerri for this award!

These are the blog award “rules.”

1. Thank the person who awarded me the award, and link that person’s blog on my blog.

2. Identify seven things about myself.

3. Award seven bloggers with the “Kreativ Blogger Award,” post links to their blogs, and leave a comment on each of their blogs, to let them know of the honor. I don’t really know what a ”Kreativ blogger” is, so you can just give it to whoever you like!

So here are 7 random things about myself…

1. I now have a shaved head.

Before Law School I had about 14.5 inches of hair cut off my head. My hair was pretty short then...but... it became obviously that it was NOT short enough for my taste! I was havin to style it and things like that... and after a couple of weeks it would look sloppy... so... I did what I love to do and I went and had it all shaved off! I love my head shaved!

2. I still dont know what I want to do when I grow up.

Yes... I am currently in Law School.... but.... well... I'm just so confused! Ideally I'd like a job that allowed me to live in different countries.... preferably Central/South America.... but I'd also like to live/work in Zimbabwe also... maybe Kenya too... I'd like to travel the world....

Plus... where we currently live... well... our economy is S-H-O-T! So... if we wanted to stay around here.. I'm not sure I could even gain employment... I have tried to get NO PAY jobs...and yea... apparently I'm not what they want in an intern....even in fields I thought I had experience I'm beginning to believe that this JD that I will get... Is gonna kinda be like my BA... It's just another expensive piece of paper.... and no... it probably wont hang on the wall... none of my degrees are on the wall... My apprenticeship approval... now THAT is on the wall!

So... anyways... I've been looking at my options.... and... I've kinda been considering medical school.... yea... crazy... I know... but... why not???? it also would give me some absolute mad skills that could put me into some ngo's to work around the world.... so... gonna give it some more consideration.... As of January... I'm gonna be 1/2 a lawyer... so I have some time to figure it out....

3. I want more kids!

Yes... I have 4... but... I'd like 6-10.... or ... well.... depends on my above situation!!! *laughs*

Really though... I've always wanted to be this "matriarch" of sorts... I love having a large family! I would love to have more kids... just no more babies please!

I'd also like to have waves of kids... like when my olderkids are in highschool... having young ones in the house... Really... I just love the idea... and really... after 2, there really isnt that much more difficult! *laughs* just more laundry and food! ;)

4. I have way too many hobbies!

I love to scrapbook, sew, embroider, cook, shoot (guns and bows), hunt, scuba dive, fish, etc....

Now... how many of those things do you think I can actually fit into my schedule and that fit my disability now??? Not many!!!!! The ones I can do happen is sporadic times...except for the cooking... I try to cook as much as possible... fact is though, I'm not even home 2 nights a week with school...and some nights I'm just too physically tired to do so...but I try!

5. I have an extensive background in sports.

Played soccer for 14 years... Goalie!

Played baseball/fast pitch softball for 14 years... Catcher!

Did Choi Kwan Do for 9 years... 1st degree Black Belt and was Student of the Year!

Also played volleyball, did marching band (yes... it is athletic.... ask the people who weren't in shape how it feels to march for 8 hours a day!), rode bmx bikes, and just loved to be active!

6. I followed my dad into his line of work.

My dad is a retired Millwright.... He got me into the plant 3 years out of high school... I left music school because I didnt think I could make a living at it... so I decided to get a job I could stand to live a more comfortable life... a few months in, I got to take the apprenticeship test... I passed... and after only spending a year on production, I went on a Millwright apprenticeship... I worked with my dad for a couple of months... then he retired... I went on to date another Millwright... and yea... now, I'm also married to a retired Millwright... currently there are 3 Millwrights in this house... scary thought....

(For those of you who dont know what a Millwright is click here!)

7. I just really love my family!

My husband, my kids, my parents.... friends who are like extended family... It's great!

So... My 7 pics....

1. Gardinia - She has a beautiful daughter... and they are sooo crafty!!!!!!

2. Kathy - She has just gotten back into the blogging habit and I am soo thrilled!!!

3. Alicia - An adult Adoptee, born in Columbia who has returned to live there for a while. Very interesting to read about her experiences.

4. Ana - A single momma of a cute little boy! Love hearing about their adventures!

5. Donna - she and I met in Guatemala while picking up our oldest sons... we live in the same darn state...but havnt seen each other since!!!! Hopefully this tag will get her back to her blog! Since I miss hearing bout her and the boys!

6. Lynda - 5 kids... has a home business... and has a great blog!!!

7. Rhonda - Her blog is private... but still.. I love reading it! So.. hopefully she still takes the tag and runs with it! I'm sure she has quite the readership anyways!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (11.20.09)

Happy Friday!!!!

Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving????
Neither can I!

We dont even have any snow yet!

This week was pretty busy... my dh was up north deer hunting... and my mom stayed with us!
It meant that a lot more stuff got done round our house! *laughs*

It also meant that we had a great time and a lot of fun!
The kids LOVE when Grandma and Grandpa visit!!!
(Grandpa was also up north this time...also deer hunting...nothing so far though...)

Kids all got haircuts!!!
This is only the 2nd time that our Little Lady has had her hair cut.
She did great!
No tears at all!
She just got a trim for now...but at least I know she could actually sit for a haircut!

I found some painting kits at Target for a dollar!
So, the kids all had a lot of fun painting!

Little Man F painting with his right hand...even though his collarbone is broken...

The Little Lady also enjoys painting!
She just needs to learn to not drink the paint!
That's why we buy non-toxic products! *laughs*

E cleaning his brush for another color!

K showing off his masterpiece!

This is why we use washable paint!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (11.13.09)

Happy Friday!!!!!

I am going scrapbooking for the entire weekend!!!!

In preparation to scrapbook I had to have some older pictures printed off.
I could NOT believe how much my kids had changed in such a short time!

These pictures are only about a year apart.
I am loving watching these kids grow and develop!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Play Date!

Wednesday's are always exciting around here!!!

Our kids... like most... LOVE McDonalds...
Lucky for us, our McD's around here have $1.50 Happy Meals on Wednesday nights!
They also have different events and activities for the kids!
It's a nice break in the middle of the week...for all of us!

For the past couple of weeks, we have brought our neighbor's kids along with our kids...
They all get along really well..and it gets their kids out of the house for a while...
Since we are already watching 4...adding two more really isnt all that difficult! *laughs*

Shooting straw papers is always a popular event!!!

Little F is beginning to already use his hurt arm (broken collarbone)!!!

The Two Little Ladies enjoying their night!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Monday!

Well... with the way November has begun for us... we were sure due a break!
Today I believe we got that break!
First off... we are having some very strange weather... It is November... we are supposed to have some snow already... instead... it's been close to 70 degrees... which means that we have been able to play outside the past couple of days without all our winter gear on!
Woke up today after everyone had a good night of sleep! Then we headed to my friends house in our neighborhood so the kids could play and I could catch up....
S and I went to middle school together... were friends all through high school.... went to Europe by ourselves our senior year... hated each other after that... reconnected during college... kept connected...then somehow lost track for bout 6 years... then, driving out of our neighborhood one day... BAM! There is her and her husband outside their house just down the street from us!!!! (Her husband and I grew up together... his grandma lived next door to us... we were a month apart and were inseparable until high school.
She has a home daycare... so her basement is toy central! The kids also get to play with other kids... so no problem there! We play there for a couple of hours... then go home and dad has Burger King waiting for us!!! Everyone also got Sandy the Squirrel toys!!!! (BK has cute SpongeBob toys right now)
Put the kids down for a nap.... and.... they actually napped!!!!
I got quite a bit of reading done and a couple of loads of laundry done!!!!!
Kids woke up and really wanted to go play... so.... I leashed up Diego the pup and off to the neighborhood park we went!
So... big news of the day... E and K can both go across the monkey bars!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously! I really didnt expect them to be able to do this till much later...but off they went today!!! It was awesome!!!!! and those bars are high!!
E and K also like to use the rings and flip themselves over!!!! They can both do forward and backward flips!!!! They also land on their feet! I'm soo happy!!!! I've got to see if I can get them in a gymnastics class or something! E can do handstands and cartwheels also!!!! and K can do a standing somersault!
F and L also had fun at the park! F was learning how to navigate the jungle gym with only one arm...and L actually climbed up and went down the slide numerous times by herself!!!!
We happened to spot S's kids outside while at the we went back to her house where the kids proceeded to play in a huge pile of leaves till it was quickly becoming dark!
Went home, had dinner, played for a little while...and now... everyone else is sound asleep!
Hoping tomorrow is just as good!
I seriously live for days like today!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (11-6-09)

Happy Friday!!!!

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The following pics are NOT by any means favorite pictures of mine...
However, it follows the theme of my November so far....
Last night the boys were wrestling around...
apparently, it got a little heated and there was a big snap!

F ended up with a broken collarbone.
So now... we have had all 4 of our kids in the ER this year.... what a great accomplishment...

F was/is horribly miserable... poor little guy only has a sling to hold him together... and cries whenever he has to move for any reason.
It will be a week - 10 days before the moving pain stops.... then he will be able to heal a little better...
I've broken many bones... so I know what he is going through... but that is of no comfort when your child is hurt.

The cool part of the night???
The docs made copies of his x-rays for us... yea for scrapbooking! *laughs*
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Little F all propped up in bed
(in his horribly UGLY sling)

F NOT enjoying my picture taking...

All tucked in...look at that little lip pout... classic F...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sick Beginning to November...

Everyone is fine now......
but gosh did I have a heck of a welcome to the month of November!

It began Halloween evening when after going to see G-Force in the theater, E's body decided to recycle all the popcorn.... That is NOT the way to be woken up at 3am.... 3 boys walking down the stairs crying, wearing recycled popcorn.... I took E into the shower and he was burning hot... took his temp and he was at 105..... Scary!

Showered him... re-dressed him.... took his temp again... still super high... tried to give him tylenol... it didnt take... so, back in the shower and repeat....

Decided against more tylenol...and put some warm washcloth's on him instead.
Went through 2 more bed changes....and he finally was able to sleep.

Woke up in the morning.... was gonna take him to the er... but... thought about all the flu victims that would probably be there... and decided to get him some different meds... bought him the chewables... and with the help of motrin and tylenol I had his fever under control by the afternoon. He was also drinking.... and even had some chicken broth... If I was late on the meds though... the fever came through.... you could tell he was sick....

Monday was a better day....but he did keep spiking a fever... but, he was very hungry and was eating everything in site! He also slept the better part of the day.... without tv.... so... I knew for sure he was not feeling well.

Tuesday he was supposed to have gone to school...but he still have a fever.... so I kept him home... even though it was picture day.... I did feel bad that he didnt get his picture taken with his class...but I'm glad that I didnt send him in. By Tuesday night though...the pre-sickness E was back!

The rest of November HAS to be better!!!!! *laughs*

E eating crackers in bed on Monday.... notice the smirk and the remote!

Me? Sick????"