Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Well... the turkey coma has come and gone!

Not only did I cook everything but the turkey yesterday... I also did some studying, watched the Packers win, and even got a little bit of a nap!!!!!

Today, my mom and I were off to get them a new tv for my dad's room.... it was crazy!
Arrived at 4am...for a 5am opening... of course we could go in and get in line... but then.... with only a few tv's to spare...some bi&%t decided to cut in our line!!!!!!! I pointed it out to her.... then got made fun of by her skanky girls...they had to be about 10-11... yea... mom.... great example to show your daughters.... People were beginning to get angry cuz she cut... so she grabbed the tv slip out of the managers hand and then ran off like a coward.... True meaning of the "season" right???
Other than that and all the people grabbing stuff to sell online... I did well and only spend $40.
and.. My mom was 3rd from the end of the line for the tv's!!! So... she got what she wanted and I got some stuff for the kids!!!!
Went out to breakfast... and then I was able to take a little nap!
Even managed to squeak out a 2nd nap when the kids went down!!!
I now have all my reading done for the semester... outlining begins tomorrow....then I have about 9 days till finals begin....

Well... my card reader isnt working.... and I dont have the transfer cord for my camera.... so... no photo's for me today..... :(

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!!!


Leslie said...

Yeah NOOOO deal is worth that SH@t...let me tell you...i worked Walmart for a few black fridays..i will never ever do that again...EVER!! People are sooo rude during the holidays it makes me hate people!! lol

Gardenia said...

oh my gosh. can't believe you fought the crowds. I stayed home -- did not want to deal with the stress. but I've got the holiday spirit!!!