Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

Today, December 1st is World AIDS Day.

When I was born...this disease didnt have a name yet.... but a couple of short years later.... it would be all over the news....I remember when Rock Hudson came out with AIDS... The whole Ryan White scandal over a young boy simply going to school while he had a disease.... I remember the rumors about how hiv/aids was spread.... many were lies.... still today... so many lies going around about this disease....

I've been to South Africa.... a country where it is presumed that 40% of people have hiv/aids... can you believe that almost half of the country may not live an entire life cycle????
Many people in impoverished nations cannot afford medication to keep hiv from turning into aids... many people in THIS country cannot afford the medication either.... This virus has the potential to eliminate millions upon millions of people in my lifetime alone!
One reason that World AIDS Day is so important!
AIDS is real!
More needs to be taught! Rumors need to be quashed! Truth needs to be told!
New infections need to be prevented!
I would love to see the infection rates drop....and to see a vaccine and/or a cure!
Too many have lost too many loved ones to this disease.


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