Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Time!!!

We went to see Santa Clause today!!!!
We went to a mall that is about 45 mins north of us...but they have a great Santa set-up! The entire set is designed around the movie; "The Polar Express" and snow globes! We waited in line for a while but it was very worth the wait!

We also ended up at build a bear... our Grandson C has a birthday coming up and he wanted to go to build a bear for his bday... since we were already at the mall that has one...well it was super convenient! He made a wolf and had a great time dressing it up!
His sister A also got two bears... since they were on special... and our Little Lady picked out a Kitty Cat....She has been completely dry and clean for TWO whole days now!!!!!!! So... she wanted a Kitty, she got a Kitty... and momma treated her Kitty to a Green Bay Packers outfit!!! *laughs*

We will also be heading off to Target in the next couple of days... F has finally decided to be a big boy and leave the diapers!!!! We promised him that if he did...then we would buy him a talking SpongeBob... so.... guess we will soon have a talking SpongeBob in the house!!!! *crosses fingers*

It was a long day....but the kids did SUPER great... and we all had a LOT of fun!!!!

Yes... we have been waiting in line for over an hour...and yet we are STILL smiling!!!

Three Train Fanatics playing in the "Engine Room!"

Trying for a group photo in front of the train!

The Little Lady and her brother K watching some of The Polar Express!

Our Grandkids A and C with Santa!

My four toddlers with Santa!!!


Gardenia said...

you've got grandkids too! how awesome. that's a long time to wait for Santa, but what little sparkle-eyed child wouldn't.

Kerri said...

Yay for Santa! I'm so impressed that all your kids will sit there and not cry. Way to go on the dry pants too!!!

Leslie said...

wow no it!!!

Rhonda said...

I'm so impressed as you got all four to sit on Santa's lap and no crying!!!! Congrats on potty training! It's so great to hit that stage.