Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

I hope everyone had a very, Merry Christmas!!!!

We have had a great day...minus one little glitch...
Our Little Lady began to vomit around 3pm this afternoon... she (so far) has stopped at 8pm... just in time to vomit while having company over, eating dinner, and then trying to eat dessert.
Once everyone left... she fell asleep on my lap...she is in my bed now... hopefully not going to vomit...but wouldnt be the first time this week!

Other than that little bit of drama, we had a very early beginning day!
I am still not sure what time the kids woke up... I know I was quickly woken up though and literally had to roll out of bed, grab the camera, and begin taking pictures!
I believe it took the kids all of 25 mins to destroy what took us 3 hours to wrap!
An hour after they were awake...they were wondering what we were gonna do for the day!
and people think toddlers have no attention span! *laughs*

I did make a nice breakfast, we watched Monsters v. Aliens 5 times, I took a nap while the kids fought theirs off, and I made a turkey dinner with all the fixings!
The kids enjoyed most of their gifts... ok...they enjoyed the toys... the books, the shoes, didnt go over so well...and in fact brought tears in one case....
I enjoyed my gifts VERY much!!!
I now have 4 new cricut cartridges!!!!!!!!
I also have a food processor!!!!
How have I lived without a food processor all my life????
I made a complete salad in less than 5 mins with the fp!!!!
As for the cricut cartridges... oooo... I am trying to convince dh that they come with a Jan weekend of scrapbooking!
Just a little more convincing needed!

All in all though I think we had a great Christmas!

Our tree with some of the loot!

E checking out his new light saber!

K in his BumbleBee (from transformers) helmet and new light saber!

Little Lady admiring her pony!

F wanting to listen to his new Alvin and the Chipmunks cd!
(no idea what we were thinking!!!)

E thrilled to NOT have another pair of shoes to open!

E in his storm trooper mask and light saber!

F enjoying his light saber!

Two cute dolls sittin in time out!

Even Diego got into the fun of Christmas!


Kerri said...

Sounds like a great day except for the sickies.

Rhonda said...

Adorable pictures and what a day of fun other than the little lady getting sick, booohooooo :-(