Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This past week, we went up north to my Parents house for Thanksgiving! We had a great time and the kids did also!
We had a day where Grandpa and Dad went off to a gun show.... so, Grandma and I had the kids... we decided to take the kids bowling!!!
I used to love bowling!! I am NOT a good bowler.... not by any means...but it was always fun so I figured that it would be fun for the kids also.... they did have a great time!
Grandma helped the kids when they needed the help....but all but our Little Lady did pretty well on their own!

Final scores on their very first round of bowling:

E - 85!!!! (with 2 spares!)
K - 69!!!!
F - 75!!!! (with 1 spare!)
Little Lady - 74!!!! (with 2 spares!!!)

I could NOT believe how high their scores were!!! *laughs*
When I could bowl I sure couldn't get much above their scores!
So... now we are looking at options to get at least the boys bowling in the winter!

Oh so excited to be wearing Bowling Shoes!!!

K striking a pose after he threw!

F celebrating the pins falling!

The Little Lady enjoying herself!

E holding his bowling ball!

K showing off his stance!!

F ready to throw the big strike!!

The Little Lady taking a different approach to bowling!

Apparently, E found bowling to be quite tiring!


Gardenia said...

they are born athletes with those scores!!!!!!

Leslie said...

lmao your kids rock!! i hate bowling!!! BLAH!

Kathy said...

Great scores! And using the big balls! Looks like such a fun time! Gives me an idea too.