Thursday, January 31, 2008


I've been sleeping for the past two days.
I'm still tired.
I feel fine today cept for the overwhelming pull to the bed. Yesterday though, I spent the day puking...wanting to puke...or wishing I could puke... oh...and sleeping between bouts of such thoughts....

Our friend from RSA is here we have a roomate for the next 2 1/2 months. He wants to go to Guatemala if we go while he is here.... gosh... I sure hope we have gone and are back before then!!!!

Sent the $$$$ to our attorney... he said we should have pics by the end of the week. I sure hope so.

Well... I'm off to bed.... so flipping tired!

Auntie Kate.... if you are reading this.... please hang in there!!!!!!!! *hugs*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A new week!

Adoption turns your life up-side down in many ways.

Of course, going from DINKS to full time parents to three toddlers is a HUGE change... but even the way that one looks at the workweek vs. the weekend is bound to change.

Here I am...sitting here on a Sunday evening, Happy that tomorrow is Monday. Yea... I like my job. But, lets be real here!!! It means that things are happening (or have the potential to happen) with our adoptions!!!!!! Nothing happens on the it is hugely exciting when you have 5 whole days of the workweek to look forward to!!! 4 years ago...this kind of thing wouldnt have made one bit of difference to me. After all, weekends were just regular work days with bonus pay. When one doesnt take days off, the weekends dont mean much. Now, though that times are slow and weekend work is rare... wow... the weekends just drag by.
It is no joke that I read a lot of forums online.... it is sooo depressing on the weekends... hardly any new posts... and the old ones just loom there waiting for Monday morning...

I am hoping for some pictures this week... My attorney was having problems getting through to my email address... so he has taken them...just never arrived to me. She has got to be a lot bigger now. It's been since Thanksgiving since we have seen her! If this wasnt trade show season, I might be able to convince dh to go early and wait things out... then again.... I wouldnt be able to right now due to the Detroit Office of USCIS!!!! Which reminds me... I have more phone calls to make tomorrow.... *puke* I just do NOT understand how the Detroit office can remain sooo isolated!!!! Do I dare start complaining now??? Now when I dont have the piece of paper in my hands???? UUUGGGG!!!!! I will be sooo relieved when our approval is in our hands... I just keep waiting to see another letter saying they need something else.... I think my head may just explode if that were the case.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008


No.... not the Michael Moore movie... but it is how I would describe my family right now!

Frankie was the first to come down with the munchkin virus... then K... then E... then K me and K! I am actually shocked that I didnt get it earlier... especially having the sick ones sleep with me and have them coughing and sneezing in my face for days on end.

I am so sad that it had to happen this weekend of course... we had a very good friend's birthday party today...and we were supposed to have dinner at a friend's house tomorrow... instead we are all home, miserable...

It's funny though...I really thought with 3 toddlers... I had pretty much seen it all... not so! F had soo much backup in his sinuses...that he has snot coming out his tear ducts!!!! His flipping eyes have snot coming out of them!!!!!! Now THAT is something they dont exactly tell ya about!!!!!!

We did have good news yesterday when our attorney called us!!! He has had our file since we got out!!! It is already signed and already submitted for the birth certificate... he doesnt think it will take as long as my projection...and I truly hope HE is right!!!!!!! That is the kind of call to receive on a Friday Morning!!!!!

Well... I'm needed as little K wants to go to sleep...and needs me to sleep.... Hope he does actually get some sleep tonight.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrappin Fool

Well, getting the news of our out has caused me to become a scrappin fool!!!!
I have gotten so far behind with the boys' scrapbooks... so now I have a renewed urgency to get them caught up!!!! If I dont, it will be the last opportunity I have for a long time! So, I have really been getting on it! I've been working on K's... when I went back to it, he was 9 months old... now, I'm up to Thanksgiving of 07!!!!!!!!! E's and F's dont look as good.... E is not even walking yet in his... and he will be 3 in March! F's hasnt even been started yet. I know... I stink...but I just got behind in it..and other things took over. So, now, I am really going to try to get them caught up!!!
I have papers and some stickers for our little Lady but I havnt even picked up a book yet. I have found a couple I like...but I'm waiting for the right time. I really need to go shopping for some stickers!!! I have been using a ton with K's book..and I'm afraid I wont have any left by the time I get done with his! Of course, our little Lady needs her own that is a whole nother shopping trip!
I also want to start on lifebooks.... I know what I want to say... I know what I want to do... just havnt had the time. I'm going to try to go digital for the that will be a new experience for me. My dh bought me Photo Shop CS2 for my graduation gift... I borrowed a book from the library to begin to learn seems more complicated that my lowly microsoft digital image (which I absolutely love!) but I'm sure once I get the hang of it I will enjoy all that adobe has to offer...especially since I have the whole adobe creative suite!!!!! may have to wait till after the first year of law school...but I need something to look forward too!!! Maybe I'll knock these paper scrapbooks outta the way in the next month or so and I'll just hop on over to digital! *rotfl*

We have STILL not heard from our attorney... so, I'm pulling the phone number out tomorrow. I just want to make sure that he has our file and maybe see if her momma has signed yet. I sure hope soo!!!!! I still just can believe our great fortune!!!! After two horrible, long processes... you cannot believe the relief that this is so far not dragging out into a huge and long event! Well...not so far at least! We will have to wait and see how long our Mixco bc takes! Please!!!! Spare us!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A low and a High!

wow. wow. wow. *cries* I cant believe that game last night. *sniff* how heartbreaking can it really get????? I'll touch on this a little later....when it isnt so damm raw. I will say though that I cried last night.... just wondering if Bret will come back....

That was the low.

Here is the HIGH!

I called PGN today 4 times and was either hung up on or had to sit through the horrible muzak on the other end...

On my 5th try, I got right through to Laura!!!

I told her I needed to ask about a case.... gave her my case number and she said:

"According to my computer, your file was approved on January 17th. Congratulations! You now need to notify your attorney."

OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!! I am still waiting on confirmation from our attorney...but I am soooo excited anyways!!!! We spent a combined 15 months in pgn in the last 2 years!!!!! I cannot believe that we would get through pgn without a ko!!!! I almost have tears in my eyes just posting this!!!!! I cant believe that my little girl may just come home a baby!!! I may get to spend her first birthday with her!!!!! OMG!!!! I just cannot believe how fortunate we are right now!!! We have three, smart, healthy, loving boys at home...and our little girl is so close to joining us at home!!!!!!!!! How much more blessed can we get????? WOW!

So.... now... we will be waiting for a Mixco birth certificate after her mom signs the final protocol... her mom works in the city...and it has not taken more than a day or two before.... however I am nervous about the bc... Some people have been waiting months for a bc from Mixco... however I have seen on the forums that some have been getting theirs in a more reasonable amount of time. I am seriously considering begging dh to let me go down once we get the bc... We are planning on taking the boys with us...and I just know we are going to have such a wonderful time!!!!!! I am also hoping to take more donations down with us! Just trying to figure out the logistics of it right now....

Well...once the attorney has the bc... then it's the passport... 2nd dna test...and then submitted for PINK!!!! snafu... we still dont have our damm I-171h yet!!!! UUUGGGG!

We sent all of our stuff in at the end of September.... did prints on Oct 17th... dh's were approved... mine were lost. 6 weeks later got a letter from USCIS... thought it was our approval...but instead it was a fingerprint notice for ME! I emailed them and apparently they have no record of my prints.... So... I was re-printed on Dec 17th... so far we have heard nothing... and our congressman has not been able to get anywhere with them. It really does put a damper on this good news! I mean we should be all set up to complete this process...but NO! Not through any fault of ours....but damm... it seems like no one in that office is accountable to anyone... including our congressman... and therefore, will not accommodate us or "hurry" our file. They have had everything since Sept. and I certainly have not committed any felonies since our last uh... the problem is?????????

I am sending in a new request to one of my senators tomorrow...hopefully they can get somewhere and get us our clearance!

I would also be remiss if I didn't remember the reason for this holiday!

Happy MLK Day!!!!

This was passed on to me by the editor of our Union's newspaper... thought it was a good read:

I've got a lot to do!!!! and hopefully a little time to do so!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Week...

It has been a week.
No news. No returned email. No pics.

People are getting out from dates around ours now! Even a few that went in after us.... I'm calling either Monday or Tuesday! (probably little F has to get shots on Monday morning.) I just wanna know something! We are trying to decide what we are doing for shows and if we can take a cruise or not... so it would be nice to at least know what is going on.

Other than that...
Got a nice surprise in the mail this week! F's Godparents sent him a package with Embroidered hats for each boy and a book (en espanol) for each boy! Also...a very nice letter! It brought tears to my eyes! I thanked them by sending them an email with a pics of the boys with their hats on! We have GOT to get F's passport and get him down there! They just have been soo good to him!

Other news.... our primary came and went.... voted uncommitted.... not that I am uncommitted...just that my candidate couldnt be written in nor was he on the ballot... surprise surprise, the one (still in the race) dem walked away with over 50% of the I'm astounded.
It didnt help that we had a snowstorm that day...and that with all this controversy people thought this primary was a joke...

I have spent 3 nights this week working on scrapbooks.... it has kinda hit me in the face that if I dont get these done before fall...then I am NOT going to have time to work on them for the next 3 years... so... I really need to get going on them!!!!! I havent even gotten to E's 1st b-day yet (he is 3 in March), I am finally up to K's homecoming (only been home 1 1/2 years), and I havnt even started on F's or of course our little lady's. So... in the past two days I have knocked out like 12 pages of K's! It would be so much easier if I had some more stickers and such to use for fill! Of course, I use the sixxix a lot and that takes time also. I did find out a friend of mine has a cricut...which she said I could I'm so excited bout that!!!!!! Of course... I did drop the hint to dh that it would make a FAB b-day present also! *grin*

I am currently reading a new book. "Lies Across America" It is highly recommended! The previous book was "Lies My Teacher Told Me" and I cannot say enough good things about it! Even for someone like me, who knows that quite a bit of "American" history is fabricated and lied about... I have learned a lot from these books! I really enjoy them! I have been totally using the libary the past few months! I am loving the reading time I am getting! Thought I might want to read things that are enjoyable now...while I still can! Reading briefs and course books can turn into tedious and horribly boring work. So, hopefully this will help! Knowing I spent 6 months reading enjoyable books! It is wierd though how many books I would love to read that my library doesnt have... so I have been filing out the "wanted" cards... I have gotten them to buy one book so far... and I absolutly loved it! I'm very happy that I did...and now that I know they read the cards and follow through with them... ahh.... amazon you are my friend!

Tomorrow evening...Dateline on NBC is showing "To Catch A Baby Broker"
Yep... Guatemalan Adoptions... I'll be flipping between sensationalism and racism and a wonderful football game. Hopefully I will have comments on here on what I thought of the show and the game!

We are going to church tomorrow... going to see my cousin...going to lunch... and then... well...

It's GAMETIME!!!!!!!!

Go Pack Go!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go!

After two fumbles and two opposing touchdowns in the first 8 minutes of play...

Who would have thunk that the PACK would go on to WIN B-I-G?????

It turned out to be a great game!!!! I could NOT look away... Farve was on FIRE!!!!

So...after today's game where the Giants beat the Cow-poke-boys!!!!! It will be Giants Vs. Packers next weekend for the NFC Championship!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20th 6:30 pm @ Lambeau!!!!!!!!

It is going to be a long week waiting for the game!!!! I just LOVE football!!! yea...other things happened this weekend... (none were as exciting...)

Dh took me out last night to a movie. We went and saw "The Bucket List". Jack Nicholson is my all time favorite actor (and first on my list for fantasy night with!).

I have never been to such a gut-wrenching, crying my eyes out in public, sobbing for hours afterwards, movie.

Just a general warning....

If, like me, you have a father in remission from Multiple Myeloma (which there really isnt a true remission) and have watched his body become ravaged from cancer and chemo for the past 2 1/2 years...or if you are like me, and your mom survived breast cancer and continues to have scares...

Then dont go to this movie.

I am sitting here crying as I type this.

I wish I hadnt seen this movie.

Maybe it just hits way to flipping close to home for me right now.

I wish I hadnt seen this movie.

The two funny parts you see in the trailer... yea... those are the only funny parts to the movie...and once they are in the movie...they really arent all that funny.

After I kinda calmed down, I didnt calm down till 3am... dh tried to take me to get something to eat...

It really has been a long time since I have been out on a Sat night...

The first place we went to was way to packed and no place to sit... the 2nd place we went to was closed... the 3rd place was filled with college kids.

Of course we ended up at the 3rd place. And then..just to top off my humorous night... I was called a fat man.

Not only was I called a fat man.... I was called this by a dumb b*%$h that I had a flippin class with.

Now... I know I am overweight... fine... dont you think I of all people know this... damm...and I am certainly NOT a man. (I have larger kahunas than any man I know!)

After that little incident.... decided I would be better off at home....

Was too upset to sleep...but I did my best.

Now that I'm all sad again.....

I am hoping to get new pics of Lady L this week! We havnt had pics of her since we saw her in Nov.... I wonder how big she will be???? She certainly was a chubster a couple of months ago! Especially when compared to her brothers!

I also think we may just hear from pgn next week... whether we get a ko or a *gasp* out.

Of course, I am praying for an out... but expecting a ko.

We also have a primary this week here.... no... my candidate isnt on the ballot... but I am gonna vote anyways! I have not missed a vote yet and dont plan on it!

I cannot wait though till these damm mitty and Johnny commercials are off! UUUGGGG!

Next Sunday! Next Sunday! Next Sunday! Next Sunday!

Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go!

Friday, January 11, 2008

What I needed today...

Well... dh let me sleep in.

I then (jokingly asked of course) asked if I could have the day off... he looked at me and said "why not?"
2 seconds flat I had locked myself in the basement!!!!!! I got a ton of stuff done today!!!

I finished F's quilt!!!! It is 2 different types of Cars material...flannel satin binding!

I also started cleaning my desk off...and started sorting through papers and bills to find our tax info. Well on my way there too!

Paid some bills online...printed out some stuff I need for tomorrow...and... I didnt have to cook a single meal today!!!
Reminds me of that song... something about hurry up and go away so that I can miss you...

Tomorrow is going to be busy...but in a good way!

I have a show at Babies R Us from uh... geez...I better find out before I go to bed...but I think it is from 10-3... rush home for the Packers game at 4:30... and then dh and I have a babysitter for tomorrow night and we are going to dinner and a movie!!!! Cant wait!!!!

I really could go for some time alone now and then... that is one thing I miss about being in school and such...I got time away. I love the boys...but...uh... they are toddlers...and there is three of them! There is no quiet or dull moment as long as they are awake! If there is a quiet moment...uh...hurry up and find out what they are up to! Otherwise there may be a HUGE mess!!!

I did find out tonight that one of my boys... (I wont say which one...) likes cat puke! Apparantly it is fun not only to play with but to taste! YUMMY!!! *puke*

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Saw this on another group I am on.... Couldnt stop laughing!
Trust me...I know there are things like this against my choice for candidate also...and yes I do have a sense of humor!

Well... Obama did not win the NH primary.

I am disappointed... however I'm even more disappointed that I myself cannot vote for Obama in my own primary due to MI moving its primary up.

I enjoy the world of politics. I read a lot. I love reading and learning. I want to be a very informed voter. I do not want to vote for someone based on how "honest" they look or how their name sounds. Heck...I even go further than most because not only do I enjoy US politics but world politics!

I just do NOT understand our primary (caucus) system... Yes... I do know the history behind it... I do understand how difficult and expensive it would be to have 1 or 2 primary dates... but still...
Iowa and New Hampshire ARE NOT Representative of our country and yet, their caucus and primary have such an impact on the proceeding primaries (and caucuses)


Oh...and be aware that I will talk politics from here until...well...until I dont feel like it anymore! This year is so important! These elections are HUGE! (they ALL ARE!)

I do hold strong opinions...however, I do not agree with silencing opposing opinions.

Just wish more people would do their homework and be able to actually back up their positions.

We were at Cesar Land waay too long tonight with the boys.... I have such a pounding headache!
They had fun though!! Although they were mad we didnt stop at McD's on our way back... too funny... they had just ran around like crazed kids for 3 1/2 hours...yet they were ready for more after their 10 min break in the car! What I wouldn't give for a smidgen of their energy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Stuff!

I have added some new stuff! will have to scroll to the bottom of the page...geez... I know... but I need to figure out a better layout for myself....

Just Scroll!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Well I had a better day! Not great...but hey... better is good!

I did call PGN today again... only my 2nd time calling! I'm doing pretty good not stalking!
Anyways... we are still with the 2nd reviewer. So, no movement for the past month. It's good cuz we haven't been ko'd...but I was really hoping to hear we were waiting for a signature. My attorney returns to work tomorrow so hopefully I will get some updated pics! I want to see how big she is getting...but I guess in the same regard... I dont want to see it! I was not this indecisive before these adoptions...but damm...every time ya gets pics is just a huge billboard to ya that your kid isnt home! I know she is being well taken care of... no question there...but it is my selfishness that wants her home with me and her brothers.

Maybe... I can talk my dh into another visit.... hmmm...gotta find a good guilt trip.... one of my friends has said she wants to go with me... that would be sooo much fun! I know we would have a great time....hmmm... gotta get this one figured out! After all... we visited our sons a lot... why wouldnt we visit our little girl too...hmmm... maybe I have an angle there!

I will say that the situation in Guatemala does have me worried... I know how long bureaucracies take to get things going...and especially those that the govt really doesnt care about... but I do hope that since this involves children, that they are able to get moving on the central authority so that the current cases can continue and new cases can start! if they dont do it for the kids... do it for the $$$$$$$ flowing into the country.... heck... I dont care about the reasoning long as the right things are done. I do care about ethics... but the law was not really passed for that reason ($$$$$$$$ was the reason... Thanks unicef!)

My friend told me today that she is pregnant....all I asked is that MY daughter gets home before she has her baby.... sure its laughable...but I really meant it! Having a new attorney, as long as the govt gets their stuff together... I guess it is possible... she isnt due till Sept.... then again.... uh...I should know better!

Oh...just so ya know... I live in MI..... it is the month of January.... it was 60 degrees here today... and we are under a flipping tornado watch right now!

Global Warming! Gotta Believe IT!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bad Momma

Today was a bad day.

It started out with dh shutting off my alarm... so, I didnt get up till 10:30. That is when mass starts not when I should be getting out of bed. Granted, he said he did it because I have been sick the past few days but I did want to go to church today.

We went out to breakfast after I got up, got dressed and got the boys dressed.
The weather was warm, the snow was melting, and I was starving. We went to one of our usual haunts... had a good breakfast....and then all hell broke loose.

I was getting F's coat on... and getting ready to pay the bill... I asked dh where the boys were and he told me they were looking at the fish... then I heard someone yell that there was a kid in the street.......


So.... I put F down, and fly out the restaurant, and into the road.... THANK GOD the drivers had stopped and a man was trying to make sure the boys came back into the driveway.
I grabbed up the boys, got them to the sidewalk, and then unleashed my fury. Of course, they are 2...and they dont get it... cuz E asked if I was mad.... well after the butt chewing I gave was probably obvious to everyone within 1/2 mile radius that I was po'd. Then I hugged them tight and put them in the car. Then I paid the bill. Got in the car and I wanted to puke....
When we got home I was still shaking.... and just felt out of my body... of course...the boys were total pistols after they needed to punish me more...

I can have weeks of just good things...good feelings, happy times, and big hugs and wet kisses... and all it takes is a day like to today to kick my butt back into reality. Days like today make me wonder..... what would I have done???
All I know is I have to do better than what I did today.....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Starting out 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooow!
2008 started out with beautiful snow!!! We also had ice on the lake and there were hundreds of shanty's on the ice already! If only we had some snowmobiles still!!! UGGGG!
We spent the week between xmas and ny's at my parents house, up north. We had a great week and I was able to get quite a bit done! I got 2 books read and finished up Luisa's quilts and I have F's cut and pinned. So, I just need to put the binding on it and then finish the inside sewing.
As for nye, dh and I actually got to go out to a bar! We went to a little dive that I like....had some beer and enjoyed their midnight buffet! Yes...we watched the ball drop too... gotta love Dick Clark's nye! We stayed for a little while....then decided we were both out way past our bedtimes! So, we called it an early night! Far cry from my younger years....but alas, I am a married woman with 3 kids with one on the way.... *sniff*
I helped my mom cook dinner after I of course got my taco bell and Gatorade!

We had some friends of theirs over for dinner and it really made for a very nice evening!

I am just thankful that my dad was here for this year! Last year at this time he was in icu...and we were not sure. He would go on to spend the whole month in the hospital.... fast forward to now...and he is in remission, his meds are controlling his water, and his docs have all told him he can go to Florida! Wow!!!! I cannot believe the difference in a year! Thanks to God that I have both my parents...and that my boys have both of their grandparents! Cant wait to ring in 09 and beyond with my mom and dad! (yes..and dh)
Of course...E did tell me HE was going out with us... I told him he could go out with us in 19 years.... so he said he would sit and wait!

Things I am looking forward to this year.... (not necessarily in order!)

My mom and dad's continued improved health.
Bringing Lady L home!
Going to Law School!!!! (One acceptance here...waiting on two more!)

Having a healthy, successful, and loving year!
Watching E turn 3, K turn 3, F turn 2, and Lady L turn 1!!!!
Electing a NEW PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! ( Go Obama!!)
Watchin the Pack win the Super Bowl!!! (a girls gotta dream!!!)

Finishing the boys quilts, their scrapbooks, and working on their lifebooks
Starting Lady L's scrapbook
Finishing our basement (for a play area!)
I'm sure there are many other things to experience this year!

I just love that I get to look forward now! It gets depressing in Dec looking back sometimes....

Happy 2008!

Christmas of 07

Making Tamales is truly a labor of love. I should know as I labored 2 days to make the tamales for Christmas Eve this year! We did have a great dinner though with our friend Patty and her Son D! The boys got to watch Shrek and then all of us went to the 9pm mass at our church.

The boys got to bed around 11pm...and of course they were up by 9am!

They saw the tree and took off running down those stairs...and tearing into those boxes!

Dh and I tried to keep their gifts seperate...but uh...we were sorely outnumberd! So, they just tore and tore some more until the paper was all off...then it was time to get everything OUT of those boxes. That was a little more difficult, so then they wanted our involvement! Some things did get taken out right away and other didnt.... some of the gifts are still boxed and will stay out of further sight until needed!

So...the tally of what the little ones aquired... From Grandparents: V-smile with 3 games, pj's, 3 TMX Elmo's (with dead batteries...tyvm!) From us: Pj's, New Outfits, New Big-Boy Pants!, Cars, Elmo phone, and the long awaited Shrek 3!... and well some other toys that are soo memorable that I cant even remember!

The exciting presents were had by dh and I... I bought dh a coffeemaker that actually turns itself off (so THAT is one less thing I need to worry about) and some underware! I got some pj's and some slippers!! Oh..and I recieved 3 cd's that I bought on black Friday! G n R, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard! I then spent the rest of my day cooking and rocking out to big hair bands of my youth!

For Christmas dinner, I made my prime rib!

Dh's daughter, her husband, and our grandkids came over for dinner.

They were early (or was I late?) so, it seemed like the right thing was to open the bar!

What is Christmas without a little beer and wine???

Dinner only took about 45 min to eat...but 2 days to cook.... after dinner we all watched Shrek 3!

Well...ok.... the ones who were under 10 and I watched Shrek 3...everyone else watched the insides of their eyelids...

This was a fun Christmas....and I'm sure they will continue to be better every year! The boys are starting to catch on and I could really see the different between how F handled things and how E & K handled things. So, Next year... I really expect an even bigger difference!