Saturday, January 5, 2008

Starting out 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooow!
2008 started out with beautiful snow!!! We also had ice on the lake and there were hundreds of shanty's on the ice already! If only we had some snowmobiles still!!! UGGGG!
We spent the week between xmas and ny's at my parents house, up north. We had a great week and I was able to get quite a bit done! I got 2 books read and finished up Luisa's quilts and I have F's cut and pinned. So, I just need to put the binding on it and then finish the inside sewing.
As for nye, dh and I actually got to go out to a bar! We went to a little dive that I like....had some beer and enjoyed their midnight buffet! Yes...we watched the ball drop too... gotta love Dick Clark's nye! We stayed for a little while....then decided we were both out way past our bedtimes! So, we called it an early night! Far cry from my younger years....but alas, I am a married woman with 3 kids with one on the way.... *sniff*
I helped my mom cook dinner after I of course got my taco bell and Gatorade!

We had some friends of theirs over for dinner and it really made for a very nice evening!

I am just thankful that my dad was here for this year! Last year at this time he was in icu...and we were not sure. He would go on to spend the whole month in the hospital.... fast forward to now...and he is in remission, his meds are controlling his water, and his docs have all told him he can go to Florida! Wow!!!! I cannot believe the difference in a year! Thanks to God that I have both my parents...and that my boys have both of their grandparents! Cant wait to ring in 09 and beyond with my mom and dad! (yes..and dh)
Of course...E did tell me HE was going out with us... I told him he could go out with us in 19 years.... so he said he would sit and wait!

Things I am looking forward to this year.... (not necessarily in order!)

My mom and dad's continued improved health.
Bringing Lady L home!
Going to Law School!!!! (One acceptance here...waiting on two more!)

Having a healthy, successful, and loving year!
Watching E turn 3, K turn 3, F turn 2, and Lady L turn 1!!!!
Electing a NEW PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! ( Go Obama!!)
Watchin the Pack win the Super Bowl!!! (a girls gotta dream!!!)

Finishing the boys quilts, their scrapbooks, and working on their lifebooks
Starting Lady L's scrapbook
Finishing our basement (for a play area!)
I'm sure there are many other things to experience this year!

I just love that I get to look forward now! It gets depressing in Dec looking back sometimes....

Happy 2008!

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Kerri said...

Looks like lots of fun sledding and sounds like you guys had a good Christmas!
I can't wait to follow your journey into a new year!
Kerri and Ruby