Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go!

After two fumbles and two opposing touchdowns in the first 8 minutes of play...

Who would have thunk that the PACK would go on to WIN B-I-G?????

It turned out to be a great game!!!! I could NOT look away... Farve was on FIRE!!!!

So...after today's game where the Giants beat the Cow-poke-boys!!!!! It will be Giants Vs. Packers next weekend for the NFC Championship!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20th 6:30 pm @ Lambeau!!!!!!!!

It is going to be a long week waiting for the game!!!! I just LOVE football!!! yea...other things happened this weekend... (none were as exciting...)

Dh took me out last night to a movie. We went and saw "The Bucket List". Jack Nicholson is my all time favorite actor (and first on my list for fantasy night with!).

I have never been to such a gut-wrenching, crying my eyes out in public, sobbing for hours afterwards, movie.

Just a general warning....

If, like me, you have a father in remission from Multiple Myeloma (which there really isnt a true remission) and have watched his body become ravaged from cancer and chemo for the past 2 1/2 years...or if you are like me, and your mom survived breast cancer and continues to have scares...

Then dont go to this movie.

I am sitting here crying as I type this.

I wish I hadnt seen this movie.

Maybe it just hits way to flipping close to home for me right now.

I wish I hadnt seen this movie.

The two funny parts you see in the trailer... yea... those are the only funny parts to the movie...and once they are in the movie...they really arent all that funny.

After I kinda calmed down, I didnt calm down till 3am... dh tried to take me to get something to eat...

It really has been a long time since I have been out on a Sat night...

The first place we went to was way to packed and no place to sit... the 2nd place we went to was closed... the 3rd place was filled with college kids.

Of course we ended up at the 3rd place. And then..just to top off my humorous night... I was called a fat man.

Not only was I called a fat man.... I was called this by a dumb b*%$h that I had a flippin class with.

Now... I know I am overweight... fine... dont you think I of all people know this... damm...and I am certainly NOT a man. (I have larger kahunas than any man I know!)

After that little incident.... decided I would be better off at home....

Was too upset to sleep...but I did my best.

Now that I'm all sad again.....

I am hoping to get new pics of Lady L this week! We havnt had pics of her since we saw her in Nov.... I wonder how big she will be???? She certainly was a chubster a couple of months ago! Especially when compared to her brothers!

I also think we may just hear from pgn next week... whether we get a ko or a *gasp* out.

Of course, I am praying for an out... but expecting a ko.

We also have a primary this week here.... no... my candidate isnt on the ballot... but I am gonna vote anyways! I have not missed a vote yet and dont plan on it!

I cannot wait though till these damm mitty and Johnny commercials are off! UUUGGGG!

Next Sunday! Next Sunday! Next Sunday! Next Sunday!

Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go!

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