Sunday, January 27, 2008

A new week!

Adoption turns your life up-side down in many ways.

Of course, going from DINKS to full time parents to three toddlers is a HUGE change... but even the way that one looks at the workweek vs. the weekend is bound to change.

Here I am...sitting here on a Sunday evening, Happy that tomorrow is Monday. Yea... I like my job. But, lets be real here!!! It means that things are happening (or have the potential to happen) with our adoptions!!!!!! Nothing happens on the it is hugely exciting when you have 5 whole days of the workweek to look forward to!!! 4 years ago...this kind of thing wouldnt have made one bit of difference to me. After all, weekends were just regular work days with bonus pay. When one doesnt take days off, the weekends dont mean much. Now, though that times are slow and weekend work is rare... wow... the weekends just drag by.
It is no joke that I read a lot of forums online.... it is sooo depressing on the weekends... hardly any new posts... and the old ones just loom there waiting for Monday morning...

I am hoping for some pictures this week... My attorney was having problems getting through to my email address... so he has taken them...just never arrived to me. She has got to be a lot bigger now. It's been since Thanksgiving since we have seen her! If this wasnt trade show season, I might be able to convince dh to go early and wait things out... then again.... I wouldnt be able to right now due to the Detroit Office of USCIS!!!! Which reminds me... I have more phone calls to make tomorrow.... *puke* I just do NOT understand how the Detroit office can remain sooo isolated!!!! Do I dare start complaining now??? Now when I dont have the piece of paper in my hands???? UUUGGGG!!!!! I will be sooo relieved when our approval is in our hands... I just keep waiting to see another letter saying they need something else.... I think my head may just explode if that were the case.....

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Kerri said...

The whole weekend thing is SOOOOOOO true! No one else gets it if you aren't or haven't adopted. LOL. Hope you have your CIS approval soon.
Kerri and Ruby