Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrappin Fool

Well, getting the news of our out has caused me to become a scrappin fool!!!!
I have gotten so far behind with the boys' scrapbooks... so now I have a renewed urgency to get them caught up!!!! If I dont, it will be the last opportunity I have for a long time! So, I have really been getting on it! I've been working on K's... when I went back to it, he was 9 months old... now, I'm up to Thanksgiving of 07!!!!!!!!! E's and F's dont look as good.... E is not even walking yet in his... and he will be 3 in March! F's hasnt even been started yet. I know... I stink...but I just got behind in it..and other things took over. So, now, I am really going to try to get them caught up!!!
I have papers and some stickers for our little Lady but I havnt even picked up a book yet. I have found a couple I like...but I'm waiting for the right time. I really need to go shopping for some stickers!!! I have been using a ton with K's book..and I'm afraid I wont have any left by the time I get done with his! Of course, our little Lady needs her own that is a whole nother shopping trip!
I also want to start on lifebooks.... I know what I want to say... I know what I want to do... just havnt had the time. I'm going to try to go digital for the that will be a new experience for me. My dh bought me Photo Shop CS2 for my graduation gift... I borrowed a book from the library to begin to learn seems more complicated that my lowly microsoft digital image (which I absolutely love!) but I'm sure once I get the hang of it I will enjoy all that adobe has to offer...especially since I have the whole adobe creative suite!!!!! may have to wait till after the first year of law school...but I need something to look forward too!!! Maybe I'll knock these paper scrapbooks outta the way in the next month or so and I'll just hop on over to digital! *rotfl*

We have STILL not heard from our attorney... so, I'm pulling the phone number out tomorrow. I just want to make sure that he has our file and maybe see if her momma has signed yet. I sure hope soo!!!!! I still just can believe our great fortune!!!! After two horrible, long processes... you cannot believe the relief that this is so far not dragging out into a huge and long event! Well...not so far at least! We will have to wait and see how long our Mixco bc takes! Please!!!! Spare us!!!

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