Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas of 07

Making Tamales is truly a labor of love. I should know as I labored 2 days to make the tamales for Christmas Eve this year! We did have a great dinner though with our friend Patty and her Son D! The boys got to watch Shrek and then all of us went to the 9pm mass at our church.

The boys got to bed around 11pm...and of course they were up by 9am!

They saw the tree and took off running down those stairs...and tearing into those boxes!

Dh and I tried to keep their gifts seperate...but uh...we were sorely outnumberd! So, they just tore and tore some more until the paper was all off...then it was time to get everything OUT of those boxes. That was a little more difficult, so then they wanted our involvement! Some things did get taken out right away and other didnt.... some of the gifts are still boxed and will stay out of further sight until needed!

So...the tally of what the little ones aquired... From Grandparents: V-smile with 3 games, pj's, 3 TMX Elmo's (with dead batteries...tyvm!) From us: Pj's, New Outfits, New Big-Boy Pants!, Cars, Elmo phone, and the long awaited Shrek 3!... and well some other toys that are soo memorable that I cant even remember!

The exciting presents were had by dh and I... I bought dh a coffeemaker that actually turns itself off (so THAT is one less thing I need to worry about) and some underware! I got some pj's and some slippers!! Oh..and I recieved 3 cd's that I bought on black Friday! G n R, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard! I then spent the rest of my day cooking and rocking out to big hair bands of my youth!

For Christmas dinner, I made my prime rib!

Dh's daughter, her husband, and our grandkids came over for dinner.

They were early (or was I late?) so, it seemed like the right thing was to open the bar!

What is Christmas without a little beer and wine???

Dinner only took about 45 min to eat...but 2 days to cook.... after dinner we all watched Shrek 3!

Well...ok.... the ones who were under 10 and I watched Shrek 3...everyone else watched the insides of their eyelids...

This was a fun Christmas....and I'm sure they will continue to be better every year! The boys are starting to catch on and I could really see the different between how F handled things and how E & K handled things. So, Next year... I really expect an even bigger difference!

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