Monday, January 21, 2008

A low and a High!

wow. wow. wow. *cries* I cant believe that game last night. *sniff* how heartbreaking can it really get????? I'll touch on this a little later....when it isnt so damm raw. I will say though that I cried last night.... just wondering if Bret will come back....

That was the low.

Here is the HIGH!

I called PGN today 4 times and was either hung up on or had to sit through the horrible muzak on the other end...

On my 5th try, I got right through to Laura!!!

I told her I needed to ask about a case.... gave her my case number and she said:

"According to my computer, your file was approved on January 17th. Congratulations! You now need to notify your attorney."

OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!!! OUT!!!!! OUT!!!!! I am still waiting on confirmation from our attorney...but I am soooo excited anyways!!!! We spent a combined 15 months in pgn in the last 2 years!!!!! I cannot believe that we would get through pgn without a ko!!!! I almost have tears in my eyes just posting this!!!!! I cant believe that my little girl may just come home a baby!!! I may get to spend her first birthday with her!!!!! OMG!!!! I just cannot believe how fortunate we are right now!!! We have three, smart, healthy, loving boys at home...and our little girl is so close to joining us at home!!!!!!!!! How much more blessed can we get????? WOW!

So.... now... we will be waiting for a Mixco birth certificate after her mom signs the final protocol... her mom works in the city...and it has not taken more than a day or two before.... however I am nervous about the bc... Some people have been waiting months for a bc from Mixco... however I have seen on the forums that some have been getting theirs in a more reasonable amount of time. I am seriously considering begging dh to let me go down once we get the bc... We are planning on taking the boys with us...and I just know we are going to have such a wonderful time!!!!!! I am also hoping to take more donations down with us! Just trying to figure out the logistics of it right now....

Well...once the attorney has the bc... then it's the passport... 2nd dna test...and then submitted for PINK!!!! snafu... we still dont have our damm I-171h yet!!!! UUUGGGG!

We sent all of our stuff in at the end of September.... did prints on Oct 17th... dh's were approved... mine were lost. 6 weeks later got a letter from USCIS... thought it was our approval...but instead it was a fingerprint notice for ME! I emailed them and apparently they have no record of my prints.... So... I was re-printed on Dec 17th... so far we have heard nothing... and our congressman has not been able to get anywhere with them. It really does put a damper on this good news! I mean we should be all set up to complete this process...but NO! Not through any fault of ours....but damm... it seems like no one in that office is accountable to anyone... including our congressman... and therefore, will not accommodate us or "hurry" our file. They have had everything since Sept. and I certainly have not committed any felonies since our last uh... the problem is?????????

I am sending in a new request to one of my senators tomorrow...hopefully they can get somewhere and get us our clearance!

I would also be remiss if I didn't remember the reason for this holiday!

Happy MLK Day!!!!

This was passed on to me by the editor of our Union's newspaper... thought it was a good read:

I've got a lot to do!!!! and hopefully a little time to do so!!!!!!

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Kerri said...

Congrats on the out and hope you have your new I-171H soon!
Kerri and Ruby