Friday, January 11, 2008

What I needed today...

Well... dh let me sleep in.

I then (jokingly asked of course) asked if I could have the day off... he looked at me and said "why not?"
2 seconds flat I had locked myself in the basement!!!!!! I got a ton of stuff done today!!!

I finished F's quilt!!!! It is 2 different types of Cars material...flannel satin binding!

I also started cleaning my desk off...and started sorting through papers and bills to find our tax info. Well on my way there too!

Paid some bills online...printed out some stuff I need for tomorrow...and... I didnt have to cook a single meal today!!!
Reminds me of that song... something about hurry up and go away so that I can miss you...

Tomorrow is going to be busy...but in a good way!

I have a show at Babies R Us from uh... geez...I better find out before I go to bed...but I think it is from 10-3... rush home for the Packers game at 4:30... and then dh and I have a babysitter for tomorrow night and we are going to dinner and a movie!!!! Cant wait!!!!

I really could go for some time alone now and then... that is one thing I miss about being in school and such...I got time away. I love the boys...but...uh... they are toddlers...and there is three of them! There is no quiet or dull moment as long as they are awake! If there is a quiet moment...uh...hurry up and find out what they are up to! Otherwise there may be a HUGE mess!!!

I did find out tonight that one of my boys... (I wont say which one...) likes cat puke! Apparantly it is fun not only to play with but to taste! YUMMY!!! *puke*

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