Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Saw this on another group I am on.... Couldnt stop laughing!
Trust me...I know there are things like this against my choice for candidate also...and yes I do have a sense of humor!

Well... Obama did not win the NH primary.

I am disappointed... however I'm even more disappointed that I myself cannot vote for Obama in my own primary due to MI moving its primary up.

I enjoy the world of politics. I read a lot. I love reading and learning. I want to be a very informed voter. I do not want to vote for someone based on how "honest" they look or how their name sounds. Heck...I even go further than most because not only do I enjoy US politics but world politics!

I just do NOT understand our primary (caucus) system... Yes... I do know the history behind it... I do understand how difficult and expensive it would be to have 1 or 2 primary dates... but still...
Iowa and New Hampshire ARE NOT Representative of our country and yet, their caucus and primary have such an impact on the proceeding primaries (and caucuses)


Oh...and be aware that I will talk politics from here until...well...until I dont feel like it anymore! This year is so important! These elections are HUGE! (they ALL ARE!)

I do hold strong opinions...however, I do not agree with silencing opposing opinions.

Just wish more people would do their homework and be able to actually back up their positions.

We were at Cesar Land waay too long tonight with the boys.... I have such a pounding headache!
They had fun though!! Although they were mad we didnt stop at McD's on our way back... too funny... they had just ran around like crazed kids for 3 1/2 hours...yet they were ready for more after their 10 min break in the car! What I wouldn't give for a smidgen of their energy!

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