Saturday, January 26, 2008


No.... not the Michael Moore movie... but it is how I would describe my family right now!

Frankie was the first to come down with the munchkin virus... then K... then E... then K me and K! I am actually shocked that I didnt get it earlier... especially having the sick ones sleep with me and have them coughing and sneezing in my face for days on end.

I am so sad that it had to happen this weekend of course... we had a very good friend's birthday party today...and we were supposed to have dinner at a friend's house tomorrow... instead we are all home, miserable...

It's funny though...I really thought with 3 toddlers... I had pretty much seen it all... not so! F had soo much backup in his sinuses...that he has snot coming out his tear ducts!!!! His flipping eyes have snot coming out of them!!!!!! Now THAT is something they dont exactly tell ya about!!!!!!

We did have good news yesterday when our attorney called us!!! He has had our file since we got out!!! It is already signed and already submitted for the birth certificate... he doesnt think it will take as long as my projection...and I truly hope HE is right!!!!!!! That is the kind of call to receive on a Friday Morning!!!!!

Well... I'm needed as little K wants to go to sleep...and needs me to sleep.... Hope he does actually get some sleep tonight.

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