Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finals Mode

I have been absent.... I have NOT forgotten I have a blog.... I love reading others blogs... I like keeping up with those who I now "know" through blogs... but... I'm in finals mode.... When I am done... I will be reading and commenting... and hopefully keeping people in the loop about our doings...

This is my "reading" week.... ok.. so it ends tomorrow.... and I have my first Exam Tuesday... my 2nd exam (closed book!!!!!!!) on Thursday.... and my last one on the 6th of May... so... Tuesday, Civil Procedure is D-O-N-E!!!!!! Thursday is Constitutional Law... and since I love my prof and I want to take Con Law II.... I will only be done with it till the fall.... lastly will be Contracts... I truly believe I am MORE confused about Contracts than I was when I began... everything is a contract.... or is it???? Hmmm.... there are "contracts" all around us... yet... it's like a huge conspiracy.... are they really contracts???? CivPro is just.... well.... the cases WOULD be interesting... if it wasnt for the failure of one attorney to follow one of the thousands of Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure.... I swear... I know we need rules... but... geez.... these are WAY over the top.... The only class I think I get is Con Law.... of course it is closed I have to know it much better... the other classes are open book... aka gotta have a fantastic outline!!!!

So... that is why I have been absent... added to my stress level, my kids were all sick last week... we had a bout of Strep Throat AND Pneumonia go through all the kids... our fridge is stocked up with that nasty pink antibiotics for the next 5 days... but the kids feel better... and that is what matters. I love being a mom.... but really... just some advice for those out there.... Law School is F-ing hard... and it's even worse when you have to go to a class while your toddler sits on your lap with a 103 degree fever, coughing from the pneumonia, and having to force him to drink due to the strep throat.... I'm blessed to have my kids... and I'm blessed to be going to law school... but... they do collide! I literally think I am gonna collapse on May 6th at 1pm..... I'll either collapse from pure exhaustion...or from feverish alcohol consumption.... I'll take either one! :)

I will (hopefully) be blogging either on May 1st or the 2nd... as I am working for the NLG ( as a legal observer for the Annual May day parade in Mexican Town... basically we are there as a buffer between the marchers and the police... our whole family is going... them for fun... and me for fun and experience...
Also... there is going to be a HUGE protest here in the Big D in June!!!! Check out for more info! But basically... HUGE business conference here in Detroit... many of which took Gov $$$$$... so there is going to be a tent city next to the conference... I'm excited... THIS is why I am going to law school.... I want to help others... I am a worker... and I will continue to be a worker... helping other workers.... so.... this kind of stuff... very exciting for me.

So.... that is what is going on...

As for the kiddos... E is still loving preschool... hopefully K will be joining him after the beginning of May.... F is doing great... but really is being stubborn bout potty training... he can do it.. .he just simply chooses not to.... our Little Lady... Talking up a storm... and just doing great.

It will be nice when the weather stays warm and we can be outside and do things.... looking forward to it...but hoping we dont have those 90-100 degree days this year....

Well it wouldn't be a post if I didn't put some pics... so here are some random pics....

Movie Time!!!!

Our Family Easter Pic!

Easter Pic at Grandma and Grandpa's House!!!!

Our little Lady.... not impressed by the zoo....

E and K just hanging out and having fun at the zoo!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (4-10-09)

Today's Favorite Foto Friday is Dedicated to my parents!
Who, on April 4th, 2009,
50 Years of Marriage!
On April 4th, 1959 they exchanged vows at St. Irene's Church in Dundee Michigan!
On April 4th, 2009, they Re-Newed their vows at St. Irene's Church!

The Wedding Party

Uncle Schmit, Grandma R, My Mom, My Dad, Grandma G, and Grandpa G

Mom and Dad

(He was in the Air Force)

A pic of the happy couple in color!

Many Years Later, I entered the Picture (77)

A Family Pic around 1984

Celebrating 40th Anniversary in Las Vegas!

The Happy Couple 50 years later!
Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!!!!!
I wish you many more years of wedded bliss and happyness!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Visit from our Compadres!

Well, it has been two whole weeks since my spring break.... my week off went by way too quick...and suddenly I find myself two weeks away from final exams! *enter freak-out mode*

I did have a wonderful spring break though.... my parents came home from Florida and spent a couple of days with us...and then F's Godparents came all the way from Queretaro Mexico to spend 3 days with us!

Cony, Jesus, Marta (Cony's sister) and Pau (C&J's daughter) all came to see us!!!

We had a great, but very busy visit! The kids absolutely adore all the attention.... and boy did they get the attention! :)

We went to the Henry Ford Museum.... The adults had a great time...the kids... not so much... so mom (that's me!) came to the rescue and we spent our time looking at the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile and eating hotdogs and nachos... Now THAT, the kids enjoyed!
We also took the kids to their first IMAX movie.... dont remember the name...but it was shot by scuba divers...and was all about underwater life and such... since I dive, it really gave me the diving itch again.... with the really did look like it does when you are down under.... The kiddo's made it about 10 mins into the movie with their 3d glasses on...then off they came...I guess they didnt like the "motion" feeling you get from the 3d movie... plus they kept trying to grab the fish!
Marta and Pau provided soda and popcorn for us during the movie.... and that's always a good thing!

Jesus and my dh went to Cabela's...and us girls (with F) went shopping... F and L got to make animals at Build a Bear... they now will not go to bed without their new friends.... it's soo cute... The little Lady carries her "baby" everywhere now....

We ended our visit by having an adults only dinner at Mongolian BBQ... the food is fantastic and the beer was refreshing and cold! It was also very nice to be able to eat at our leisure and to sit around and talk... actually we sat around and talked a little too much... as we actually were the last ones in the restaurant....and our waitress had finished her sidework!

Our visit ended on Sunday morning at 6am... we hated to see everyone leave.... but they had to get back to work.... and I had to get back to school.

Here are some pics from the visit!

E and K posin at the Wiener Mobile!

The boys at their first IMAX movie!

Pau, Jesus, and Cony, with F (their Godson)

Jesus tried to get a large group picture... but the kids were obviously NOT cooperating!

Ahh... the enjoyment of dining without kids!!!!