Monday, July 30, 2007

Well I am just now beginning to recover! We spent Sunday at the Zoo! We must have picked one of the hottest and muggy days of the summer though! It was H-O-T!

We had a great time though! The boys were perfect all day long! They especially loved the petting zoo! They had about 12 billy goats to brush and pet and all of the boys got a huge kick out of that! I thought that F would have been absolutly scare of the goats...but once he saw the other boys petting them...he was right in there with them.

The only freakout we had the whole day was from F...we were all near the glass watching the hippos swim...well I thought F might want a better look, so I put him right up to the glass...well...I wont be doing THAT again! He really got freaked out by that! So, the rest of the day I just made sure that he kept his distance from the glass/bars and it was fine!

I have to laugh though... E was talking to my mom last night...she asked what he saw... "cows". Are you sure??? Did you see anything else?? "no... Cows". I guess the moral of the story is... save the money and gas and just take him down the road to see cows next time!!!!

I'm hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow and we can go to the water park! It is supposed to be horribly hot this week... one reason I am not thrilled about summer.... bring on the cool weather!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My quick intro! it is.... I'm gonna try this thing out.

Our players:

Me - 30, female, Musician by design, Millwright by trade, huntress, political junkie, professional student, beer drinker, ultra liberal

Old Man - 65 (for now), male, my husband, cranky by design, Millwright by trade, hunter, beer drinker, professional complainer, reformed liberal

E-man - 2, male, oldest son, happy, loves girls, juice and milk drinker

K-man - almost 2!, male, middle son, kinda sensitive, loves girls too, drinks juice and milk, wants to be professional wrestler or center for the Green Bay Packers!

F-man - 1, male, youngest son, happiest of all, loves anything sweet.

Lady L - just born! More info to come!