Sunday, July 29, 2007

My quick intro! it is.... I'm gonna try this thing out.

Our players:

Me - 30, female, Musician by design, Millwright by trade, huntress, political junkie, professional student, beer drinker, ultra liberal

Old Man - 65 (for now), male, my husband, cranky by design, Millwright by trade, hunter, beer drinker, professional complainer, reformed liberal

E-man - 2, male, oldest son, happy, loves girls, juice and milk drinker

K-man - almost 2!, male, middle son, kinda sensitive, loves girls too, drinks juice and milk, wants to be professional wrestler or center for the Green Bay Packers!

F-man - 1, male, youngest son, happiest of all, loves anything sweet.

Lady L - just born! More info to come!

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