Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a sad, sad, time....

Wow... anyone else listening to the news lately????
These HUGE financial institutions going down, banks closing their doors, factories rotting in the weather, people losing their jobs....
I know around here, being the Motor City and all.... we are really feeling the hurt.... People are losing their manufacturing jobs left and right.... along with it goes their benefits and such.... it also affects the communities. Restaurants are closing, stores are cutting back or closing, crime is going up. Yes... although the big D has gone down in violent crime... it has not gone down in not so violent crime.....
In the past week, two Catholic churches have been broken into and trashed.
The first one, the thieves broke into the safes and not only took money but took chalices and candles sticks and such....
Sunday night, Our church was broken into.....
They trashed the offices and broke into the safe and stole our offering money.
I guess if you own a liquor store, or a gas station, or something like that, you kinda expect to be robbed. I personally have been robbed while working at a Burger King at 2am.... it happens... but how low does one have to be to rob a church???? Seriously.... a church.... Many in our church are struggling.... us included... yet we give what we can... as I know most do.... and to have someone break in and take what we have given to go towards the functions of the church.... it just really gets me.
I pray that they money they got, they will use for good. Not for alcohol or drugs, or sex...but for good... maybe it was a desperate attempt to keep their home.... or to put food on the table for their kids.... I can only hope that the money makes a true difference in their lives.... and isnt something they blow on useless junk.

Here is the link to the News Story... http://tinyurl.com/6rof27

I cannot believe that there are still some people who refuse to see the economy today for what it is. This is only going to get worse as people continue to struggle. The crime rate will continue to rise.... more people are going to lose their hard earned money to petty crimes....more are going to struggle.... I can only hope that people remember the situation of the economy in November....

Friday, September 12, 2008

No FFF for me this week.....

Sorry if you came to my blog to see pictures....
No pictures this Friday for us.

But, I will say ONE thing!

Please check all your hose connections to your washer and your dishwasher!!!!
Wednesday at about 4pm, our hot water hose to our washer let go..... in 5-6 minutes, hundreds of gallons of hot water flooded our laundry room, our kitchen, and down into our basement and our duct work.
Thank God for insurance.... there is NO Way we would have been able to clean it up.
There are 4 dehumidifiers in our house right now.... and about 10 industrial dryers.
Our drywall is coming out tomorrow...as is the subfloor in our laundry room and kitchen... the linoleum went today.
The carpet in the basement is probably also going tomorrow....
My computer got wet.... but is kinda working...my backup drive got soaked though... not sure if it is usable right now or not.... K and L's adoption papers got soaked as did their passports..... 4 of my textbooks also took a hit as did just lots of paper and such that we had sitting around.
So.... just as a reminder....
Pay your insurance!!!!
Check those hose connections!!!!!!!!!!!
(ps... dont EVER disconnect the hoses to check them without first shutting off the water and then releasing some of the pressure)
Just thought i'd add that little tidbit.... as a good friend of mine had no ideal that the water pressure is always there.....
Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our weekend

Saturdays are supposed to be my study days. I try to get all of my weekly homework done on Friday and Saturday so that I can have Sunday (and a couple of hours during the week) to be just mom... not a law student... just a mom.

Well... it didnt work out that way this weekend... as dh's family had their family picnic last Saturday.

I did work my butt off all day on Friday....but I didnt get it all done... so Sunday afternoon and evening, and yesterday, I was finishing up homework... actually tonight I just done some more done.

Anyways... Sat was the family picnic.


*twirls finger*

I dunno... call me anti-social or what ever ya want...but I'm just not into the whole "large group picnic". Especially with a bunch of people I dont know.....and some I dont care to know... ;)

The kids had a great time though...and I guess THAT is what matters the most.

They got to spend an entire afternoon (from 1pm till 7pm) at the Play Park! And play they did! I dont think they were buckled into their car seats for 5 min before all four of them were snoring away! I felt bad for them...cuz when we got home, they were sound asleep...but they were f-i-l-t-h-y! So... unfortunately, we had to wake them up....then subject them to a shower before bed. Normally, they love their showers...but not that night!!!!!!

Sunday, we did go to church.... then off to a quick stop at the store...then to taco bell for lunch... then I spent the rest of the day studying! Fun Stuff going on in MY life!!!!!

Well... got some pics from the weekend!

This is what happens when the oreo's get left on the couch now that the little lady is mobile!

E playing with his magic princess bubble wand!

K showing off HIS magic princess bubble wand!

The Little Lady enjoying her magic, meat containing, rib bone!

She loves her food!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fav Foto Friday (8-5)

It is Late Night Friday!!!!!!!!

Thankfully I still get to do, Favorite Foto Friday!!!!!!!!!

This weeks theme is "Oh Baby!"

To see more babies, crawl on over to http://www.kissthefrog4me.blogspot.com/!

First off, here is a Pic of me as a baby!!!!

Uh...yea... Miller High Life! The champagne of Beers!!!! Thanks Dad!!!

Here is my dh and two of his brothers.

My dh is on the right...with the smirk on his face... he still has the smirk...but not so cute.

His younger brother is on the left and his older brother is standing.

Here is one of my Fav pics of E!

His foster mom sent us this pick right after we got out of pgn...so he was around 4 months old.

Here is my fav pic of K!

I was visiting him...and he was about 7 months old.

Here is one of my fav pics of F!

This is when we offically met him... he was almost 4 months old.

A cute pic of our little lady when we met her in Nov at 4 months old!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Lyrics from One of my Favorite Songs!

As we go marching, marching, in the beauty of the day,
A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill lofts gray,
Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses,
For the people hear us singing: Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!
As we go marching, marching, we battle too for men,
For they are women's children, and we mother them again.
Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes;
Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses.
As we go marching, marching, unnumbered women dead
Go crying through our singing their ancient call for bread.
Small art and love and beauty their drudging spirits knew.
Yes, it is bread we fight for, but we fight for roses too.
As we go marching, marching, we bring the greater days,
The rising of the women means the rising of the race.
No more the drudge and idler, ten that toil where one reposes,
But a sharing of life's glories: Bread and roses, bread and roses.
Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes;
Hearts starve as well as bodies; bread and roses, bread and roses.


August sure flew by quickly!

Guess looking forward to something, being nervous, and having a whole lot of fun will do that to ya!

Tomorrow will be my 3rd week of law school!

I have my first "paper" due tomorrow morning by 9am! It's done! I actually worked on it before tonight!!!!! Yea!!!! Productivity can work!!!!!

I spent all day Saturday in the library... I'm glad I have at least something to show for it... as I still didnt get ALL of my work done for this week. I'm trying to stay ahead of the game...just for good measure! I'm sure I will be back on schedule tomorrow though!

Our little Lady took her first steps Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was standing, holding onto the couch.... she turned herself around and took two steps towards me!!!!!!!!!! She still prefers to crawl....but I have no doubt that she will want to walk soon! At least I hope so!!!!!

I have spent a lot of time watching tv this weekend... not to just watch tv...but I've been watching all of the Gustav coverage. I missed the Katrina stuff... I knew it was happening...but I didnt really pay a lot of attention to it... I figured it was just another hurricane.... hmmm... it wasnt.... and I found the aftermath amazing.... so, I wanted to really watch this one.

I'm bummed I didnt see Obama today. We were supposed to go to the parade and such...but... someone... not me... *cough*.... decided they didnt want to go.... *cough*

I did get a new pack to put my books in though! My old roller bag just wasnt cutting it. Ive had semesters where I had quite a few books...but wow... this really takes the cake... The books i have now are leather bound, thick, and quite heavy.... the zipper kept splitting on my other bag...and I didnt want to risk breaking it since we use it for other things. If it didnt look so stupid I would prefer to use a suitcase. I usually dont really care what people think about me...but... I think that would cross the line!

Well... I'm convinced it's gonna be a good week! Supposed to be in the 60's by the end of the week!

I'm ready to go!!!!!!!

I got in my rocking chair all by myself!!!!