Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our weekend

Saturdays are supposed to be my study days. I try to get all of my weekly homework done on Friday and Saturday so that I can have Sunday (and a couple of hours during the week) to be just mom... not a law student... just a mom.

Well... it didnt work out that way this weekend... as dh's family had their family picnic last Saturday.

I did work my butt off all day on Friday....but I didnt get it all done... so Sunday afternoon and evening, and yesterday, I was finishing up homework... actually tonight I just done some more done.

Anyways... Sat was the family picnic.


*twirls finger*

I dunno... call me anti-social or what ever ya want...but I'm just not into the whole "large group picnic". Especially with a bunch of people I dont know.....and some I dont care to know... ;)

The kids had a great time though...and I guess THAT is what matters the most.

They got to spend an entire afternoon (from 1pm till 7pm) at the Play Park! And play they did! I dont think they were buckled into their car seats for 5 min before all four of them were snoring away! I felt bad for them...cuz when we got home, they were sound asleep...but they were f-i-l-t-h-y! So... unfortunately, we had to wake them up....then subject them to a shower before bed. Normally, they love their showers...but not that night!!!!!!

Sunday, we did go to church.... then off to a quick stop at the store...then to taco bell for lunch... then I spent the rest of the day studying! Fun Stuff going on in MY life!!!!!

Well... got some pics from the weekend!

This is what happens when the oreo's get left on the couch now that the little lady is mobile!

E playing with his magic princess bubble wand!

K showing off HIS magic princess bubble wand!

The Little Lady enjoying her magic, meat containing, rib bone!

She loves her food!


Rhonda said...

LOVED the pictures. Sorry for all the schoolwork. I sooooo remember those days too. I am still chuckling over the chicken leg!!!

Leslie said...

AWWWWWWWWW what fun!!! you busy mommy!!!!!!

Those Guate-kids can eat!!!! Abby chows all day long!!!!


Kathy said...

I am with your Little Lady...I will take food over bubbles any day!! Such cuties!!