Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Checking my Calendar!

Today was the 10th of February....
But... It was 60 degrees!!!!!
We just had 10 straight days of -0..... yes... 10 days where it was below zero.... and a week later... almost 60????? Tomorrow... 56 degrees?????
What???? and Sunshine???
What is going on around here???
2 years ago... we had 14 whole minutes of sunshine during December, January, and 1/2 of February.... Now... we are having Sunny days and 60 degree weather!
It's not hanging around though.... by the weekend we are going to have some more snow...
After all... we have at least 2 more months of winter... but... since it was so nice out...
I HAD to get the kids out... so, got into their snow boots...and to the playground we went!!!!!!
I told them they could get as muddy and as wet as they wanted... cuz I know when I was a kid... that was sooo much fun! It was a badge of honor to walk off the soccer field completely covered in mud, grass, and what ever else one could get into... I remember haveing to lie on garbage bags to get home and to have to strip down to walk into the house cuz I was soo muddy....

The kids splashed and such...but they didnt really get into it... I have a feeling they will though! Least I hope so! That's all part of the fun of childhood!

Diggin with Sticks.... cuz we dont want our hands dirty....

F is Thrilled to be swinging!

E who's boot was sucked into the mud!

Even our little lady got into the muddy action....

Thrilled to be outside and getting dirty!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fav Foto Friday! (2.6.09)

Today is Friday!
Here are my favorite foto's of the week!!!!!
The Theme for this week was Melt... but... we wont get our "melt" till this weekend.
Check out other fav foto's here!

The little lady trying to say Cheese while eating her CheeseBurger!

F wearing his Mickey ears at a bday party!

K wearing a transformers mask!

E showing off the Mickey Ears!

Today is Friday!

Here are my favorite foto's of the week!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is Grand!!!

Thanks to Leslie for tagging me for Life is Grand!

Per the rules,I have to list 5 reasons why Life is Grand and pass this on to 5 friends!

1. My family!
Begins with my Wonderful Grandma, My Fantastic Parents, My Darling Husband, and my 4 Spectacular Children!
2. That we have a roof over our heads in a safe neighborhood, that we have food in our bellies and in our cupboards, we have clean and available water and that we have medical care if we need it.
3. That I am able to go back to school. I loved my previous job... but my new career path just "feels" right for me. Not only that, but, Hopefully it will instill the value of education to my kids and I hope that I can provide for them everything they need to become successful adults.
4. Friends. I only have a few friends in real life that I am close with...but many friends to chat with and vent with and learn from while online.
5. Travel. I am very blessed that I have been able to travel extensively. I love seeing new places and learning new things. I love experiencing new cultures, new food, and new sites.
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