Monday, April 28, 2008

2 More Days!!!! our house looks like a tornado hit it...minus the roof damage.
I have been terribly busy today finishing up laundry and figuring out what exactly to pack.
Seems like it wouldnt be soo difficult... I just packed for a 10 days vacay and cruise... but, it's a little more difficult for me....why?? I have no idea....

Also having a hard time figuring out what to pack for our daughter... I'm not quite used to packing for any female but myself.... I'm easy to pack for... I KNOW I dont look cute... all the clothes in the world arent going to change that fact....but her... she needs to be at her absolute cuteness... at least that is what it feels like.

I have had a headache all day long.... I've got to see if some sleep will help it... now is NOT the time for a migraine!

2 more days!!!! Now... it is getting exciting!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 more days!!!!!

Where did the weekend go???

It just flew by! I cant believe it!!! It's been a year since a weekend has flown by!!!!! Ahhh... the relief of NOT being in an adoption process!!!!
Although... it is NOT quite a relief to see the huge task of packing for me! I have a lot of the boy's clothes packed...but havnt even started on the little Lady's clothes yet....
I did some retail therapy yesterday!!!! So... gonna wash those clothes tomorrow morning...and then pack what I think I am taking with me.

We did decide on a place to stay!!!!!!! The Hotel Casa Serena! Got a couple of good reviews on it from some other people... and it looks very nice on the website. Sooo.... we will see how it goes!
I'm just happy to find somewhere affordable. We used to stay at the Marriott.... but... their suites used to be $120... now they are $170-$190! Yea... like in a year... it may not sound like a HUGE price jump...but over 8-10 days... oh yea... feel the burn!!! Not to mention I'm kinda over the whole Marriott scene. I mean it was great when we didnt know what we were doing...but now we do and since I dont have my head up my is just difficult to stay there... We like to go out and about... no one else does... we are not a freak show...but many think we are. Not to mention those who have very different views as we do.... now... granted we can run into different people anywhere...but it seems like at the M...they are always in ones face! Mainly cuz no one else leaves!
I wanted to stay again at the Grand Tikal....but the suites were raised in $$$ and I think we are ready for something new... if we dont like the new place, we will probably end up there. If anything I'm gonna end up there for shopping! They have a great fabric store there!!! They have these flannel blankets that are just wonderful. Also they have kids blankets that are great material and dirt cheap.
I know we are going to go to Antigua.... but not probably any where else.... we just are not going to have the time only being there 8 days (2 travel days included). Between scheduling foster families.... embassy appointments... and play time... I think we are pretty full! At least I hope so! I am really hoping that we can keep the kids busy! I know we have a huge bonus for that!!!!

I am nervous but excited!!!! Just cant wait to be packed!!! Then of course I can look forward to travelling!!!
I hear we are having snow for the next few days..... guess that coat I bought our little girl is actually going to come in handy!!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


We have our PINK Slip!!!!!!!!!
Pinkity, Pink, PInk, PINK!!!!!!!!
I had to email the embassy to get it...but what the heck!
We have it!!!!!!!
*doing strange pink dance!*
Our appointment is May 6th at 7:15!!!!!
We get her visa on May 7th at 3:30!!!!!
We are leaving NEXT week!!!!
I have our plane tickets already!!!!
The boys are going with us, so trying to find a place with a suite for a reasonable price!
Sooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sooooooooo much to flippin do!!!!!!!
Pack, Pack, Pack, Pack, and shop!!!!!
Such a happy day for us!!!
Hang on little Lady!!!
You're coming home!!!!!!!

Fav Foto Fri (4-25)

This Friday, I would like to post some pictures of

My Mom & Dad!

Here they are with their grandsons!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feeling Blue....

It didnt happen today either....
I'm not EVEN going to bother tomorrow.

The other stalkers got theirs today.... I really thought for ONCE this was gonna happen.
Guess it wasnt meant to be.... I suppose...that like our other 3 times...we are probably going to get an I-72.... Guess I would feel wierd if we didnt...

I'm defeated enough for today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

refresh, refresh, refresh

I about wore out my refresh button today.
It didnt do us any good.... no pink. Not even a hint of pink around here... although I guess I should be glad that there is not an I-72 either.... yea....that's the positive!
going back to my sulking now......

I was soo preoccupied with _ _ _ k that I forgot to mention that last night, dh and I had a date night!!!
We had an adult only dinner at Outback!!!!!
Then we went and saw a super funny Movie! Forgetting Sarah Marshall!
I was almost afraid that some parts were going to be way too sappy for me...since I am not a chick flick kind of girl... but it was very funny! oh...and I'm all for a movie with Male full frontal nudity! Hey.... girls end up with all of their business all over the place.... we put up with it.... time for the men to "just deal"

Today was a very fun day also!
My mom took me and the boys out for the day... went to some craft stores... went to the mall, had a great lunch, let the boys play for a couple of hours, and then the boys got some new sneakers. E picked Diego (no brainer there!), K picked Thomas (again.... not news to me), and F picked Diego also..but the ones he wanted didnt light up... so he got cars.... now they all have different shoes (now THAT is different!) and they all light up!!! Now when they go running through the yard after dark we can see them better... or at least we can hope we see them better! We then took off out of the mall...and over to the barbers... and had their hair cut!!!
They were getting really shabby! Now... they look goooood! Although, I'm a little afraid of E's hair starting to look too much like a mullet... no way is any son of mine gonna have a mullet... It scares me to even think of such a thing.....

My parents also took us all out to Cesar land for dinner. My parents hadn't been there before...they really seemed to like it. Especially since they said they cant wait to go again. My mom and I spent a lot of time playing skee ball... my dad and dh were playing a shoot em up game...and... well I guess the boys had fun.... I was too busy to really notice.... (just jk!) really... I know they had fun... they slept on the way home...then begged to go to bed when they got in the house.... I LOVE when they beg to go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.... I'm admitting defeat for our _ _ _ k slip today... apparently the USE isnt going to email me at midnight est..... although you know I'm gonna refresh just once again for the hell of it!!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thinking Pink, Thinking Pink, Thinking Pink


Signed for by
Ship date
Apr 21, 2008
Delivery date
Apr 22, 2008 3:31 PM
Delivered to
Receptionist/Front Desk
Service type
Priority Envelope
I am now an official PINK stalker!!!! I-72's for us this time!!!!! Pretty Please!!!!!
My mom is taking me out for some retail therapy to get my mind off of checking my email... uh... yea...cuz that's possible...
I've been checking hotels, checking flights, guessing dates.....
It's soo exciting!!!!!
Our last 2 adoptions we didnt know we were this close to picking up... so it's weird that I am able to wait for pink this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had a great day otherwise also... just a tad pre-occupied with waiting for pink!!!!!
Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Go Fedex Go!!! Go Fedex Go!!!

Luisa's positive dna results on on their way to Guatemala City as we speak!!!!!!!

(for those non-Guatemalan adoption gurus) The 2nd dna test has to match the 1st dna test to make sure it is the same child immigrating, that was tested to their mother at the beginning of the process.

So... our certified results should be at the embassy tomorrow.... Wednesday start the PINK countdown!!!!!!!!!

Appointments are already being scheduled for the 29th.... so I know we will be into May... which is fine...but I sure hope I can make that trip with my parents!!!! Yes... I know... I'm full on contradictions...but I really want to see my grandma... and the only way to do so, is to go to Branson with my parents the first weekend of May.... so yes... I do want my cake and I am gonna eat it too!!!!
I am holding off on getting too excited. With our boys, we have gotten I-72's... a request from the embassy wanting more information.... I'm praying we dont get one this time. They really stink! They also generally take time to make better... I really dont want to be here in a month writing boo-hoo without Luisa in her crib in our house.

Unfortunately getting our dna news was NOT the most exciting of our day....
My parents came down to spend a few days with their grandkids.... on the way down, they decided to take a deer out of the circle of life.
This is the 2nd deer and 4th animal total they have taken out this year. (2 dogs in the mix...and numerous squirrels and other small animals)
Not to sound cold...but.... my mom just overreacts...and I think it's kinda funny. I do feel horrible that my mom was driving and hit a deer.... I do think it goes back to where we need to stop encroaching on their habitat.... and where hunters play an important part in at least keeping some of the population down...but still... she is really torn up about it. I'm just mad they didnt get the deer.... I could go for some venison chops! or a nice roast! yummy.....yummy!
We have fresh buffalo in the freezer right now thanks to our house guest (who is now gone!) so... I guess that will be a new rule... You stay in our house, you provide us with some meat!
Just be aware! Meat we will not eat: .
Ok... so those are the rules!

My mom just doesn't need more stress in her life.... between my dad's cancer and her constant breast cancer scares (she is 14 years in remission with numerous biopsies since then...all negative), my back problems, and other assorted life problems... she just doesn't need all the extra crap. She is a worrier anyways... so what would pass by me in a few days...stays with her for weeks and a deer and having to have her car fixed again....just isnt a good thing.
Tomorrow we are off to Toledo! yea!!!!!
Hungarian Village and Tony Packo's here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rolling along....

Friday was not my finest day...
I thought I was doing well... I took the boys to the park, fed them lunch, got them in bed for a nap... and then...

I fell down our freaking stairs!!!

I've been walking now for the better part of 29 years... you would think I would have the walking part kinda solid by now... but no... I really cannot explain what happened... I remember falling forward and then there I was, lying on our concrete basement floor in horrible pain.
It all happened sooo fast!!!
Took me awhile to catch my breath and accurately try to asses my injuries... Of course my back hurt... it's hurt now for 3 years... of course my ribs... that's where I landed... actually the best place I could have landed...but my ankle... my darn ankle... I sat there and watched it swell up... and it was electrifying if I tried to move it or put pressure on it!

Now... what to do????
Dh wasn't home... and he left his darn cell home... so no calling him.... so I had to call my step daughter.... she said she would be there in a while...I got myself up the stairs on my knees....and then onto the couch.... It was horrible....
SD showed me some ice.. and tried to find DH....
Dh got home and off to the er we went.....
Actually... I will give kudos to UM er! Less than 2 hours in and OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea!!!!!!!
Bad news... sprained ankle and foot....
2 days later and it still will not tolerate pressure from me... still swollen...and now turning a purplish color! It is NOT easy to be the mom of 3 toddlers and NOT be able to walk!

So..... that was my Friday...
Saturday was MUCH better!
We took the kids to a playgroup in a neighboring town. The playscape is new...and very nice! The boys had a great time!!!!! I also had a great time since the boys could play with minimum supervision so, the adults had time to talk to each other. We have a good group of people that we meet up with and we always have a good time!
After the play date, we grabbed some lunch and headed home. Sd and ss (step daughter, step son) were coming over for dinner... sd went and supplemented our brat supply. We had brats, kraut, fried potatoes, and pound cake with fruit for dessert! IT was a long day!!! The boys didnt even get to bed till after 10pm!!!! That left very little adult time! I know I was sound asleep by 11:30!
Today has started out fruitful!!! Dh just finished putting up a ceiling fan in the boys room!!!!!! I'm so happy for them!!! Their room is the hottest in the summer...and of course the coldest in the winter. Hopefully the ceiling fan will equal some of that out! We have also watched the Bee Movie...and now Ratatouille.... I'm soo ready to see a live person on tv!!!!!!
Oh well....c'est ma vie!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fav Foto Friday (4-18)

We sure have siblings around here!!!!

Visiting K Dec. 05

One of my Fav Pictures!

Their Baptism Dec 06

Having fun at McD's!!!

Aug 07

My Three Sons!

Dec 07!

K meeting his sister, Lady L!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Mas Pachas!!!

I've been waiting to brag on my boys... had to make sure it was going to be a permanent change... and not something that we were able to just get away with while on a cruise ship!

So... K and F were still taking a bottle to sleep.
I wasnt totally worried about it... but sometimes... I just got tired of having a 2 1/2 year old wake up at 3 am asking for a pacha... I also worried about the timing of the transition... with Lady L coming home (hopefully very soon!!!), me starting law school, timing of it with potty training, etc... Granted... I didnt want to take it away from them too soon... I firmly believe in the right for them to feel totally secure to sleep.. and if it took a bottle...than by all means that is what they were gonna get... but I began to water them down a couple of months ago... and for almost a month before our cruise, they were getting just a tiny drop of powder...and 9 oz of water... (looked gross!) I found more and more unused bottles... so... I did back 4 bottles and 6 nipples.. and a full can of formula for the cruise... just in case...

The first night, in Ft. Lauderdale... they boys had been up since 7:30 am... with no nap... and we had gotten to the hotel a little after 1am... everyone was beyond exhausted.... they asked... we just told them, go to sleep... that was it...
First day on the cruise... for a nap... "momma! Pacha!!!" Uh... oh my! I'm soo sorry... I forgot them!!! I then offered them sippies of water... they were rejected... or at least that is what I think they were conveying by throwing them across the room while screaming PACHA!!!!
They did eventually fall asleep.
First night... "Momma! Pacha!" I'm soo sorry... I forgot to pack them!!! I then let them look through the drawers and empty suitcases to "prove" I didnt have them with me... of course...everything was safely placed on the top shelf of the closet!!!
Also, they were sleeping with me... so I think that helped... they all did fall asleep relatively quick.
They asked a couple of times for them throughout the week... but they managed without them.
Then... back in Ft. Lauderdale... Momma! Walgreens has Pachas!!!!!! Uh... no... they dont have the right ones!!! I dont think they completely bought that one... but damm if they arent smart!!!
We have now been home a while... and ... they have been bottle free!!!! Now... they still ask for a sippy... which I am happy to provide! I'm one of those people who HATES to be thirsty! I carry water with me everywhere... so I see why they would want something...also, we dont allow them out of their rooms at random...they have to be let out... so it's not like they can get up and get something themselves.
I guess the true test will be when Lady L comes she will still be on the bottle for a while... I've been talking up the "big boy cups" so hopefully they wont regress! I know E has been weaned before F came home... but when he saw F with a bottle, oh my... he did everything he could to steal it from him! L wont be in their room...but I still dont want them aggressive over her bottles!
It has really cut down on dishes!!!
Let's see... E's out of diapers... K's out of them during the day... no one takes a bottle... hmmm... My boys are growing up!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meeting with Celebrity!

Tonight was VERY exciting!

We went and had dinner with our friends so that our boys could meet a celebrity!

We all got to meet:


Oh how exciting!!!! (it was for the kids at least!)

The local Big Boy restaurant near our friends' house hosted him from 6p-8p!

They had a little kids buffet that had hot dogs, sloppy joes, spaghetti, and mac & cheese on it! It also had salad & soup bar so it was actually pretty good!

The highlight of the evening though was meeting and taking pictures with the big, yellow, square one!
At first, E didnt want anything to do with him... in fact, E ended up on my lap shaking and begging me to make SB go away... soon as SB came into the room we were sitting in though, K and F ran up to him, hugged him, and shook his hand... well E wasnt going to be outdone by his younger brothers... so of course, E got up to shake his hand also. D ( our friend's son) was also very excited...and got right in the action also!
Once they began to touch him, they couldnt leave him alone... poor guy... getting mobbed by at least 10 toddlers at once!!!

I had to laugh though... E and D were following him around with their hands on his butt singing "Sponge Bob Square Butt, Sponge Bob Square Butt". It was too flipping funny!

Here are some pics from our celebrity meeting!

Sooo excited to Meet SpongeBob!!!!

Sponge Bob Square Butt!

Our happy gang outside of Big Boy!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Got a Fabulous email this afternoon!!!!!!!!
It was our ORANGE slip!!!!!!!
For those who are NOT Guatemalan adoption Gurus... it is an orange slip of paper issued by the US Embassy in Guatemala City that authorizes the 2nd dna test for your child. This way they ensure that the child that took the 1st dna test (and had it match to their mother) is the same child you are going to bring home.
It is very exciting!!!!
I read the email at 4:30... talk about trying to beat the clock!
I flew downstairs, dialed labcorp, paid my $$$$, emailed the original slip, and waited...
New Mail!!!!
Sent the slip with the big, huge, PAID stamped on it, right to my attorney!
Total time: 40 min!!!
Yea me, Yea labcorp!!!!!!!!
Cannot wait to hear that dna has been done!!!!
Oh, I'm hoping for a quick match and a quick trip back to GC!!!!
Found a different hotel thanks to a friend.... haven't really heard of many reviews though... it doesnt have a pool...which may be a problem. I would love to say it wouldnt be... but I know better! Seems whenever we leave the house, we better have a pool!! Like the boys are entitled to one! Mom makes us sleep in a different bed... we demand a pool!
It's fine with me since I love to swim also... just wish it wasnt the #2 demand. #1 being we need a suite of course... trying to fit 2 adults, 3 toddler boys, and one scared little baby girl in a single hotel room??? uh... that is a disaster in the making! It's bad enough being in the same hotel, much less having to be in the same room!!! Seriously though... a suite is a must!
The boys learned about worms today!!!
We were outside in the back yard today... they were playing, I was trying to make our lawn look presentable. I was digging up some crabgrass and weeds and voila, a big pile of worms! So, of course, I call the boys over. At first they were all too afraid to touch...but they see mom holding them and decide to touch them...they pet them for a while.. then 10 min later they are furiously digging in the dirt trying to find as many worms as they can! Poor worms.... getting manhandled by 3 toddler boys. It was fun least for us humans! It kept the boys busy and it allowed me to get quite a bit of yard cleaned up. I have so many plans for the yard this summer... we will have to see what actually happens... usually I make plans (like I have already done) but soon as my allergies kick in (like they are doing now!), I start to change my mind and yard work falls to the wayside. With the boys needing to be outside now though, It seems as I'm going to have to be outside anyways... I might as well have a nice looking yard. I would also love to grow some veggies! We all love our veggies... and I think it would save us quite a bit of money if we were to grow and eat our own. I even fell for a tv infomercial and bought some of those HUGE tomato plants! If we get as many tomatoes as they say we should... maybe the boys will have their fill of them over the summer!!! I say maybe...cuz well, one needs to see the way my boys eat veggies and fruit to truly appreciate it! Seriously... they love their food! I'm happy cuz they eat everything and anything! Cant even fathom our food bill in a couple of years though! I mean it's high now and they aren't even in school yet!
Gonna have to go this week and get my starter kit!
Wont plant them yet of course...but I like to put strong plants in the ground.
That's me... add farmer to my list!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday blah blah

At least I am almost caught up on laundry! If that is ever really possible!

We kept pretty busy today for not doing a whole lot!
Our grand kids spent the night last night... they actually went to sleep when we told them too! Wow! First time that has happened!
Everyone was up by time I rolled out of bed at 8:30.... so, I made like 20 packs of oatmeal for everyone... they ate it up and I ended up having to make more. The grand kids went home right before lunch... I did 3 loads of laundry, fed the kids lunch, put on Alvin and the chipmunks, and I got my stuff done, dh changed out our microwave in the kitchen, and finally it was naptime! (for everyone!!!)
Yea... our microwave died right before we left on vacay... it has sucked to not have a microwave! I didnt realize that I used it so much...but it is so much more convenient to have it to heat up leftovers and such! Even to make noodle soup for the kids! Thankfully, dh had one in his old now we have it!

I still need to tackle the mess that is my bedroom.... guess that is what Sundays are for! As long as the boys like Alvin, Bee Movie, and Shrek, I'm all set on getting house work done!!!

We had our friends over for dinner tonight! That was really nice... just relaxing and fun. Always nice to talk to someone besides dh! The boys liked having their friend over also and they were more than happy to share their Alvin and Bee movie with him! It's nice that they are all around the same age and have the same interests!! It also helps that both the kids and the adults get along.
Well the kids have had an hour of sleep so far.... I'm just about ready to fall out myself!
Better get my sleep while I still can! I may be sleep deprived with a new baby hopefully within a month or so!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fav Foto Friday (4-11)

No official theme for this week... so, here are more cruise pictures!!!!!!
In our room before Formal Night!

Not so happy to be at Formal Dinner

Eating like a little Gentleman!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rainy Day

After having a few beautiful days.... Mother Nature had to kick us in the butt and remind us of where we are!

Instead of spending the day at the park as planned, it was cold, rainy, and the furnace had to be turned back on.

Instead of playing at a park though, we checked out a Chuckie Cheese that we have never been to before!!! It was actually pretty great! Very clean, seperate area's for little/big kids, and a good salad bar! The boys had a great time and our friends P & D joined us! I'm glad we have places to play inside...but damm...I'm so ready to be out and about! The zoo, the splash park, the water park, heck, even the regular park!!!!! Although... check with me in July/August... I'll be the one begging to go to McD's and CeC's due to heat and Sun!!!! But, for now... it sounds good!

I did get a couple of things done today....

I scanned the formal pics from our trip! Still waiting to get back our 2 rolls of film from the underwater camera...those should be good!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple pics of the boys from the cruise!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

She's got our name!!!!!!!

Lady L finally has a NEW name!!!!!!!!!!!
Our attorney picked up our Mixco BC today!!!!!!!!!
We are sooooo thrilled that it has finally been issued!!!!
Now, we wait for the passport, then off to the embassy for Orange (permission for 2nd dna test), 2nd dna test results, and then our PINK slip!!!!!
Please.... Please.... Please.....Please... Please
Pray that Orange and Pink go smootly for us!!!
With our boys, we didnt need to have a 2nd dna test...but we always got stuck (multiple times even) waiting for our pink slip for months... and after waiting so crazy long for our bc...I'm selfishly wanting a quick end to this process!!!
Guess it was a GOOD omen that I bought those little purple robeez tonight!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Chubster

We FINALLY got new pics of our little lady!

It took 4 phone calls and a few emails...but finally!!!

Last month she was 18 pounds and 70 cm's long (27.6 inches)!!!

Compared to her brothers... SHE IS HUGE!!!!!

She is also cute as a button! In many of the pictures she is clapping and such! I also think in a couple pics we see two teeth! However, no hair yet! I have all kinds of hair bows...and no where to put them! Grow Hair Grow!!!!

The bad news.... no bc yet.

I've had it.

Truly have had it.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is all a flipping joke or something. Some really cruel joke.

I dont know.... just really down today. Thought for sure we would have heard something last week...but alas... we will shortly be on 3 months post pgn....and no where closer to her coming home. Just depressed.

Praying to hear something in April about our bc!!!! I'm not even going by weeks now... it's gonna have to be by the month from now on!

We are Home!

We arrived home yesterday at 11pm.
Boys spent the night on the couch.... I watched MY OWN tv till 2am and then crashed!

Where have we been???
Ft. Lauderdale
Cayman Islands
Ft. Lauderdale

We were on a Carnival Cruise on the Valor!
Had an ok time....
One HUGE piece of advice though....
Dont allow one's dh to bully you into taking his mom with ya on the cruise...
Unless the two of you can get along.
It tends to ruin the whole vacay thing.

I have a TON of pics and things to write about....but I"m just too darn tired right now.
Many of our pics have to be scanned....since they are formal pics from the cruise... Ever since I had that darn strep throat... I just dont feel like I ever get enough sleep... My tonsils are still hugely I know that is it...but it is still a pain!!!! Plus...just spending 9 days total with 3 toddlers in a small room (be it a hotel room or a ship's cabin) I"m just worn out...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adventures continue!

Palm trees blowing in the wind….
The warm ocean water lapping at the white sand….
And Three toddlers running completely wild on the beach and in the water!

This is cruising….. Family style!!!!!

I’ve been a tad busy the past couple of days…
We spent Tuesday on Grand Cayman Island at 7 mile beach.
The water was warm, the sand was beautiful, and we had a TON of fun!
The boys are totally taking to the beach and loving the water and the sand!
It was really the kind of beach you see in movies…. Big umbrellas, big chairs, and lots of people. Not too many to be crowded…but a nice group of people.
We also ended up at the Adult Comedy show on Tuesday night! Spent a hilarious hour there!!!! It was nice because the boys went to Camp Carnival right after dinner…. So we got to be adults only for about 4 hours… they had a good time there! It’s a Win-Win situation!

Wednesday was spent once again on a pristine beach….but this one was on Roatan Island in Honduras. This beach was even nicer than the one in Cayman…. I just could NOT believe how much the boys enjoyed themselves…. Of course I had a great time too…cuz who doest enjoy lying in the water all day??? It’s just soo nice to see my guys also enjoying themselves…. They were able to partner up with a couple of girls so there was actually 5 of them making sand castles, jumping in the water, and having a great time!
We forgot the waterproof case to our digital camera *smack* but we bought a 35mm waterproof camera here….and I cannot wait to get the pics developed!!!!!! It’s past time to get our boys some swimming lessons!!!! Gonna have to look into that when we get home!

Today was spent in Belize. Not much to do in port….but I did have a couple of damm good margaritas!!!!!! A lot of the stuff is what we would see in Guatemala….except here it is much poorer quality and about triple the price. I’m certainly NOT going to overpay for things I can get at the market in Guatemala. We did find a couple of really cute dresses for our little lady….but sorry… I’m NOT paying $50 for it!!!!!! I don’t even pay that for MY clothes!!!! We did promise the boys a treat though…and we came through with stuffed animal frogs with Velcro on the arms and legs…and little K got a parrot that does the same thing the frog does. Picked up my shot glass (since I have a HUGE collection already!!!) and we had some good lunch and back to the boat we came!
We chose not to do the beach today….. the beaches here have sand fleas….and we didn’t want to take a chance with it…. So, we had a wonderful breakfast in the dinning room (as opposed to the same ole buffet), took the kids to Camp Carnival, and dh and I were on our way off the boat!
The port here in Belize is really different. In Roatan, you simply walk off the boat onto a dock… in Cayman and Belize; you must take a boat (tender) into you destination because the port is not deep enough for these ships… Well in Cayman, it is about a 5 min boat ride….you could probably swim in without a problem…. Here in Belize…. You can barely see the shore line…When we realized we were anchored, we were looking around to see where we were…. Well…uh… couldn’t do that!!!! It’s about a 30-45 min tender ride from the boat to the port. It’s a nice ride….but kinda far.
We would have loved to go to the Zoo or a couple of the other attractions…but the shore excursions that one books on the boat are terribly expensive….it would have been over $300 for us to go to the zoo….we decided it wasn’t worth it…and better to have an quiet, adult, drink a few, day. Everyone but me is now sleeping….. I’m doing this and then I have to start getting everything together for dinner tonight. It’s our 2nd formal night dinner…so the boys are going to be in their little suits, dh in a shirt and tie, and I’m debating between a dress or a pant suit.
We have gotten some wonderful pictures on this trip and I cant wait to be near my scanner!!!!!!

One hour and we will be on our way to Cozumel, Mexico!!!!