Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adventures continue!

Palm trees blowing in the wind….
The warm ocean water lapping at the white sand….
And Three toddlers running completely wild on the beach and in the water!

This is cruising….. Family style!!!!!

I’ve been a tad busy the past couple of days…
We spent Tuesday on Grand Cayman Island at 7 mile beach.
The water was warm, the sand was beautiful, and we had a TON of fun!
The boys are totally taking to the beach and loving the water and the sand!
It was really the kind of beach you see in movies…. Big umbrellas, big chairs, and lots of people. Not too many to be crowded…but a nice group of people.
We also ended up at the Adult Comedy show on Tuesday night! Spent a hilarious hour there!!!! It was nice because the boys went to Camp Carnival right after dinner…. So we got to be adults only for about 4 hours… they had a good time there! It’s a Win-Win situation!

Wednesday was spent once again on a pristine beach….but this one was on Roatan Island in Honduras. This beach was even nicer than the one in Cayman…. I just could NOT believe how much the boys enjoyed themselves…. Of course I had a great time too…cuz who doest enjoy lying in the water all day??? It’s just soo nice to see my guys also enjoying themselves…. They were able to partner up with a couple of girls so there was actually 5 of them making sand castles, jumping in the water, and having a great time!
We forgot the waterproof case to our digital camera *smack* but we bought a 35mm waterproof camera here….and I cannot wait to get the pics developed!!!!!! It’s past time to get our boys some swimming lessons!!!! Gonna have to look into that when we get home!

Today was spent in Belize. Not much to do in port….but I did have a couple of damm good margaritas!!!!!! A lot of the stuff is what we would see in Guatemala….except here it is much poorer quality and about triple the price. I’m certainly NOT going to overpay for things I can get at the market in Guatemala. We did find a couple of really cute dresses for our little lady….but sorry… I’m NOT paying $50 for it!!!!!! I don’t even pay that for MY clothes!!!! We did promise the boys a treat though…and we came through with stuffed animal frogs with Velcro on the arms and legs…and little K got a parrot that does the same thing the frog does. Picked up my shot glass (since I have a HUGE collection already!!!) and we had some good lunch and back to the boat we came!
We chose not to do the beach today….. the beaches here have sand fleas….and we didn’t want to take a chance with it…. So, we had a wonderful breakfast in the dinning room (as opposed to the same ole buffet), took the kids to Camp Carnival, and dh and I were on our way off the boat!
The port here in Belize is really different. In Roatan, you simply walk off the boat onto a dock… in Cayman and Belize; you must take a boat (tender) into you destination because the port is not deep enough for these ships… Well in Cayman, it is about a 5 min boat ride….you could probably swim in without a problem…. Here in Belize…. You can barely see the shore line…When we realized we were anchored, we were looking around to see where we were…. Well…uh… couldn’t do that!!!! It’s about a 30-45 min tender ride from the boat to the port. It’s a nice ride….but kinda far.
We would have loved to go to the Zoo or a couple of the other attractions…but the shore excursions that one books on the boat are terribly expensive….it would have been over $300 for us to go to the zoo….we decided it wasn’t worth it…and better to have an quiet, adult, drink a few, day. Everyone but me is now sleeping….. I’m doing this and then I have to start getting everything together for dinner tonight. It’s our 2nd formal night dinner…so the boys are going to be in their little suits, dh in a shirt and tie, and I’m debating between a dress or a pant suit.
We have gotten some wonderful pictures on this trip and I cant wait to be near my scanner!!!!!!

One hour and we will be on our way to Cozumel, Mexico!!!!

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