Monday, April 21, 2008

Go Fedex Go!!! Go Fedex Go!!!

Luisa's positive dna results on on their way to Guatemala City as we speak!!!!!!!

(for those non-Guatemalan adoption gurus) The 2nd dna test has to match the 1st dna test to make sure it is the same child immigrating, that was tested to their mother at the beginning of the process.

So... our certified results should be at the embassy tomorrow.... Wednesday start the PINK countdown!!!!!!!!!

Appointments are already being scheduled for the 29th.... so I know we will be into May... which is fine...but I sure hope I can make that trip with my parents!!!! Yes... I know... I'm full on contradictions...but I really want to see my grandma... and the only way to do so, is to go to Branson with my parents the first weekend of May.... so yes... I do want my cake and I am gonna eat it too!!!!
I am holding off on getting too excited. With our boys, we have gotten I-72's... a request from the embassy wanting more information.... I'm praying we dont get one this time. They really stink! They also generally take time to make better... I really dont want to be here in a month writing boo-hoo without Luisa in her crib in our house.

Unfortunately getting our dna news was NOT the most exciting of our day....
My parents came down to spend a few days with their grandkids.... on the way down, they decided to take a deer out of the circle of life.
This is the 2nd deer and 4th animal total they have taken out this year. (2 dogs in the mix...and numerous squirrels and other small animals)
Not to sound cold...but.... my mom just overreacts...and I think it's kinda funny. I do feel horrible that my mom was driving and hit a deer.... I do think it goes back to where we need to stop encroaching on their habitat.... and where hunters play an important part in at least keeping some of the population down...but still... she is really torn up about it. I'm just mad they didnt get the deer.... I could go for some venison chops! or a nice roast! yummy.....yummy!
We have fresh buffalo in the freezer right now thanks to our house guest (who is now gone!) so... I guess that will be a new rule... You stay in our house, you provide us with some meat!
Just be aware! Meat we will not eat: .
Ok... so those are the rules!

My mom just doesn't need more stress in her life.... between my dad's cancer and her constant breast cancer scares (she is 14 years in remission with numerous biopsies since then...all negative), my back problems, and other assorted life problems... she just doesn't need all the extra crap. She is a worrier anyways... so what would pass by me in a few days...stays with her for weeks and a deer and having to have her car fixed again....just isnt a good thing.
Tomorrow we are off to Toledo! yea!!!!!
Hungarian Village and Tony Packo's here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kerri said...

Fingers crossed for a quick pink!
Kerri and Ruby

Ferrick said...

Ooh, I do hope your parents are doing better. Here's to a quick PINK, there are several of us waiting. Its going to be a PARTY in Guat next week! Blessings to PINK, Susie

Pam said...

I have a new found respect for Fed Ex, don't you? Our results got to the embassy TODAY!!!!! Don't you feel pink coming on very soon? Like tomorrow?
Pam (waiting for Isabel)