Wednesday, April 9, 2008

She's got our name!!!!!!!

Lady L finally has a NEW name!!!!!!!!!!!
Our attorney picked up our Mixco BC today!!!!!!!!!
We are sooooo thrilled that it has finally been issued!!!!
Now, we wait for the passport, then off to the embassy for Orange (permission for 2nd dna test), 2nd dna test results, and then our PINK slip!!!!!
Please.... Please.... Please.....Please... Please
Pray that Orange and Pink go smootly for us!!!
With our boys, we didnt need to have a 2nd dna test...but we always got stuck (multiple times even) waiting for our pink slip for months... and after waiting so crazy long for our bc...I'm selfishly wanting a quick end to this process!!!
Guess it was a GOOD omen that I bought those little purple robeez tonight!!!!!!


Kerri said...

We're so happy for you!
Kerri and Ruby

nora said...

Congrats!!!! Yea yea yea! So happy for you guys! Hope you celebrate tonight!