Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 more days!!!!!

Where did the weekend go???

It just flew by! I cant believe it!!! It's been a year since a weekend has flown by!!!!! Ahhh... the relief of NOT being in an adoption process!!!!
Although... it is NOT quite a relief to see the huge task of packing for me! I have a lot of the boy's clothes packed...but havnt even started on the little Lady's clothes yet....
I did some retail therapy yesterday!!!! So... gonna wash those clothes tomorrow morning...and then pack what I think I am taking with me.

We did decide on a place to stay!!!!!!! The Hotel Casa Serena! Got a couple of good reviews on it from some other people... and it looks very nice on the website. Sooo.... we will see how it goes!
I'm just happy to find somewhere affordable. We used to stay at the Marriott.... but... their suites used to be $120... now they are $170-$190! Yea... like in a year... it may not sound like a HUGE price jump...but over 8-10 days... oh yea... feel the burn!!! Not to mention I'm kinda over the whole Marriott scene. I mean it was great when we didnt know what we were doing...but now we do and since I dont have my head up my is just difficult to stay there... We like to go out and about... no one else does... we are not a freak show...but many think we are. Not to mention those who have very different views as we do.... now... granted we can run into different people anywhere...but it seems like at the M...they are always in ones face! Mainly cuz no one else leaves!
I wanted to stay again at the Grand Tikal....but the suites were raised in $$$ and I think we are ready for something new... if we dont like the new place, we will probably end up there. If anything I'm gonna end up there for shopping! They have a great fabric store there!!! They have these flannel blankets that are just wonderful. Also they have kids blankets that are great material and dirt cheap.
I know we are going to go to Antigua.... but not probably any where else.... we just are not going to have the time only being there 8 days (2 travel days included). Between scheduling foster families.... embassy appointments... and play time... I think we are pretty full! At least I hope so! I am really hoping that we can keep the kids busy! I know we have a huge bonus for that!!!!

I am nervous but excited!!!! Just cant wait to be packed!!! Then of course I can look forward to travelling!!!
I hear we are having snow for the next few days..... guess that coat I bought our little girl is actually going to come in handy!!!!!


Laurie said...

I am so glad you are pink and getting ready to go! Have a wonderful time and can't wait to see pictures! :)

nora said...

Yea yea yea! Sorry I missed the pink post! I think its entirely possible that we could see you there!

Kerri said...

Sound like you guys are going to have a great trip. I can't wait to see pics.
Kerri and Ruby