Wednesday, April 23, 2008

refresh, refresh, refresh

I about wore out my refresh button today.
It didnt do us any good.... no pink. Not even a hint of pink around here... although I guess I should be glad that there is not an I-72 either.... yea....that's the positive!
going back to my sulking now......

I was soo preoccupied with _ _ _ k that I forgot to mention that last night, dh and I had a date night!!!
We had an adult only dinner at Outback!!!!!
Then we went and saw a super funny Movie! Forgetting Sarah Marshall!
I was almost afraid that some parts were going to be way too sappy for me...since I am not a chick flick kind of girl... but it was very funny! oh...and I'm all for a movie with Male full frontal nudity! Hey.... girls end up with all of their business all over the place.... we put up with it.... time for the men to "just deal"

Today was a very fun day also!
My mom took me and the boys out for the day... went to some craft stores... went to the mall, had a great lunch, let the boys play for a couple of hours, and then the boys got some new sneakers. E picked Diego (no brainer there!), K picked Thomas (again.... not news to me), and F picked Diego also..but the ones he wanted didnt light up... so he got cars.... now they all have different shoes (now THAT is different!) and they all light up!!! Now when they go running through the yard after dark we can see them better... or at least we can hope we see them better! We then took off out of the mall...and over to the barbers... and had their hair cut!!!
They were getting really shabby! Now... they look goooood! Although, I'm a little afraid of E's hair starting to look too much like a mullet... no way is any son of mine gonna have a mullet... It scares me to even think of such a thing.....

My parents also took us all out to Cesar land for dinner. My parents hadn't been there before...they really seemed to like it. Especially since they said they cant wait to go again. My mom and I spent a lot of time playing skee ball... my dad and dh were playing a shoot em up game...and... well I guess the boys had fun.... I was too busy to really notice.... (just jk!) really... I know they had fun... they slept on the way home...then begged to go to bed when they got in the house.... I LOVE when they beg to go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.... I'm admitting defeat for our _ _ _ k slip today... apparently the USE isnt going to email me at midnight est..... although you know I'm gonna refresh just once again for the hell of it!!!


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Kerri said...

Sending all my positive pink thoughts your way for pink today. (and hoping you get it early today so you don't have to stress all day) :-)
Kerri and Ruby