Monday, April 14, 2008


Got a Fabulous email this afternoon!!!!!!!!
It was our ORANGE slip!!!!!!!
For those who are NOT Guatemalan adoption Gurus... it is an orange slip of paper issued by the US Embassy in Guatemala City that authorizes the 2nd dna test for your child. This way they ensure that the child that took the 1st dna test (and had it match to their mother) is the same child you are going to bring home.
It is very exciting!!!!
I read the email at 4:30... talk about trying to beat the clock!
I flew downstairs, dialed labcorp, paid my $$$$, emailed the original slip, and waited...
New Mail!!!!
Sent the slip with the big, huge, PAID stamped on it, right to my attorney!
Total time: 40 min!!!
Yea me, Yea labcorp!!!!!!!!
Cannot wait to hear that dna has been done!!!!
Oh, I'm hoping for a quick match and a quick trip back to GC!!!!
Found a different hotel thanks to a friend.... haven't really heard of many reviews though... it doesnt have a pool...which may be a problem. I would love to say it wouldnt be... but I know better! Seems whenever we leave the house, we better have a pool!! Like the boys are entitled to one! Mom makes us sleep in a different bed... we demand a pool!
It's fine with me since I love to swim also... just wish it wasnt the #2 demand. #1 being we need a suite of course... trying to fit 2 adults, 3 toddler boys, and one scared little baby girl in a single hotel room??? uh... that is a disaster in the making! It's bad enough being in the same hotel, much less having to be in the same room!!! Seriously though... a suite is a must!
The boys learned about worms today!!!
We were outside in the back yard today... they were playing, I was trying to make our lawn look presentable. I was digging up some crabgrass and weeds and voila, a big pile of worms! So, of course, I call the boys over. At first they were all too afraid to touch...but they see mom holding them and decide to touch them...they pet them for a while.. then 10 min later they are furiously digging in the dirt trying to find as many worms as they can! Poor worms.... getting manhandled by 3 toddler boys. It was fun least for us humans! It kept the boys busy and it allowed me to get quite a bit of yard cleaned up. I have so many plans for the yard this summer... we will have to see what actually happens... usually I make plans (like I have already done) but soon as my allergies kick in (like they are doing now!), I start to change my mind and yard work falls to the wayside. With the boys needing to be outside now though, It seems as I'm going to have to be outside anyways... I might as well have a nice looking yard. I would also love to grow some veggies! We all love our veggies... and I think it would save us quite a bit of money if we were to grow and eat our own. I even fell for a tv infomercial and bought some of those HUGE tomato plants! If we get as many tomatoes as they say we should... maybe the boys will have their fill of them over the summer!!! I say maybe...cuz well, one needs to see the way my boys eat veggies and fruit to truly appreciate it! Seriously... they love their food! I'm happy cuz they eat everything and anything! Cant even fathom our food bill in a couple of years though! I mean it's high now and they aren't even in school yet!
Gonna have to go this week and get my starter kit!
Wont plant them yet of course...but I like to put strong plants in the ground.
That's me... add farmer to my list!

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