Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We are Home!

We arrived home yesterday at 11pm.
Boys spent the night on the couch.... I watched MY OWN tv till 2am and then crashed!

Where have we been???
Ft. Lauderdale
Cayman Islands
Ft. Lauderdale

We were on a Carnival Cruise on the Valor!
Had an ok time....
One HUGE piece of advice though....
Dont allow one's dh to bully you into taking his mom with ya on the cruise...
Unless the two of you can get along.
It tends to ruin the whole vacay thing.

I have a TON of pics and things to write about....but I"m just too darn tired right now.
Many of our pics have to be scanned....since they are formal pics from the cruise... Ever since I had that darn strep throat... I just dont feel like I ever get enough sleep... My tonsils are still hugely sowllen...so I know that is it...but it is still a pain!!!! Plus...just spending 9 days total with 3 toddlers in a small room (be it a hotel room or a ship's cabin) I"m just worn out...

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