Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tomorrow is a BIG Night!!!!

Tomorrow is the Green Bay v. Dallas game!!!!

Oh Yea!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm..... Go Pack Go!!!!!!!

I really feel this might be the year... seriously! The only thing that would make me happier than having Lady L home in Jan is to see my boys in the Super Bowl!!!!!

I was at UWSP when the Pack won in 97. Talk about a P-A-R-T-Y! Oh my! I do remember some of it!

I am seriously trying to get our house decorated. I'm running into roadblock after roadblock. Mr. Grumpy (aka gh-Grumpy husband) doesnt seem to be in the Christmas spirit. The boys love seeing the lights this year. Everytime we pass a house with lights, they clap and talk about it. I cant believe that gh isnt wanting the boys to talk about OUR house! Dang...even I didnt like to decorate when we didnt have kids... I didnt even do the tree thing... but with the boys... comeon!!!! That is why we SHOULD decorate! I straighted out 6 strings of lights today... he is going to put them up... or else! I'm thinking the tree might make its appearance tomorrow.... I need to get him out of the house for a while... as long as he is home before KICKOFF!!!!!!!

Go Pack Go!!! Go Pack Go!!! Go Pack Go!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frankie's First Snow!

Well we are in the north visiting my parents and once again we have had snow for Thanksgiving!!!!

So, for the first time, Frankie got to expierence snow!!!! He also now knows that ice is slippery as he hit a huge patch of it and went down on his bum... he probably will be more careful next time!

I love winter!!! Granted...I hate how other people drive in snow... I personally dont mind driving in it though.... but I just LOVE waking up to a new snowfall! It is just absolutly beautiful! I can remember snowmobiling through the pines and seeing the snow built up on the limbs of the trees and how wonderful it looked.

I'm hoping the boys will get some sledding in this winter! That will be a riot to see them on sleds! Gotta find a nice HUGE hill!!!! I used to LOVE sledding!!! my mom and I were up at 4am yesterday morning to go to wal-mart for their super sales.... wow...what a collossol waste of time! I did get a couple of things on sale...but to get pushed around and yelled at...nope...not worth it!!! I also was NOT buying a television so I was able to manage to stay away from that crazyness...but still.... this is NOT what I consider the Christmas spirit! I sure hope the boys and my dh like their Christmas gifts!!! If not...then I will have to guilt them into liking them...after all.... my mom and I were up at 4am...drove to the store in 0 degree weather...just to get those gifts!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What were we celebrating????

Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok....well now that THAT is out there!!!!!
Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:
  • My boys and their sister!
  • My parents!
  • My husband!
  • Health!
  • The roofs over our heads!
  • Our educations and the fact that our kids will have education!
  • Health Care
  • Jobs
  • Our Democratic System
  • The ELECTIONS next year!

Really though... I mean Thanksgiving is such a nice, family holiday that doesnt revolve around presents and such... but still...what are we really celebrating???

The initial premise behind this holiday is imperialism and rascism.

Granted... I am hugely blessed to live here in the US... the more I travel, the more blessed I am. However, I cant help to think about the true meaning of this holiday.

I dont believe it is at all like "popular" though would lead us to believe. White man landing here for the most part was nothing but plundering, pillaging, and massacuring those who were already here. It is difficult to look at my boys who are part indiginious, and think of how many people were eliminated. I know in this day and age that ethinic genocides are still happening. It is all too curious to me why. Yes...on one level I do understand. On yet another level I absolutly do not.

Well.... as long as we are aware of what we are truly celebrating.... as I have been teaching my boys the real meaning of many holidays.... I hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

I know our dinner is now over....and just waiting for my pie to cool.... and then sit in front of the tv the rest of the night while my rugrats run crazy around the house....

Living the dream! Everyday!

Our Visit Trip!

We spent a lovely 5 days at the Grand Tikal Futura with our little Lady L!

She is absolutly fabulous and such a doll!

She eats 6 oz of formula every 2-3 hours, then sleeps for a while.

At night she is sleeping almost all the way through the night! She takes a pacha at midnight and then sleeps till 7:30am or so! If she was on cereal, she would probably make it the whole night.

She is on the little side...but she is larger than her two brothers. She turned 4 months old last Sat and is 10 lbs. Of course, all of the clothes I took down for her are way too big...but we made do. Once she is on cereal, I'm sure she is really going to pack on the weight and she will need the bigger sizes.

As for where we are in the process.... I'm not sure.... our attorney was supposed to get our family court report this week or early next week and then we are supposed to go into pgn.

I cant wait to get into pgn...but at the same time I am absolutly dreading it. Of course, nothing at all can happen without being in LET'S GO!

I will say I am impressed... we actually got to meet our attorney in person! He has a very nice office in a nice building, very near the embassy.

We also saw many of our friends while we were there... that was very nice. I'm glad that our boy's foster moms still want to keep in touch. We made calendars for the foster moms with the boy's pictures and they really loved them. We also gave everyone a big stack of pictures!

We made some new friends while we were there also...and THAT is always good!!!

I just hope and pray that our case will not drag on and on.... after going through K and F's processes... I know we can make it through....but I'm not sure that I want to do it.... I mean I would totally love it if L could come home before her first birthday. It would be an amazing thing for us. Just gotta keep the hope alive is all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So much to write....

Well we are back from our visit....

I have sooo much to write about....just soo little time right now to do it.
So.... One of the things I am hoping to be thankful for tomorrow... is time to update this blog!

Our little girl is a complete doll!!!!!!

Oh....and....just so that I can get the winning vibe going....

GO Pack GO !!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where O Where Did That Week Go??? I have had a whole week to get the laundry done, get packed, and make my baby girl a blanket.

Uh...well...uh... I'm almost packed! Yea... 10:30 at night and our laundry room is alive and well! Clothes are piled high in the laundry room and the blanket materials are still sitting on my dresser in my bedroom....far, far away from the sewing machine in which it will need to be on in order to be done. I wanted to do it tonight...but... I guess I cant figure out how to type and sew at the same time. Gosh...can you imagine how much money I could make if I could figure THAT out??? Now That is something that could be usefull!!!!!

I think our boys are all over their sickies now.... hopefully dh and I are done with them too! There is nothing worse than having to travel while sick....

I cant wait to post an update from Guatemala City!!!!!

Oh my... we are so in trouble. We got new pics of our little lady...and she is SUCH a doll.
Half of the suitcase is full of clothes.... she is going to be a beautiful model!
Getting excited now!!!! Will NOT be able to sleep AT ALL tommorrow night!!!!!!!!
I just hope she sleeps.... nothing worse than baby that wont sleep. She is young enough that we are going to have to wake up to feed her in the middle of the night....that may not settle well with K-man...but we didnt want to get a suite this time. So, he will just have to learn to sleep through it...or not sleep when she is not sleeping! Hopefully though we can wear him out enough in the swimming pool and at McD's so that he does sleep through the night!

Gotta get on those blankets!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Meeting Lady L!!!!!

Best part of my day today was BOOKING TICKETS TO MEET LADY L!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got to indulge in a little retail therapy!!!

I bought 9 new outfits for the little lady!!!!

I do hate shopping for her though....gawd I was such on pink overload... YUCK!

I think I did pretty well though... kept it under $70 for 9 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, and a dvd for the boys!

So need to go back there and buy some pj's for the boys... they are growing sooo quick!

but...did I mention that I am GOING TO GUATEMALA CITY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

I am.... A little excited!!!!!!!!!

Ok...I am a little nervous... but VERY excited!!!!

Hold on Lady L!!!! Momma and Daddy are coming down to meet ya!!!!!

Still Recovering

Wow... we are back from our journey to Ohio...and Ohio will never be the same!!!

I found out once again that it is possible to fit 4 people in a bed...and can that I can have a fruitful day even with about an hour of sleep.

We had a day of many first's yesterday!

The boys ate their first meal at Waffle House!!! (one of their mom's favorite restaurants!)

The boys ate their first meal at Tony Packo's!!! (also, one their mom's favorite restaurants!)

The boys went to the Hungarian Butcher for the first time! We stopped in Toledo (also where Tony Packo's is!) to get kobash (Hungarian Sausage) and abat selena (dried,fatty bacon, topped with a LOT of paprika) sounds not so appatizing...but very good!

We then finally got to my our house, I got dinner in the oven and just kinda hung out till dinner was over with. Had an awesome dinner of fresh kobash, sauerkraut, and cheese dumplings! Yummy!

I then got an awesome night of sleep!!! BY MYSELF!!!!!!

My parents had breakfast with us this morning...and then they went home. I always hate when they go home... the boys keep asking about them...and I tell them they are at home and they look around the house...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hotel Room Frenzy

Well we are in Ohio and today we enjoyed the Air Force Museum!!!
My dh stayed home...and was out last night... while I was playing a game of "how many people can sleep in 1 queen size bed!!!"
I'm not sure how many people can sleep in a queen size bed...but I'm betting that if we tried to find out with my boys we could fit many more on as each one of them only wants to sleep ON me!

They were so good on the 4 hour drive down here....
We stopped a few times to stretch and restroom breaks... but they were really good.
Then we got here and they saw the P-O-O-L! Wow!!!! We arent going to sleep for 3 days!!!!

They did take a nap.... then went to dinner... then we went in the water....
I killed my back so bad trying to hold three toddlers who cant swim.... in 3 foot of water.... tonight when they wake up from their nap we are going shopping for some floaties!!!!

After the swim, they came up, got showered, and in bed.... 10 minutes was all it took for K to wake up screaming... so I tried to take care of him...but he wasnt having I turned on the monitor and went to my parents room to watch tv.... came back to our room at 12am... K isnt tired... he wont even let me pee by myself... I get ready (with him attached to my leg) and get in bed....
I fell fast asleep... I get woke up by F screaming! I run over to his crib and before I get the 4 steps it takes me to get there...K is now standing in bed in full frenzy!!!!!! I grab F and look at the clock... uh... yea... like 3:45 am!!!!!!!
Of course now E is also awake! Now I have THREE toddlers screaming at the top of their lungs! I would have been waiting for the phone to ring had I not had to unplug it too keep the little ones from calling around the world! I was trying to do my best to get everyone to settle down.... It really wasnt working...but I kept moving kids around to find the spot they would actually sleep.... YEA RIGHT!!!
About 2 hours later... yep...around 6 am... I was finally able to move F back to his crib, E back to his bed, and get K to stop crying.... during those two hours, I was screamed at, kicked at, and the boys fought over who could sleep next to me... mental note... 3 kids...2 sides... doesnt really work!!!!

My phone began ringing at 7:30.... it was my mom...they had woken up early and wanted to go get breakfast.... uh... sure... oh...and the crying started all over again!!!!

But.....we did have a great time at the museum!!!!! We saw soo many planes...and many of the planes that my dad used to work on as an Air force Mechanic! The boys were very good in the museum and they were good at lunch! The best part is... I'm typing right now cuz they are fast asleep!!!!!!!

We are going to dinner...and then having dessert at McD's playland.... Like I have said before... nothing induces good sleep like playing at McD's for an hour or two!!!!!!!