Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Visit Trip!

We spent a lovely 5 days at the Grand Tikal Futura with our little Lady L!

She is absolutly fabulous and such a doll!

She eats 6 oz of formula every 2-3 hours, then sleeps for a while.

At night she is sleeping almost all the way through the night! She takes a pacha at midnight and then sleeps till 7:30am or so! If she was on cereal, she would probably make it the whole night.

She is on the little side...but she is larger than her two brothers. She turned 4 months old last Sat and is 10 lbs. Of course, all of the clothes I took down for her are way too big...but we made do. Once she is on cereal, I'm sure she is really going to pack on the weight and she will need the bigger sizes.

As for where we are in the process.... I'm not sure.... our attorney was supposed to get our family court report this week or early next week and then we are supposed to go into pgn.

I cant wait to get into pgn...but at the same time I am absolutly dreading it. Of course, nothing at all can happen without being in LET'S GO!

I will say I am impressed... we actually got to meet our attorney in person! He has a very nice office in a nice building, very near the embassy.

We also saw many of our friends while we were there... that was very nice. I'm glad that our boy's foster moms still want to keep in touch. We made calendars for the foster moms with the boy's pictures and they really loved them. We also gave everyone a big stack of pictures!

We made some new friends while we were there also...and THAT is always good!!!

I just hope and pray that our case will not drag on and on.... after going through K and F's processes... I know we can make it through....but I'm not sure that I want to do it.... I mean I would totally love it if L could come home before her first birthday. It would be an amazing thing for us. Just gotta keep the hope alive is all!

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