Sunday, November 4, 2007

Still Recovering

Wow... we are back from our journey to Ohio...and Ohio will never be the same!!!

I found out once again that it is possible to fit 4 people in a bed...and can that I can have a fruitful day even with about an hour of sleep.

We had a day of many first's yesterday!

The boys ate their first meal at Waffle House!!! (one of their mom's favorite restaurants!)

The boys ate their first meal at Tony Packo's!!! (also, one their mom's favorite restaurants!)

The boys went to the Hungarian Butcher for the first time! We stopped in Toledo (also where Tony Packo's is!) to get kobash (Hungarian Sausage) and abat selena (dried,fatty bacon, topped with a LOT of paprika) sounds not so appatizing...but very good!

We then finally got to my our house, I got dinner in the oven and just kinda hung out till dinner was over with. Had an awesome dinner of fresh kobash, sauerkraut, and cheese dumplings! Yummy!

I then got an awesome night of sleep!!! BY MYSELF!!!!!!

My parents had breakfast with us this morning...and then they went home. I always hate when they go home... the boys keep asking about them...and I tell them they are at home and they look around the house...

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