Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frankie's First Snow!

Well we are in the north visiting my parents and once again we have had snow for Thanksgiving!!!!

So, for the first time, Frankie got to expierence snow!!!! He also now knows that ice is slippery as he hit a huge patch of it and went down on his bum... he probably will be more careful next time!

I love winter!!! Granted...I hate how other people drive in snow... I personally dont mind driving in it though.... but I just LOVE waking up to a new snowfall! It is just absolutly beautiful! I can remember snowmobiling through the pines and seeing the snow built up on the limbs of the trees and how wonderful it looked.

I'm hoping the boys will get some sledding in this winter! That will be a riot to see them on sleds! Gotta find a nice HUGE hill!!!! I used to LOVE sledding!!! my mom and I were up at 4am yesterday morning to go to wal-mart for their super sales.... wow...what a collossol waste of time! I did get a couple of things on sale...but to get pushed around and yelled at...nope...not worth it!!! I also was NOT buying a television so I was able to manage to stay away from that crazyness...but still.... this is NOT what I consider the Christmas spirit! I sure hope the boys and my dh like their Christmas gifts!!! If not...then I will have to guilt them into liking them...after all.... my mom and I were up at 4am...drove to the store in 0 degree weather...just to get those gifts!

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